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CM Punk Reveals WWE Match Stipulation He'll Never Wrestle

CM Punk revealed a match stipulation he doesn’t plan on ever wrestling in during his WWE Clash at the Castle 2024 post-show comments.

On the WWE Clash at the Castle 2024 post-show, there was a surprise appearance by CM Punk.

Not coming in empty handed, Punk arrived with a box of donuts at the ready while answering questions from the selected media members present.

When one question centered on what was next for the feud between he and Drew McIntyre, with the press member suggesting their first singles bout be a Hell in a Cell match, Punk was not on board.

CM Punk paused to smile and grab a baked confection before answering the question, saying:

“First match is a Hell in a Cell? Brother, you have to take that fantasy booking s**t elsewhere. I don’t want to ever do a Hell in a Cell. I don’t want to ever do a Ladder Match.

“I’m going to beat him up with my two fists. He wants to make fun of my tricep, I’m going to hurt him with it. I’m going to figure out something. Maybe learn a new hold. I’ll break his dreams. I’ll break his face.”

Punk is clearly not done with Drew McIntyre and after he caused McIntyre to lose the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for a second time, Drew had some harsh words of his own.

Elsewhere in the press conference, CM Punk confirmed that he would be missing the June 17 edition of WWE Raw and instead is set to appear on SmackDown Friday June 21.

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