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Chad Gable Opens Up On Jason Jordan's Career-Ending Injury

Chad Gable Opens Up On His Friend

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan were known for being in the tag team American Alpha, they had a lot of success in WWE before they were split up due to an injury to Jason Jordan.

Not even a year after they split Jason Jordan's career had to end as he had a really back neck injury so he then transitioned into being a WWE producer.

Chad Gable spoke to Wrestling Inc about Jason Jordan's injury:

“So Jason, I still consider one of my best friends,” Gable said. “I mean, we grew so close in those few years that we were a tag team. And now that he’s producing, I always say a quick ‘thank you’ every time that he’s on the producer sheet under my match or my segment because our mindsets are so similar, exactly the same. So he knows he needs to tell me very little, and I know that I need to ask very little of him because we’re basically going to say the same thing either way. We know how each other works, how we operate.”

“So it’s sad, but I’m happy to see him,” Gable added. “He’s having a lot of success. He’s happy doing the job he is, and he is really good at it. So it’s cool to see.”

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