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Cash Wheeler – ‘The House Of Black Have Scratched The Surface Of Their Potential’

The House of Black has only just scratched the surface of how good they can be, according to Cash Wheeler.

The trio of Buddy Matthews, Malakai Black, and Brody King came together in early 2022 and are the reigning AEW Trios Champions.

On “DAZN Wrestling,” Cash Wheeler had plenty of praise for the champions, who he, Dax Harwood, and CM Punk will face on tonight’s Collision. He said,

“That group has so much untapped potential still. They barely even scratched the surface. All three of the guys could be successful singles wrestlers or they could do any pairing of tag teams, trios. They are already the champions, obviously. Malakai can be a world champion anytime.

“Buddy and Brody could come after us at any time, whatever you want to do, but those guys, the three of them together especially, and with Julia, that whole package has such a cool look and such an aura about it that they could be one of the biggest attractions in wrestling, especially now that again, we have this Saturday show, we have ‘Collision.’ We have two extra hours of TV every week to spread out and get people seen.”


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