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Bully Ray Compares WWE Feud Between Drew McIntyre & CM Punk To Classic Animated Duo

Drew McIntyre has a bad luck charm named CM Punk. The former WWE Champion's hopes of being world champion were once again thwarted by CM Punk at Money In The Bank when CM Punk helped World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest retain in a title match that Drew McIntyre made a Triple Threat using a Money In The Bank cash in. 

On a recent "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray compared their dynamic to that of a classic Warner Bros. cartoon pairing.

"It almost feels very Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner-esque right now," Bully Ray said, much to co-host Dave LaGreca's delight. Bully Ray believes fans are beginning to delight in CM Punk's ability to thwart Drew McIntyre's increasingly Machiavellian scheming. "The Road Runner always got the best of Wile E. Coyote. I'm not even so sure that if Drew McIntyre gets his hands on CM Punk, people are gonna care. They might even boo, even though he would be right because they're not eye-for-an-eye right now. CM Punk has taken both of Drew's eyes and a nut."

Drew McIntyre won Saturday's Money In The Bank Ladder Match, cashing in his briefcase just hours later, only to be pummeled by a steel chair. The referee was unable to intercede due to the newly-made Triple Threat's lack of disqualifications. Not only did CM Punk screw over Drew McIntyre for the second time but also by costing Seth Rollins the world title match, Seth Rollins is no longer allowed to challenge for the title as long as Damian Priest is the champion. In the fallout of Saturday's chaos, CM Punk and Drew McIntyre were admonished and penalized by "WWE Raw" General Manager Adam Pearce.

Photo Credit: WWE

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