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Bridge Pro Wrestling - Brand New Level

Hi all, it’s Clint with another Brit Wres review.

Last Friday I went to check out new promotion Bridge Pro Wrestling which is the 1st time I’ve ever walked to a show at just 1.4 miles from home. Let’s see what they had to offer.

Match 1

Alexxis Falcon Vs Chantal Jordan Vs Charles Crowley

Originally this was supposed to be a 1 on 1 match between the 2 females and the spectacular twat wasn’t announced so was quite the surprise to those in Amblecote British Legion.

The Cheeky Little Buggars first proposed a 2 on 1 handicap match before agreeing to a triple threat.

There was a lot of double teaming by CLB and at one point they slapped each other on the outside to lure Jordan in before continuing the numbers game. The plucky youngster came back in spells including hitting Crowley with a Fisherman Buster on the stage but couldn’t overcome 2 opponents as Alexxis Falcon picked up the win.

This match has been posted on Bridge Pro Wrestlings YouTube page if anyone wants to watch it for free.

Match 2

Nyte Sky Vs Memes and Lila Kyle

TJ Sky and Memes are both entertaining characters and they were complimented by their respective partners in this match.

Plenty of comical moments at the Star of this match. Memes used Lila as a weapon throwing her about onto their opponents on numerous occasions.

Violet Nyte made Memes tap out for the win. All 4 shook hands after the match.

Match 3

Edgar Adams Vs Nate Reilly

Both men tried to get the crowd behind them before the match started.

Edgar showed Stourbridge why he is called the Speed Demon but Nate kept up with the pace.

Reilly came on top on this night but it could have gone either way.

Match 4

Liam Slater Vs Natalie Sykes

A teacher Vs student battle in this one. Liam is one of the best technical wrestlers in the Country and trains multiple wrestlers at the Pursuit Pro Wrestling facility in South Yorkshire.

Slater wanted a respectful handshake at numerous points in this match but Sykes was having non of it. She called Slater old which seems a bit harsh for someone still able to go on an 18-30 holiday.

Liam used his knowhow to control parts of the match infuriating Natalie in the process.

This one ended when the referee was fixing a turnbuckle pad which Sykes took advantage of with a low blow that kept Slater down for the 3.

The interval saw Man Like Dereiss and Millie McKenzie take photos with fans in the ring while many of the roster were on merch or mingling with the crowd.

Match 5

Amir Jordan Vs Kemper Vs Zac Walker Vs Sam Hughes Vs Will Stevens.

At 6 foot 6, Kemper controlled large parts of this match. Walker had the crowd behind him as a Stourbridge lad and Amir Jordan is known to many with his years on the scene and in NXT UK.

Kemper battled everyone on the outside at different points like there was an unspoken bond to keep him out of the ring.

Hughes got a kendo stick from under the ring as Steven’s held Zac to be hit. Hazz Hype came out to take the stick before hitting Hughes and Steven’s.

The match ended when Kemper was pinning Hughes and Steven’s but Amir hit a Swanton from the top rope to take the win.

Match 6

Alex Connor’s and Luke Douglas Vs Dead Sea Souls

CJ Rawlings and Steve Valentino got the best reception of the night but it’s Connor’s who makes me laugh telling the crowd to shhhhhh at every chance. Douglas seemed as amused at Alex’s antics as the rest of us as he could see numerous times what Connor’s was trying wouldn’t work.

Douglas, Connor’s and Valentino were in a 4 way match on Bridge Pro’s 1st show in October. Luke got the pin but the result was overturned after footage showed Valentino had kicked out. Both Douglas and Connor’s called this a conspiracy. Ryan Parrott came out and said if they have something to say then say it to his face. He was then unveiled as referee for the match.

The Dead Sea Souls looked to have won the match but Connor’s rang the bell distracting everyone. Connor’s and Douglas took everyone out including referee Parrott. They physically forced an unconscious Parrott to make the 3 count.


Man Like Dereiss Vs Millie McKenzie

These 2 have been up there with the most popular of Midland wrestlers for many years. Dereiss rapped his way to ringside as Millie got a thunderous reception after returning from injury.

The Lyrical Dragon wasn’t taking the match seriously in the early going but a slap to Millie awoke the suplex machine as Amblecote British Legion chanted “Suplex Millie”.

Millie won with a spear before the 2 shook hands to end the show on a high; or so we thought.

The Cheeky Little Buggars attacked McKenzie and Dereiss returned to the ring to clean house. They challenged CLB to a match which was confirmed for Bridge Pro’s next event “We’ve got heat” on the 30th August.

AEW All In at Wembley and Bridge Pro to end August. What a time to be alive.


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