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Booker T Believes It’s Time For WWE Attitude Era Comparisons To End

Booker T discussed the success of the modern era of WWE and how it relates to what is arguably the most famous era of the company.

Despite the fact it ended more than 20 years ago, many fans still have a fondness for The Attitude Era and regard it as their favourite time in professional wrestling history. A time when the biggest superstars were present and some of the biggest storylines, every era since has been compared to the edgier content of the late 90s and early 2000s.

With it appearing that wrestling would never be as hot again, everything changed in the lead-up to WrestleMania 40. With the rivalry between Cody Rhodes and The Bloodline along with top superstars such as Drew McIntyre, Rhea Ripley and Seth Rollins, WWE has very much entered another boom period and continues to break records. With the superstars of today proud of what they have accomplished, Booker T believes that it is time to stop comparing all other periods of wrestling to The Attitude Era.

Speaking with CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri, the Hall of Famer was asked about top superstars he stated that this period is better than The Attitude Era:

“The Attitude Era is something that we’re always gonna talk about. It’s always gonna be something that was part of your life, my life, in some way, shape, or form. But I do understand what guys like Cody is talking about, as far as this era now. This is their era. Is it better than the Attitude Era? Well, to them, they should want to try to make it better than the Attitude Era.

The thing is, we can’t talk about the Attitude Era forever. We’re gonna have to move past this sooner or later. We’re gonna have to start talking about this next generation [laughs], the Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes of the world and their legacy and their ‘Attitude Era’ that they created. So I understand it, I get it. If I was in Cody Rhodes’ shoes, Drew McIntyre, any of these young guys, I would feel the exact same way,”

Booker T Looks To The Future

Calling the action on NXT, the former World Champion sees the superstars of the future perform each week and can see who has the potential to be the next breakout performer. When discussing a former NXT superstar who was recently drafted to the main roster, Booker T believes it is time for them to become a World Champion.

Photo Credit: WWE

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