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Bobby Lashley has commented on the Street Profits recent makeover including who is now footing the bill for the new suits.

In a chat with After the Bell, Bobby Lashley spoke to Wade Barrett and Kevin Patrick about his recent participation in the makeovers of Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, the Street Profits

Lashley confirmed that he is no longer footing the bill for the Profits style but did drop a hint to impeccable style: tailoring.

While Lashley noted that he was in a group chat with the Profits where they would share items that were a better fit for them, he then went on to share how the look comes together so well.

Lashley revealed that he recently brought his tailor backstage to examine the Profit's new purchases.

With Patrick incredulously asking if that was why he recently booted out of the locker room backstage, Lashley confirmed that indeed, it was.

There have been teases that perhaps a new faction member could be revealed.


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