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Blood and Guts 2023

The long awaited end to the Blackpool Combat Club and the Elite is finally upon us or is it? this is wrestling after all. Boston, Massachusetts is the home of the third Blood and Guts. Along with Blood and Guts on the card for tonight is Jack Perry against Hook and the finals of the Blind Eliminator Tournament The episode is also brought to us by Discovery Shark Week.

Kicking it off with the FTW title match. They hit Jack's music but he does not appear. A vignette airs showing Jack Perry bury someone in what looks like his Jungle Boy boots then get into a black car. Jack comes out to some new music Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Heel Jack Perry dressed all in black is very intimidating. Hook comes out to his usual affair. Hook is 34-0. It might be the night for him to get that first "L". Tony Schiavone talks up that there has only been 5 champions in its history. Not stated is the who: Sabu, Taz, Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, and Hook. Hook charges in and starts the match hot. The double ring set up always provides a nice change. Let's see how it plays out. Jack and Hook are in the crowd. Jack unlike usual is taking control of the match. With his darker look he is more aggressive. I am loving that from him, During the picture in picture Hook takes some control. They get back from the break and Jack Perry is in control again. A massive T-bone off the apron to Jungle Boy from Hook. Both men took damage there but still. These two men are setting the stage for tonight to be impressive. Jack Perry has taken the hanging DDT from the playbook of Randy Orton. Perry dropped Hook right on his head. Hook barely beats the ten count. Hook looks pissed. I am glad that Paul Turner is the ref for this match. Immediately after I typed that sentence you could see Paul Turner altering his count to allow the two count. Ref bump. Perry uses this time to hit Hook with the title. Hook loses the FTW title. Jack Perry blemished Hooks undefeated streak.

Taz is acting upset at Hook's loss.

Another annoying Vignette between the budding BFFs MJF and Adam Cole. They are eating spicy food. Then supposedly the two got drunk by accident. No way those two could be able to actually drink 100% alcohol.

A second Don Callis segment was aired seeking to find where Jericho will land. I assume these were filmed before Don Callis was attacked at Triplemania.

A not advertised match between Britt Bake and a local talent Taylor Sparks. Baker makes quick and easy work of this lady. I wonder if this match was filler due to Hook and Jack going too long or if it was cut short.

The remnants of the JAS enter the arena first. Jericho's music hits and he heads to the commentary table. Then MJF's music hits. MJF comes out in his matching gear with Adam Cole. Adam Cole has a mix of his music and MJF's music that he comes out to. There is a dance off. Sammy and Garica dance together as MJF and Cole wait their time. Garcia puts his head between Guevara's legs. JAS attacks while MJF and Cole are dancing. Nice start to the match. Garcia and Daniel keep control during the commercial break beating down MJF. MJF does a dizzy drop to Guevara nice. Very comical in my opinion. Nice pump kick by Cole when he becomes the legal man. A double Spanish Fly. MJF then teases a Cross Rhodes. Adam Cole gets MJF to do a topie through the middle rope. MJF and Cole hit the double clothesline for the win. Jericho tries to console the two JAS members as they go up the ramp but ignore him. MJF is mad at Adam Cole in the ring for some odd reason. It is just a matter of time until the two break up. FTR comes out to a load roar. The graphic in the corner shows that MJF and Adam Cole will get their titles on July 29, 2023 at Collison.

Excalibur flubbed his lines when talking about Collision last Saturday. Announcing is a challenging job. I only point this out because I feel JR unjustly gets targeted when he flubs his lines. Excalibur pointed out that Ricky Starks disrespected the retired Jushin Thunder Liger.

Also a weird backstage segment covering matches for Rampage. It also set up AR Fox to battle Orange Cassidy next week. Which Speaking of AR Fox stay tuned to the RealRasslin podcast as one of our upcoming guest talks about him.

Now it is time for the match that I thought would kick off the show. Many on the internet have speculated that Kota Ibushi would not lose his debut match. Justin Roberts the Dapper Yapper announces the main event. Excalibur gives the rules. The first participant is Claudio Castagnoli. The Golden Elite send out Kenny Omega for the first 5 min. Shocked that this is the opening duo but not disappointed. The only other person to start in my opinion would have been Adam Page. These two are starting off hot. Kenny should be reserving his strength as he will be at a disadvantage. Which is the way of this type of match the babyface never gets the advantage. The fans are behind this match big time. Omega gets some of his classic moves in as the time for the Claudio and him to be alone dwindled. The Bastard Pac is the next one out. Looking at the participants this really makes me think of some of the early WarGames matches where Sting was the glue for all the villains to face. When PAC gets to the ring he and Castagnoli take over and beat down Omega. The Elite send out Hangman Adam Page. This will be a good way dynamic between Page and Omega as they have never officially made nice. Cross body caught by Page and he delivers a fall away slam to PAC. Adam Page climbs the cage but delivers a moonsault to Claudio. Omega and Hangman pick back up like they are the tag team champions again. Mox is the third man out. Tony Khan or whomever is the producer for this match has really set it up good. Mox automatically attack both Omega and Hangman with a screwdriver. He even brought out a fork for Claudio. It appears that the first man to bleed is Omega. Mox has introduced broken glass. Glass is more dangerous than tacks. Nick Jackson tries to even the odds. Nick dropkicks Mox into the glass. Claudio and PAC almost have a mis queue which allows Nick to keep his momentum going. Claudio has now landed in the glass. Mox recovers and slams Nick into the glass before putting some on Nick's chest and grinding it in. Omega for a save but does not work out for him. He gets double suplexed into the glass. I need someone to look at the time because their wait times does not seem to be accurate. Wheeler Yuta comes out as they go to commercial break. As a tv audience member for me that kills Yuta's entrance and effectiveness in the match. Mox can be seen during the break pushing Omega back into the cage as Omega went for a high risk move. As we return from a commercial break it is now time for Matt Jackson to come out. Matt delivered a nasty looking wheelbarrow move onto PAC's face. Matt is doing an effective start to his part of the event. The Young Bucks hit a risky business on Mox. The last man out for BCC is Konoseke Takeshita with a chair but no Don Callis. Takeshita doesn't come out as effective and dominate as others in the match. Don Callis has joined the announce team. Mox pulled a bed of nails out. Kenny Omega was shotgun kicked into the bed of nails and then body slammed onto it. Ibushi is the last man out and the official part of the match has begun. Yuta rushes out to attack him before he entered the ring. Ibushi slowly and intimidatingly walks towards Mox who is still using the bed of nails. BCC surprisingly has taken control of the match. Mox is a bloody mess. I am suprise not all of the particpants are bloody. Yuta climbs to the top and calls for Matt Jackson to join him. Which he does. Matt Jackson delivers his triple norhtern lights suplex on the top of the cage and called to throw Yuta off but Yuta countered with a ddt. Yuta then starts to climb down. Matt rained down tacks. The Golden Elite are in charge. The crowd calls for tables. Taz really questions if they need tables. Nick Jackson agrees with the fans and gets a table. Now the fans want fire. Pac is getting all the combo moves done to him after a rolling fireman's carry. The only one who did not attack after that was Kota Ibushi. During the commercial break there was a dead eye Meltzer Driver combo. That should have not been done during commercial break. As Dynamite comes back from commercial break there is a series of superplexes. Punctuated by Pac using the top of the cage to do a double stomp onto one of the Jackson. Both sides regroup in opposite rings then starts trading punches in-between the two rings. All of the BCC puts on submissions. Ibushi is the first to escape and breaks up all the other submissions. Omega is now on the receiving end of all the BCC attacking him in the corner. Claduio and Pac are fighting now. PAC walks ou of the match. Will BCC against the Death Triangle be the next great feud? Adam Page wiht back to back BuckShot lariats. The second punctuated with a V trigger by Omega. Mox is then handcuffed. Don Callis pulls Takeshit from the match. BCC's team is falling apart. Yuta is choked out by the Golden Elite.

This was an amazing match. All men did incredible.


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