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Becky Lynch Outlasts 13 Others In WWE Raw Battle Royal, Claims Women's World Title

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Becky Lynch won her seventh singles title on WWE's main roster last night, capturing the Women's World Championship in a battle royal with 13 other superstars on "WWE Raw." Becky Lynch was able to hit a Manhandle Slam on Liv Morgan on the apron to drop Liv Morgan to the floor and become the last woman standing, claiming the belt after Rhea Ripley was forced to vacate the title due to injury following her match with Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 40. 

Out of the 14 women in the match, Candice LaRae was the first eliminated, by Alpha Academy's Maxxine, who then walked right into a big boot from Candice LaRae's tag team partner Indi Hartwell. Maxxine threw Indi Hartwell out too but was eliminated by Nia Jax later in the match.

Becky Lynch was able to eliminate Piper Niven, who then dragged Becky Lynch out of the ring through the bottom rope and drove her into the steps before hitting a cannonball. Piper Niven tore apart the announce desk before Nia Jax also left the ring legally. Nia Jax hit a chokeslam on Piper Niven, onto Becky Lynch on the desk, then hit a Samoan drop on Piper Niven on top of Becky Lynch before getting back in the ring. Nia Jax, Becky Lynch, Liv Morgan, and Shayna Baszler were the final four women in the match. Becky Lynch pulled herself back into the ring following Shayna Baszler's elimination and teamed up with Liv Morgan to eliminate Nia Jax. Liv Morgan hit a codebreaker onto the "Irresistible Force" and Becky Lynch followed it up with a leg drop to get Nia Jax over the top rope.

Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch then battled on the apron of the ring. Becky Lynch hit a Manhandle Slam onto Liv Morgan for the win. Following the match, "The Man" celebrated her victory with the fans in the crowd as "Raw" went off the air.

Photo Credit: WWE

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