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With Adam Copeland’s AEW debut, he brought with him a familiar theme that features an all too familiar voice for WWE fans.

In case you missed it, Adam Copeland’s debut at AEW WrestleDream can be seen below this news story.

Adam Copeland came to the ring to Alter Bridge’s Metalingus complete with the “You think you know me” opening line, slightly altered to a female voice saying “You think you know him”.

It was also noted that WWE had allowed the “Rated-R Superstar” trademark to lapse, so he was able to use that familiar branding as well.

As for the theme tune itself, there had been speculation that Beth Phoenix was the new voice at the start of the track.

Chris Mueller of Bleacher Report has now provided clarification, tweeting:

“I don’t know if this counts as breaking news or whatever, but I was able to confirm with him today that not only is the voice at the beginning of Adam Copeland’s AEW entrance music that of Beth Phoenix, but that it was Edge and Beth who recorded the clip themselves.”

Tony Khan has stated that Adam Copeland is with AEW full-time and will be with AEW every week, wrestling regularly.

His debut match will be on the ‘Title Tuesday’ edition of Dynamite on October 10th against Luchasaurus.

Adam Copeland has recently filed four new trademark applications for the terms ‘LEGEND’, ‘COPE’, ‘THE ROGUE’ and ‘ICONOCLAST’.

In a post following his AEW debut, he would also reveal the reasons why he left WWE


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