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Backstage details have emerged on Nia Jax returning to WWE, following her appearance on last night’s edition of Raw.

In the main event of the September 11th show, Rhea Ripley defended her Women’s World Championship against Raquel Rodriguez.

In the closing moments of the match, Nia Jax made her return while the referee was distracted, attacking Raquel Rodriguez to allow Rhea Ripley to retain her gold.

Following the match, Nia Jax attacked Rhea Ripley to establish herself as a top title contender.

Per Fightful Select, Nia Jax has been signed to WWE for over a month. The report noted that on recent shows Fightful had heard that she was heading back to WWE.

Nia Jax was reportedly the first signing made following Vince McMahon rejoining the company, indicating that the unofficial ‘hiring freeze’ could be over.

It was noted that several WWE names expected Nia Jax to return before she did.

Nia Jax hasn’t wrestled since her one-off appearance in the 2023 Royal Rumble match. She was released from her WWE contract in November 2021.

In mid August, Nia Jax confirmed that she had been training, fuelling rumors about her WWE return.

While not confirmed, it seems that Nia Jax was specifically preparing for her WWE return, given the fact that this was a month ago, and Nia Jax has reportedly been back with WWE for a month.


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