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B. J. Whitmer Fired From AEW

As reported by Frightful B.J. Whitmer has been fired from AEW. Whitmer was arrested for First Degree Domestic Violence and Second Degree Burglary on June 4th in Kentucky. The Domestic Violence covers such incidents as chocking and causing injury. Second Degree Burglary involves illegally entering an area with the intent of perpetuating a crime in a non residential area.

B.J. Whitmer is known for his time as a wrestler in RoH. He has been working with AEW since 2019. He has also been seen as a "judge" for pure championship matches.

AEW released this statement "B.J. Whitmer has been terminated following his arrest on domestic violence charges. While talent and staff are ultimately responsible for their own personal actions, this behavior is intolerable within AEW. AEW has reached out to offer support to those impacted by his behavior."

This move is in alignment with past action taken by AEW to hold their performers to moral standards. Jimmy Havok was released for abuse allegations back in 2020. Sammy Guevara was suspended and sent to sensitivity training during the same period. These standards have also affected Jeff Hardy, Jay Briscoe and Brain Kendrick,


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