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Arn Anderson Leaving AEW

Arn Anderson's time being #AllElite is coming to an end, with Arn Anderson himself confirming that he'll be departing AEW when his contract expires on 31st May.

Speaking on the latest episode of his ARNpodcast, Arn Anderson gave thanks to Tony Khan and the talent and staff in AEW, naming Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross, Dean Malenko, Billy Gunn, and Jerry Lynn amongst those Arn Anderson was thankful for.

As for why Arn Anderson is leaving AEW, the legendary Horseman explained that he wants to focus on spending time with his son Brock and getting the second-generation grappler more experience between the ropes. Of course, Brock Anderson was previously signed to AEW, with his time with the company coming to an end last year.

For Arn Anderson, the WWE Hall of Famer first appeared for AEW at All Out back in August 2019 as Cody Rhodes took on Shawn Spears. The Enforcer would officially join AEW the following June, initially serving as the manager/coach of Cody Rhodes and being a part of the wider Nightmare Family. Arn Anderson would also have spells being loosely associated with FTR, in addition to working with Brock Anderson and doing occasional pieces of commentary.

Interestingly, earlier this month saw Cody Rhodes state during a Busted Openappearance how he likes the idea of getting himself an on-screen manager.

Photo Credit: AEW

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