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Another Shock WWE Departure Confirmed

Another shocking backstage WWE departure has been confirmed today (October 9).

Per Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful , 2021 Warrior Award recipient Rich Hering has retired from WWE.

Hering served as the Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Risk Management, and had worked with WWE for over 50 years.

Hering opted to retire from the company, and his departure was not a part of cutbacks from the Endeavor takeover and TKO Group formation.

Hering had been planning his retirement for the last couple of years.

According to PWInsider, there were a lot of people within the company who were shocked at Hering’s exit, as he was someone who was a lifer for many years in the company.

Hering received the Warrior Award for his contributions to the company back in 2021.


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