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Welcome to the last show before forbidden door and it’s going to be a good one so let’s kick things off with some tag team action.


OC and Haste begin, and Haste shrugs off a shoulder barge from Cassidy. OC rolls through and tags in Ishii, who goes faces to face with Haste. OC and Ishii double team Haste a little, Eagles comes in and gets dumped to the outside, before the Chaos members hit a double shoulder tackle to knock Haste to the mat. OC tags back in, climbs the ropes, but Haste backs away and tags in Eagles. Eagles and OC avoid each other’s offense until a hurracanrana catches OC. But he avoids an armdrag, goes to put his hands in the pockets but Eagles catches them.

OC to the apron, thrust kick to Haste, and Eagles is bounced face-first off the top turnbuckle repeatedly. Haste comes from behind and hits a back suplex on the apron, and Eagles follows up with a tope con hilo to take out OC on the outside.

Eagles brings OC back in the ring, drops a knee into the inside leg. Tag to Haste, running clothesline in the corner gets a 2 count. Single leg crab locked in but OC grabs the bottom rope. Haste kicks the arm of Cassidy, follows up with a body slam. Eagles in, drags Orange back to the TMDK corner and climbs the buckles…but Cassidy rolls towards his own corner. TMDK both in, stomping OC down. Cassidy escapes though, claws his way over to Ishii, makes the tag.

In comes Ishii, shoulder block to Haste, another to Eagles, Saito-suplex to Haste gets a 2 count. Cassidy back in, sloth-style chops in the corner, while Ishii lays it in properly. Double clothesline to Haste, suplex by Ishii, followed in quick succession by an elbow drop by OC, 1, 2, no.

Orange Punch countered, Haste hits a Falcon Arrow! Tag to Eagles, roundhouse kick to OC, sweeps the legs of Ishii on the apron, but OC counters with a stundog millionaire. Eagles gets him on his shoulders, hits a driver but Ishii breaks up the pinfall. Haste eats a lariat from Ishii.

Eagles looks for sliced bread, can’t get it, but continues to focus on the leg of Cassidy. No, Beach Break by Orange Cassidy! 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Tomohiro Ishii & Orange Cassidy

Fun opening match. Outcome predictable.


As the match is about to begin, the music of the CEO hits, and the TBS champion Mercedes Mone heads to ringside. Vaquer gets a nice STF locked in during the early goings, but Frost grabs the ropes. Frost with a boot to the face in the corner and they spill to the floor. Frost jumps to the steel steps and rebounds with a Mexican arm drag in front of Mone. Vaquer drops Frost on the apron, interrupting Frost’s offense with a kick to the face and then gets in the face of Mone. Back in the ring, Vaquer with the face wash in the corner. Sunset flip attempt by Frost is blocked, and Vaquer hits a short running leg drop.

Vaquer drives the head of Frost into the mat. She looks for a package piledriver but Frost slips out of it and nails a huge lariat. Roundhouse kick follows and a step up gamengiri in the corner. Handspring canonball connects! Frost heads to the top rope, corkscrew crossbody gets a 2 count. DDT from Vaquer and a tight cover gets a 2. Clothesline in the corner, Frost chases her to the opposite buckles for a shoulder thrust. Dropkick to the back by Frost as the CEO looks on at ringside. Frost looks for a dropkick but Vaquer grabs the legs, dragon screws her legs into the ropes. Package Piledriver across the knee gets the 1, 2, 3 for Vaquer

Winner: Stephanie Vaquer

This I think will be the most interesting match potentially tomorrow night. Vaquer is a talent and should work well with Mone.


Deeb takes it to Madan in the corner, kick to the chest, and follows up with a neckbreaker across the ropes. Pepsi Twist connects! Detox, 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Serena Deeb

So we are doing this again. Build up Deeb and then have her lose the big one. No one takes Deeb seriously anymore.


Short suplex for a 1 count from Hechicero, as they roll around on the mat. Kneebar applied, spinning toe hold, and then Hechicero gets wrist control. Blackwood kicks his way out, but Hechicero with a rising knee strike in the corner.

Flapjack in the center of the ring. Hechicero gets the Mad Scientist Bomb across the knee! He ties him up and locks in the crucifix submission as Blackwood submits.

Winner: Hechicero

I love watching Hechicero. So talented in the ring but will obviously be losing to MJF tomorrow night.


Garcia and Butcher grapple before Butcher gets him in the corner. Garcia turns the tables, dropkick to the knee, shotgun dropkick follows, but Butcher regains control with a running crossbody. He tosses Garcia to the outside and follows him out there, driving him back first into the barricade. Garcia sits Butcher by the barricade and hits a running dropkick, but gets caught on a second attempt and is suplexed across the edge of the barricade.

Backbreaker connects for Butcher in the ring, and he locks in a rear chinlock. Knee to the spine, Butcher grabs the legs and applies a Texas Cloverleaf, but Garcia grabs the ropes to break the hold. Butcher does the Garcia dance! And that pisses Garcia off, until Butcher cuts him off with a scoop slam. Half Nelson backbreaker, 1, 2, no, Garcia kicks out.

Splash in the corner, but Garcia has woken up now and shrugs it off. Garcia looks for a suplex, can’t get it, but eventually nails a snap suplex. Garcia tries to take him down with repeated clotheslines, but Butcher shrugs them off, until a big running clothesline. Piledriver! 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Find me someone with more Momentum right now than Daniel Garcia. I just worry he loses on Dynamite to Ospreay and he falls back to the back of the line.


The winner of this faces the winner of Mariah May/Saraya, taking place on tomorrow’s Zero Hour show. Deonna backs Shida into the ropes, clean break, shoulder block but Shida doesn’t go down. Enziguri to Purrazzo, Shida with some mounted punches in the corner before tossing Purrazzo to the floor. She climbs to the middle rope and dives with a crossbody to the floor! Shida rolls Purrazzo onto the apron, goes for a drive by kick but Purrazzo comes off the apron with a stomp to the arm.

Purrazzo sends Shida back into the ring and

continues the assault on the arm. Snapmare and a leg drop across the arm, scissoring the arm with added torque. Armbreaker attempt, Shida links the hands and gets the ropes with her feet. Shida with a flurry of forearms as Purrazzo drops to her knees. Running knee to the back of the head, followed by a short-arm clothesline. Purrazzo kicks the arm but Shida comes back with a running knee, 1, 2, no.

Purrazzo with a side Russian leg sweep, rolls into a Fujiwara armbar. Shida tries to crawl to the ropes, gets them with her feet again to force the break.  Shida manages to get a Falcon Arrow but Purrazzo with a rollup for 2! Shida hits the Kitana out of nowhere for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Not entirely sure this was the right call. And I certainly don’t want any more of Purrazzo and Rosa. That feud is done now. Stop it.


Don Callis joins the commentary desk. And Jack Perry does indeed show up, although he shoulder barges right past Takeshita and ELP, clearly doing his own thing. Lio Rush and Takeshita start this off, highlighting the considerable size difference. Rush with a crossbody, Takeshita catches him, wheelbarrow countered into a pin attempt, but Takeshita with a kick to lay him out.

Takeshita slaps ELP in the chest as a tag. Rush tags in Dante Martin, Briscoe in too for a chain of offense in the corner. Double dropkicks from Martin & Rush. Briscoe works over ELP in the corner, Rush back in for a vertical suplex and a 1 count. Rush grounds ELP and tags in Martin, but ELP gets an enziguri and tosses Rush into Martin. ELP goes to make a tag to Perry, but Perry drops off the apron. Oh but Briscoe dives to take him out! Takeshita wipes out Briscoe in return with a big forearm.

In the ring it’s ELP and Martin, with ELP delivering chops in the corner. ELP chops Takeshita to tag him in, similarly aggressive tag to bring ELP back in. Brainbuster by ELP, Takeshita back in, with a deadlift suplex, showing off his strength to ELP. Takeshita and ELP are both in the ring now as things break down, and they double team Martin, until he nails a double hurracanrana. Tag to Briscoe! Redneck Kung Fu ensues, enziguri to Takeshita. ELP gets clotheslined in the corner, followed by a Fisherman’s suplex, but Jack Perry breaks up the pinfall attempt. Jay Driller attempt by Mark, ELP with a thrust kick to escape. Rush tags in, thrust kick of his own, and a suicide dive to Takeshita on the outside. ELP with a dive too! And now here comes Martin with a massive dive, almost overshot it!

Martin tags in, heads up top along with Rush. Lio with the frog splash, crossover frogsplash from Martin gets a 2 as Perry breaks it up again. Takeshita catches Rush trying to go through his legs, turns him inside out with a release German. Release German to Martin too but Martin lands on his feet.  Super Hurracanrana, no, Takeshita holds on…but Martin reverses that into a hurracanrana anyway. Martin launches off the ropes into a Blue Thunder Bomb! Running knee by Takeshita connects on Dante Martin for the 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Konosuke Takeshita, ELP & Jack Perry

I genuinely do not know who wins this tomorrow. The obvious choice is Perry but all 6 men could easily hold that title.

Prince Nana welcomes us to the official weigh-in for tomorrow’s main event. Nana introduces the challenger first, as Will Ospreay makes his way to the stage.

Ospreay strips to his boxers and stands on the scale. Nana announces the official weight at 220 pounds. Nana then turns his attention to the World champion, and brings out Swerve Strickland.

Swerve takes his turn getting on the scales, and Swerve is looking ripped. Nana announces Swerve as 230 pounds. Ospreay and Swerve then go face to face to pose for official photographs. They talk trash to each other and grab their respective belts. Nana asks Ospreay for some final words.

Ospreay says Swerve has 24 hours until Ospreay knocks out those dirty ass grills. Swerve is about to find out why he’s on another level.

Swerve is asked for final words too. Strickland says the pressure is on Ospreay, not him. Swerve is on another level, he handles his business like a champion. How about he handles things like a businessman and offers Ospreay’s wife a contract? That’s enough to push Ospreay’s buttons, and they come to blows! They get broken up…but Ospreay charges and hits a HUGE Hidden Blade on the stage to knock Swerve out! Ospreay poses with both title belts before draping the World title over the waist of the passed out Strickland.

And that is all for tonight’s Collision. All roads now lead to Forbidden door and I can’t wait. Thanks for joining me this week guys.


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