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All OUT Go Home

Well it is the second Go Home show in as many weeks. Tonight's show may be missing some of the AEW favorites as Tony Khan has allowed wrestlers time off to attend the funeral of Bray Wyatt. On a brighter note this is the first Dynamite since the historic 81.035 paid attendees to All In at Wembley.

Still showing some cuts and scrapes from All In, Mox didn't take the night off. Komander seems to be a proxy for the Death Triangle. Komander does come out in some nice ring attire. Mox starts with the offense. Alex Abrahantes who accompanied Komander to the ring starts to slap the mat early attempting to get Komander back into the match. Komander does get Mox to retreat to the outside. Komander uses this as an opportunity to show off his high flying skills with a cross body. Looked like Komander's hip hit Mox in the face. Komander was able to turn a powerbomb attempt into a face buster that was good. The production team then showed a good view of Komander's bloody mouth. This match is being more competitive than I thought it would be. Interesting Excalibur called the rear naked choke a sleeper. Maybe because of Samoa Joe. Mox was the winner via submission.

A promo aired setting up The Elite and FTR against Bullet Club Gold. This has the makings to set up either the Gunns continuing their feud with FTR or Young Bucks FTR part four. Either way it will be good matches for the next few months until their next big event.

A promo about how Toni Storm did not regain the title shows that Toni Storm may be heading towards an unhinged character.

Fans are chanting Jericho before he addresses the crowd. Chris Jericho starts the promo out about how it was the biggest professional weekend he has ever had. Jericho then calls out Sammy Guevara alluding to wanting to apologize to him. Chris Jericho does actually apologize. Sammy Guevara shakes his hand. It is now Sammy Guevara's time to pick a fight with Chris Jericho about what could have been done to put Will Ospreay away. The two called each other brothers and now their arguing like brothers by making petty remarks. Jericho suggests that the Sex Gods attempt to win the tag titles and this illicits a hug from Sammy. I would not be upset if they win.

A nice change of pace here. While titles from other companies are often flaunted in AEW seldom is a NJPW title defended on Dynamite. Although Yuta does have strong ties to NJPW the outcome to this is easy to foresee. Yuta does wisely target the injuries from Wembley. Yuta is not showing any damage from the Stadium Stampede. Yuta looks to be really laying in his strikes as Kingston is getting red. The obvious winner is Eddie Kingston. Claudio immediately appears ringside to take Wheeler Yuta to the back. Claudio Castignoli never looked at Eddie Kingston implying disrespect.

A segment from All In locker room set up not only a tag team battle royal for Rampage but also another Tournament to face MJF for the Tiple B.

Who's ready for Story Time with Adam Cole? Yet another hype of the historical event of last Sunday. Promised that although MJF is banged up he will be ready to go on Sunday when they compete. Roderick Strong and the Kingdom interrupt Adam Cole. Roderick is still playing the jealous friend. Mike Bennett takes the mic to rehash the Kingdom's history with Adam Cole. Taven then joins in about hoe Adam Cole is a user. Roderick Strong officially enters the tournament. Before leaving with the Kingdom.

Hikaru Shida, Kris Statlander, and Britt Baker DMD against Maria Shafir, Emi Sakura, and Nyla Rose. I really like Emi Sakura and her Freddie Mercury gimmick. I think this is the first time Sakura has worked Dynamite since I started doing the reviews. Shafir distracted the ref for no apparent reason. Which Brit Baker flew home from Wembley, spent Tuesday at her dental practice and is now in Chicago for the weekend. Britt is also taking a lot of the beating in this match. Statlander gets tagged in and shows off her power. Saturday Kris Statlander will defend the TBS Championship against Ruby Soho. Statlander leaps from the top and hits all four women. She returned to the ring to defeat Maria Shafir. Britt Baker and Shida argue on the outside. Ruby attacks and absconds with the belt.

Daddy Ass is back. The Acclaim have a ribbon cutting ceremony. Daddy ass does give a dick joke saying Max has a small one. Billy Gunn's big pair is used to cut the ribbon. According to Bowen we are now in the House of Ass. Bowens has a custom set of Trios titles. They have hot pink leather straps that scissor. Nice addition the scissoring. The color reminds me of the Green Belt Hulk Hogan had in the WWF. The Acclaimed will defend their titles on Collision against Garcia, Menard, and Parker.

All In when Penta changed into the red he was called Obscura. Now he is in the red and they are still calling him El Zero Miedo. So that makes the costume change useless at All In. Nice diving evasions to start the match. Early Stalemate. Penta caught Orange as he dived on the outside. Penta caught Orange in a military press position when he did. The pacing on this match really gives me a luchador match. Both men are making dives and keeping it high paced. Orange is not wrestling his usual match. A quick Crucifix pin gets Orange the win.


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