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AJ Styles Returns On SmackDown; Teases Heel Turn?!

AJ Styles finally returned to action on last night’s episode of WWE SmackDown, but sensationally teased a possible heel turn right at the tail end of the broadcast.

The veteran hit the ring with a dazzling phenomenal forearm on The Bloodline chief Roman Reigns, then posed with fellow babyfaces Randy Orton and LA Knight. It's worth noting that AJ Styles looked jacked this might be the best physical shape AJ Styles has ever been in.

Just as it looked like SmackDown would go off the air without further incident, AJ Styles surprisingly decked LA Knight. Randy Orton glanced over and ultimately shrugged, but the show went dark with more questions than answers about AJ Styles's plans.

WWE's official website and social media streams are already asking "why" AJ Styles would floor LA Knight without warning. SmackDown ended with AJ Styles strolling up the ramp past members of The Bloodline as everyone wondered what was going on.

If nothing else, it was an intriguing piece of television and a real cliffhanger ending. Is AJ Styles turning heel? or was this a heat of the moment thing? You'll have to wait to find out.


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