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We have been patiently waiting for this show and it's finally here. Are we finally going to get the answer to the question of who is the devil? We have 9 matches to get through and it's going to be a hot one. So let's kick things off with our opening match.

Match One Brody King/Jay Lethal/Rush/Jay White vs. Blackpool Combat Club/Mark Briscoe/Daniel Garcia

Rush and Castagnoli start this one for their respected teams trading  heavy strikes to start with Castagnoli getting the better of things. Rush sends him outside but Castagnoli is back in and they stare each other down. Briscoe and Lethal come in with Lethal not being able to get the Figure Four. A chop off goes to Briscoe so Danielson comes in with the LeBell Lock to White but White gets to the rope.

A running corner dropkick hits White and a middle rope hurricanrana drops him again. King comes in and shrugs off Garcia’s right hands, setting up a swinging Boss Man Slam to plant Garcia. King takes him outside and yells at Menard (who is on commentary), who has no interest in getting involved with the big guy.

Back in and Lethal stomps away on Garcia before White adds a seated chop. Garcia manages to fight out of the corner though and it’s Briscoe coming back in to clean house. Everything breaks down and the fight heads outside. Briscoe hits the running Blockbuster and Bang Bang Elbow from the apron, followed by a fisherman’s buster for two on White. Back in and Briscoe knocks Lethal off the top, only to have Lethal pop back up for a top rope superplex.

Castagnoli unloads with uppercuts to King.

Castagnoli muscles King up for an impressive suplex but Rush is back in for the save. Danielson cuts Rush off and dropkicks King to cut off Castagnoli’s Swing. Garcia and Lethal slug it out until Lethal hits the lethal injection. The Figure Four goes on but Briscoe makes the save with the froggy bow. We hit the parade of finishes until Garcia rolls Lethal up for the pin.

Here is your winner: BCC, Daniel Garcia and Mark Briscoe

This was exactly what we thought it would be. A chaotic but fun match just giving all guys an opportunity to be on the PPV. Certainly evident that Garcia could be potentially getting a push following this with him picking up the win for his team. Good opening match here.

Match two Miro vs. Andrade El Idolo

CJ Perry is here with El Idolo, who gets jumped to start as the beating is on. El Idolo gets in a shot of his own but dives into a suplex to cut that right off. Perry yells at Miro about her infected finger so Miro chokes him on the ropes in front of her. Miro throws El Idolo to the floor, where El Idolo gets in a shove over the announcers’ table.

Back in and El Idolo blocks a superplex attempt so they slug it out instead. El Idolo gets the better of things so Miro drops him with a clothesline. Miro gets knocked into the corner but it’s too early for the running knees. Instead Miro bails to the floor, leaving El Idolo to hit the middle rope moonsault.

Back in and the double moonsault gives El Idolo two and he now locks in the figure of four and transtitions into the figure of eight but Perry cuts it off. Miro kicks El Idolo in the face, setting up Game Over for the tap.

Here is your winner: Miro


Well that was an interesting one. Two incredibly gifted wrestlers who just didn’t click with each other during this one. The crowd weren’t into this and neither was I to be honest. CJ Perry turning on Andrade was pretty obvious so im hoping she teams up with Miro now cos they were really fun during the WWE days. Lets see how this one plays out. Andrade needs a plan because he is so wasted at the moment. Is a return to WWE on the cards for him in the future as his AEW run has not been memorable at all.

Match three Women’s Title: Toni Storm vs. Riho

Riho is challenging. Storm takes over to start so Riho starts spinning around. A running knee into and a running bulldog out of the corner gives Riho two and we hit the chinlock. That’s broken up and they head outside where Storm gets in a slam to take over. Storm slowly hammers away and gets in a slam, setting up the double bicep pose. The half grab goes on to stay on Riho’s back, followed by a toss out to the floor.

Back in and Storm declares “she’s toast now” before grabbing a Texas Cloverleaf. Luther adds some cheating but gets caught, meaning the hold is broken and Luther is out of here. Riho hits the 619 and a high crossbody, followed by another dive to the floor. Back in and Riho misses a charge in the corner, allowing Storm Zero to connect for two. Riho tries to spin over her but gets caught in a hard DDT and this one is all over.

Here is your winner: Toni Storm

There were no surprises here. Toni Storm is incredible. Riho was never in a million years winning this one. We are just killing time here before Mariah May turns on Storm and sets up that challenge. I guess we will see Riho in another 4 months where she challenges for the title again.

Match four Swerve Strickland vs. Dustin Rhodes

Rhodes is replacing an injured Keith Lee. Swerve jumps him before the bell and beats him up on the floor, with the cinder block being loaded up. The Swerve Stomp onto the ankle onto the block. Medics come down to check on Rhodes who wants to go anyway.

The bell rings, with Swerve taking him down immediately and hammering away before shouting that it could have been you (meaning Lee). Swerve dropkicks the leg again and gets in some dancing so Rhodes gets in a shot of his own. Rhodes manages a high crossbody for two, followed by the Canadian Destroyer and snap powerslam for two.

Nana offers a distraction and gets dropped with a right hand, followed by a piledriver and Cross Rhodes for two on Swerve. Back up and Swerve hits a Downward Spiral, setting up a half crab. Rhodes makes the ropes and fires up again before flipping Swerve off. Swerve snaps the arm and hits the Swerve Stomp to win.

Here is your winner: Swerve Strickland

This match just didn’t need to happen. Swerve is on the hottest run of his career right now and just didn’t need this match. I get they wanted him to still be on the show with Keith Lee being injured but they needed something else for Swerve. Swerve needs to move away from the Keith Lee story now and go after a title.

Match five Don Callis Family/Big Bill/Ricky Starks vs. Chris Jericho/Sammy Guevara/Sting/Darby Allin

Guevara gets thrown around by Takeshita to start so it’s quickly off to Jericho. The fans don’t seem to pleased with that, even as Hobbs comes in to run him over. Takeshita gets in a few shots until Jericho makes it over to Allin for the tag. That doesn’t last long as Allin is taken over for the tag to Hobbs so the beating can be on.

A suplex from Hobbs lets Bill come in for a huge toss across the ring. Allin manages to get over for the tag to Sting and house is quickly cleaned. Everything breaks down and Bill gets in a cheap shot, followed by a Boss Man Slam. Jericho comes back in with a Codebreaker and is soundly booed out of the building.

Allin manages to knock Jericho into Hobbs for a breather and a Scorpion Death Drop takes Hobbs down. Takeshita drops Allin though and then does it to both Guevara and Allin with a single German suplex. Sting is back in and grabs the Scorpion on Takeshita, with Callis making the save. The Scorpion goes on but gets broken up again, allowing Guevara to come in and hit The shooting star press on Starks and this one is all over.


Here is your winner: Jericho, Guevara, Sting and Darby Allin

They have completely removed all momentum from The Don Callis family. They have had singles victories over Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho but they lose this one. They did not need to lose this one. Sammy getting the pin on Starks makes the tag chaps look weak too. Chris Jericho needs to take a break until all his personal stuff is sorted too because he got some real heat from the crowd tonight and it took the attention off the match.

Match six TBS Title: Julia Hart vs. Abadon

This match is under house rules and the stipulation is biting is allowed.the fans chanting this is spooky to kick this one off. I like that. Abadon grabs a quick cutter to take over fast. Hart isn’t quite sure what to do here so they grab each other by the throat until Hart can leg sweep her down. Choking on the ropes has Abadon in more trouble but she’s right back with running knees in the corner.

A Codebreaker gets two but Hart pulls her into Hartless. The ropes don’t help so Abadon has to crawl out and knock Hart away. Cue Skye Blue for a cheap shot before she dives underneath the ring, leaving Abadon to go after her. The distraction lets Hart drop Abadon, setting up the moonsault and this one is all over.

Here is your winner: Julia Hart

This was probably the most obvious result of the night. Abadon will now disappear again. she got the build up – lost the match and now she will fall back down the ladder. Also adding the biting stipulation but no one really doing any biting was an odd one. Julia Hart has done incredible with her character work and having Skye Blue with her makes it work so much better. Can see these two feuding for the title but hopefully not yet and they get a run together.

Match seven TNT Title: Adam Copeland vs. Christian Cage

Copeland wearing the gear he wore when he faced off against Mick Foley, that was a nice touch. Copeland jumps Cage on the ramp during his entrance and this one is off to a hot start. They brawl around ringside, with Nigel McGuinness insulting Copeland. That earns him a ‘shut up nigel’ from Copeland, with Nigel obliging before waiting for Copeland to be out of earshot to call him a coward. Cage’s right hands don’t do much as he has to avoid his hand being stomped onto the steps.

Cage bails into the crowd with Copeland following, setting up a big dive to take Cage down again. They go back to ringside where Copeland drops him again, earning a ‘you still got it’ chant. Back in and Copeland’s spear hits post, followed by a drop onto the steps for two. With Copeland bleeding around the eye, Cage grabs some kendo sticks and chokes away before punching at the cut.

Cage grabs a chair and puts it over Copeland’s back for a Boston crab in a creative, and mostly painful, looking hold. With that broken up, Copeland gets in a stick shot of his own, followed by some more to the ribs. As usual, Copeland gets the bar from the chair for the Crossface but that’s not good enough. We get a ladder brought in, with Cage being catapulted face first into it in the corner.

A low blow cuts Copeland off so Cage goes up, where a superplex is countered into a sunset bomb to leave them both down. It’s time for a table, with the distraction letting Copeland grab an Impaler onto the chair. The Conchairto is loaded up but cue Nick Wayne with a low blow for the save. Cage loads up a spear through the table but naturally gets speared through it himself. Shayna Wayne breaks up the cover and Nick hits Copeland with the title. Wayne’s World to the floor drops Copeland again and Cage gets two.

That leaves the Waynes to cover the table with lighter fluid and set it on fire but Copeland spears Cage back inside. The fire goes out so Copeland puts on more fluid and it’s on fire again. Nick gets sent onto  the table and goes writhing onto the floor. Cage’s belt shot is cut off and Copeland hits a Killswitch for the pin.

Here is your winner and New TNT champion :Adam Copeland

Post match, Killswitch jumps Copeland and chokeslams him through a chair and since the contract from earlier is for a title match anywhere any time hes about to cash in but Cage wants it instead. Killswitch hands it over and let’s do this.

Match eight TNT Title: Christian Cage vs. Adam Copeland

Cage is challenging and wins the title with a spear in ten seconds. And this one is all over

Here is your winner and New TNT Champion: Christian Cage

This was both genius and ridiculous all in one. Cage is now a 2 time TNT champion. This was clever as it kept Copeland still strong and makes Cage even more hated as a heel. Cage is by far the hottest heel in wrestling right now. Were going to get these two one more time with Copeland getting his rematch and can see it being another wild stipulation match.

Match nine Continental Classic Finals: Triple Crown Title: Eddie Kingston vs. Jon Moxley

For the vacant title and Bryan Danielson is on commentary. They go technical to start with Moxley taking it to the ground for some grappling. Moxley gets the better of things until a rope gives Kingston a breather. Back up and they go to the test of strength with neither getting the better of things. They stare each other down a bit more as Danielson is in full analysis mode, talking about each of them having strengths.

Kingston manages a jumping enziguri to put him on the floor but the dive goes over Moxley for a nasty crash. Back in and Moxley hits a quick suplex, followed by a Paradigm Shift on the floor. They get back in with Kingston’s chop hitting a raised forearm, leaving Kingston in a lot of pain. A piledriver gives Moxley two.

Kingston is back up and drops Moxley to his knees off a single chop. They chop it out and even Danielson is thinking this is a bad move. Kingston grabs a suplex so Moxley pops up, only to grab his banged up knee. The spinning backfist drops Moxley for no cover as Danielson is livid. The machine gun chops have Moxley in trouble in a variety of corners, setting up a DDT to plant Moxley again.

Moxley is back up with a cutter so Kingston hits the spinning backfist, only to get dropped with a hard lariat. The northern lights bomb gives Kingston two but Moxley is back with the bulldog choke. That’s broken up and another northern lights bomb gives Kingston another two. One heck of a lariat drops Kingston for two, sending commentary into stories of injuries from clotheslines. They headbutt it out from their knees until another spinning backfist gives Kingston the pin.

Here is your winner: Eddie Kingston

What a match and what a deserving winner. Eddie was always winning this one for me. Mox didn’t need to win and the defeat doesn’t hurt him. Plus I couldn’t see Mox defending the title on ROH personally. Crowd chanting you deserve it and Mox showing him respect was the perfect way for this one to end. Well done Eddie Kingston. Touching tribute from Eddie to Mad Kurt was perfect too.

Match ten AEW World Title: Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Samoa Joe

Before the match, cue Adam Cole to support MJF, whose shoulder is completely wrapped up. Joe backs him into the corner but MJF goes to the eye in a smart move.

A shot to the arm cuts MJF down fast and Joe drops a leg on said arm to make it worse. It’s too early for the Muscle Buster though and Joe gets low bridged to the floor. Back in and a low superkick staggers Joe and the Kangaroo Kick connects. MJF is knocked outside for a heck of a suicide dive, followed by a suplex to rock the shoulder again.

They go to the apron where Joe drops him hard with a MuscleBuster for two. MJF manages a shot to the back of the head and rams Joe into the buckle over and over. Joe shrugs off some right hands in the corner and MJF collapses when trying a fireman’s carry. He’s fine enough to catch Joe with a Heatseeker for two before grabbing the Salt Of The Earth.

Joe reverses into an armbar of his own but MJF makes the rope. Back up and the ref gets bumped so MJF gets all smiley. A low blow cuts Joe off on the middle rope and an F5 of all things leaves both of them down. MJF’s cover gets a very delayed two and Joe pulls him into the Koquina Clutch and MJF is out cold. This one is all over.

Here is your winner and New AEW World Champion: Samoa Joe

Post match Joe leaves and Cole tells MJF to listen to the fans cheering for him. Cue the Henchmen to take both of them down, with Cole saying hit him instead. MJF says hit him instead of Cole. Then the lights go out and the Henchmen have let Cole go. The Henchmen are Wardlow, the Kingdom and Roderick Strong, with MJF being in tears. The big beatdown is on with Cole dropping the Devil mask on MJF to end the show.

Well holy hell what an ending. Everyone looked shocked that Joe won. Massive shout out to Bryce who sold it so well that Joe won. Great ending. And then finally the big reveal. The interesting part of this will be how they build this group with Adam Cole not fit to compete. But how great did the 5 of them look together. I cant wait for Dynamite now to see where this story goes. Excellent stuff.

A really good PPV again from AEW. But that isn’t surprising because they very rarely put on a bad show. A couple of obvious wins like both womens matches but a great show. Thanks for joining me guys and a happy new year.


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