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AEW Star Says He Tried To Convince Cody Rhodes To Form A Heel Group

AEW superstar tried to get Cody Rhodes to then heel

Dax Harwood has said during the latest episode of his FTR podcast with Matt Koon that FTR wanted to join a group with Cody Rhodes in AEW before Cody Rhodes jumped ship to WWE in 2022.

Dax Harwood revealed that the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes was interested in the pairing as well. He said,

“We did talk to Cody a lot about forming a group with him. This was before Max [MJF] came along. We talked to Cody a lot about it. He had Arn, we had Tully, we wanted to create a super group with Cody, us two [FTR], and we had some ideas of who could be the other members. Around that time, Brock (Anderson) was starting to come up, and we felt that if Brock were with us, he could stand outside of the ring and watch us, and if we had eight-man tags, he would be able to learn by standing on the apron, getting in for a few minutes and tagging out, and we could talk to him after and tell him why certain things happened.”

Dax Harwood noted that the reason it didn’t happen was due to Cody Rhodes not being interested in turning heel. He added,

“I think Cody really wanted to as well, but I think he was vehemently against being a heel, at least at that time.”


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