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AEW Star Credits Chris Jericho For Helping Him Get Signed

In a YouTube video, Fuego Del Sol discussed his journey to AEW. 

On August 13th, 2021, Fuego Del Sol officially signed with AEW after his promotional debut match. This marked the premiere of Rampage. Fuego Del Sol credited Chris Jericho for helping him get signed. 

“Oh man, do I have some stories about this guy. We’re talking about Le Champion, The Ocho, Chris Jericho. Let me tell you a story about Chris. The night before I signed, he was in the production call with the production crew and I was told that he emphasized that none of the crew should tell me that I was going to get signed the next day. They had already decided they were going to give me a contract on the first-ever episode of Rampage. On the phone call, he emphasized, ‘No one should tell this guy, if we want to get a genuine moment and big reaction out of Feugo Del Sol, you just keep this a secret.’ Afterward, he spoke to me and told me how much I earned it. Without his approval, his stamp of approval, I don’t think I’m in AEW. He saw the reactions I was getting, he always made time for me. At any point, if I feel like I needed to run ideas by him or get advice, he was always there. It’s crazy to see the longevity of this man, how good he is in the ring to this day, how he constantly reinvents himself, and comes up with ideas to keep himself relevant. One of the GOATs. Big shoutout to Chris Jericho.”


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