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AEW Star Adam Copeland Discusses 'Happy Accident' That Is His Acting Career

Despite heartbreak from having to retire from wrestling more than a decade ago, Adam Copeland found a new career through acting. Speaking on "AEW Unrestricted," the "Rated R Superstar" opened up about this phase of his career, noting that he never intended to be one of the many successful wrestlers who turned to acting. 

"I didn't fully realize what it brought to me until I came back. Acting was a happy accident. I never had aspirations, I never wanted that to be my career; I was a pro wrestler, that's it. That was the end game, and that's all I ever wanted to do. But, when you're told you can't do it, gotta wrap your mind around some stuff." 

Following his WrestleMania 27 retirement speech, Adam Copeland was scouted by producers for the show "Haven," for what was initially going to be a one-episode appearance. Adam Copeland ended up having a recurring role in 41 episodes, and it was an eye-opening experience for him.

"In the process, I learned, 'Wow, this is awesome, this is a cool gig.' It's not wrestling, you don't have that instant gratification to know if what you're doing is working, if people are picking up what you're putting down, but it's still very creative and it's still tapping into that creative vein and I need that," the WWE Hall of Famer elaborated. 

Adam Copeland also revealed that acting taught him some new tricks for the ring. "In coming back to wrestling I realized how many different things I could use because as much as they're different, they're still the same tree, they're just kind of different branches." Upon his return to wrestling, the "Rated R Superstar" said that he has become more aware of movement, stillness, and using his eyes.

Thank you to "AEW Unrestricted" for the transcription.

Photo Credit: AEW

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