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AEW's Lance Archer Discusses His Relationship With Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

Though the duo's appearances have become rare, AEW superstars Lance Archer and Jake "The Snake" Roberts were key figures in the promotion in its early days. Lance Archer recently stepped in as a guest host on Jake Roberts' podcast, "The Snake Pit," and offered some insight into the pair's working relationship.

"After I got into the business, I'd met him a few times, probably in some of his darker days," Lance Archer said. "To be involved with him in AEW and see him in the good light that he has been in the entire time that we've kind of been connected and working together, it's been an awesome, awesome experience."

Over the last few years, Lance Archer has not only received plenty of advice from Jake Roberts but he's also seen the veteran performer pass on knowledge to others within AEW. Lance Archer alleged that, in addition to serving as his manager, Jake Roberts was brought into the company to help develop the younger talent on the microphone.

"I'll give credit to the Gunns — to the boys, Austin and Colten," Lance Archer continued. "I saw them biting his ear all the time, trying to get ideas on how they could cut their promos. ... And their promo skills just skyrocketed from there because they went to him."

There were some who didn't take advantage of Jake Roberts' presence, with Lance Archer referring to a type of wrestler known as an "askhole." According to the performer, an "askhole" is someone who asks an older performer like Jake Roberts for advice, but has no intention of actually following it.

As far as the onscreen relationship between the two, Lance Archer feels that Jake Roberts lent him some credibility as he transitioned back from wrestling in Japan to the United States. Promo abilities were not one of Lance Archer's strong suits, and it's a skill that Jake Roberts helped him develop further.

Thank you to "The Snake Pit" for the transcription.

Photo Credit: AEW

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