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AEW's Jeff Jarrett Looks Back On TNA Faction Aces & Eights

Throughout his decade long association with TNA, Jeff Jarrett was either the leader or member of the promotion's many notable stables, including the likes of Planet Jarrett, Front Line, and most famously Immortal. So it's a bit of a surprise that Jeff Jarrett wasn't part of TNA's most infamous stable, Aces & Eights, which dominated TNA programming for over a year under the steed of former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bully Ray.

On the last "My World," Jeff Jarrett discussed Aces & Eights, which he claimed was masterminded by former TNA executive Eric Bischoff, and explained why offscreen concerns regarding TNA's future at the time led to him not being associated with Aces & Eights in any way.

"In TNA, there was never any...certainly wasn't an attempt, but there wasn't a close fit for me in Aces & Eights," Jeff Jarrett said. "I was doing a different thing, and that was a long story in a lot of ways. But Bully...I guess you could say Bully and Eric heavily invested in that story... my on screen talent was one thing, but offscreen, I was heavily invested in the financial aspect and the wellbeing [of TNA]. 

"And TNA was headed in the wrong direction during that time, from a behind-the-scenes point of view...if I remember correctly, Aces & Eights, it probably had a year run from 2012...and I think it went into 2013. But the financial death spiral that the company was going in, [so] I was much more dialled into that. And that's when me and Toby [Keith] kind of started the conversations, you know, TNA went on the road, went back off the road. I had a lot different mindset and focus on that, and it was not my onscreen character."

Thank you to "My World" for the transcription

Photo Credit: AEW

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