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AEW's Backstage Reaction To CM Punk WWE Return REVEALED

CM Punk is BACK in WWE, but how has AEW reacted about it?

As in WWE, CM Punk's Survivor Series 2023 return appears to have been met with a less-than-explosive backstage response in AEW.

On Saturday, when CM Punk mounted his sensational, internet-breaking WWE return, AEW founder and CEO Tony Khan appeared more concerned with Katsuyori Shibata's impending return to Japan than his former World Champion joining the market leaders.

Katsuyori Shibata, who dropped his ROH Pure Championship last week, is understood to be departing the United States for Japan for "an extended period" imminently. The hard-hitting superstar had spent much of the past few years in America, working primarily for Tony Khan's umbrella of promotions.

Most reactions within AEW have involved company personnel inquiring about the backstage response within WWE.

Some WWE talents had asked if CM Punk was ever to be involved in AEW's ongoing 'Devil' storyline. CM Punk was never considered for a role in that. AEW is yet to pull the big reveal of the masked figure, who has been plaguing World Champion MJF on television for months.

CM Punk's Survivor Series 2023 appearance was his first in WWE since 2014.


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