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AEW's Adam Copeland Looks Back On Meeting Christian Cage In 6th Grade

They may not be as close onscreen as they once were, but Adam Copeland and Christian Cage are two former tag partners and real-life friends with a history that dates back to childhood. Appearing on "Swerve City Podcast," Adam Copeland was asked what has allowed their relationship to remain so strong over the years.

"I think, for us, it was the fact that we met in the sixth grade, so it was pre-everything," Adam Copeland said. "It was ... pre-WWE, it was pre-money, it was pre-all of it. And I think we both understood that if we had each other's backs, we could keep each other sane, and keep each other solid, and check each other."

Adam Copeland stated that he and Christian Cage will always let each other know when they are acting out of line, and they trust each other enough to know that it's true when one brings it up. Another element that will always bond the two men is the fact that they came from Ontario, Canada before rising through the wrestling industry together, eventually making it to the very top.

"You go up and down enough roads, and you drive across enough supposedly frozen lakes, all of that stuff — it builds a bond that can never get broken," Adam Copeland continued. "There are guys that I trained with that I barely see or talk to anymore that were on those same roads, but [Cage] and I — I think it's because we were [friends before] all that."

Despite both being retired at one time, Adam Copeland and Christian Cage are together again in AEW, having just finished a feud against each other that wrapped up in March for the time being, at least. Christian Cage is now preparing for a world title challenge against Swerve Strickland at AEW Double or Nothing, while Adam Copeland is in the midst of a feud against the House of Black.

Thank you to "Swerve City Podcast" for the transcription.

Photo Credit: AEW

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