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Aew All In Review 27/08/23

we start the show with all in zero hours Two matches have been confirmed for this

MFJF & Adam Cole vs. Aussie open and Hook vs. Jack Perry let's get into the action for match 1

Match 1 MJF &Adam Cole vs. Aussie Open

Match 1 Roh tag title - Aussie open vs. MJF and Adam Cole

Aussie Open attacked Adam Cole and MJF as they were away to do Adam Cole Bay Bay. The bell has not rang yet. Davis and MJF are in the ring so the bell goes. Davis has MJF in a headlock and MJF tries to fight out but gets thrown into the corner and pokes both Fletcher and Davis in the eyes.

As MJF goes for the tag Fletcher pulls Cole off the apron and Fletcher tags in. Mjf goes to go for a kangaroo kick on Fletcher but Davis stops him. Mjf trips up Davis onto Fletcher in the corner.

Mjf gets the tag to Adam Cole and Adam Cole goes on the offence. Cole hits a superkick on Fletcher. As Mjf and Cole go for a double closeline Davis pulls Fletcher out of the ring. Aussie open hits a double kick on mjf then goes into the Aussie arrow for a two count. Aussie open goes for a double team but misses and MJF hits the kangaroo kick. Mjf tags in Adam Cole and they hit the double closeline for the three count

Official winner - NEW ROH Tag team champions - MJF and Adam Cole

Official thoughts - thought it was a good back-and-forth match and both teams tried their best and showed what they could do.

Match 2 Hook vs. Jack Perry

The Match Started with both Competitors out of the ring Hook went for Perry and attacked him in the Limo he arrived in. They continued to fight each other in the Limo and outside the ring.

They got back to the ring and Jack Perry took a trash can from under the ring but Hook used it the match continued back and forth then Hook got Perry into submission and Perry tapped and new Ftw Champion Hook

Official Result Hook Wins Via Submission

Overall Thoughts This was a good back-and-forth match and ends the feud well with Perry Mow the New FTW Champ

Now to the main show and to open we have

Match 3 Samoa Joe vs. Cm Punk Real World Championship Match

The Match Starts with a lock-up Joe overpowers Punk then goes for a chop and Punk moves both just scouting each other at the moment few chops by Joe now a side headlock by Punk.

Joe moves Punk to the corner and Punk Counters are now both outside the ring Joe gets the upper hand and starts to taunt Punk a bit off offence Joe he Puts Punk through the bottom of the announce table and Punk is now bleeding. Counter by Punk and Joe takes control again he is in the corner until Punk counters and Joe takes control again and gets a 2 count.

Both men counter and both men are down ref is now at a 7 count both men are back to their feet Punk hits 2 shoulder tackles Punk does Hogan's leg drop for a 1 count Joe counters and does the Hogan you point. Good bit of Back and forth by both and counter each other's moves.

This has been a very physical match both men on top rope and punk done the bouncing clove for the win

Official Result CM Punk Wins and is still a Real Wrestling Champ

Overall Thoughts was a good match with some very good spots with punk going over

Match 4 The Golden Elite vs. Konosuke Takesita & Bullet Club

The match Starts with all 6 men in the ring Hangman Page starts With Juice Robinson and Omega and Page now trading chops for juice and Omega is now the legal man Various tags in and out now in the ring is jay white Takesita and Takesita telling white to bring it.

Pushing back and forth between both men and not Takesita knocks down the white switchblade and gets involved Omega back in the ring clears the ring and then dives out of the ring and dives on Takesita.

Omega jumps from the top and Jay White moves and all teams are fighting outside and now Robinson and Omega are back in the ring with left and right jabs by both men juice goes for Rake the eye. a bit of back and forth between both teams and the hangman page cleaned the house and jumped through the ropes. 2 two-count hangman page golden lavas flew to the outside.

Omega White and Taksita are back in the ring and all partners from the Golden Elite take shots at White and Robinson Then Omega is back in the ring and chops from Omega and a 2 count.

back and forth by both teams and then the hangman page gets a 2-count hangman knocked down the guns and a moonsault by page and all men taking shots and back and forth and the roll-up by Takesita

Official Result Takesita and Bullet Club Win

Overall Thoughts Was a very good back-forth match and some very good spots in this match and all the men worked very well

Match 5 The Young Bucks Vs. FTR Aew Tag Team Championship

the match starts with Dax Harwood and Nick Jackson locking up between the two men and tags in Cash Wheeler a nice touch also but Ftr both have Black Bands with Bray Brodie Jay.

The bucks now take control and take it outside the ring ref had a four-count cash and tried to make a tag but didn't get their bucks to make a tag Wheeler is now the legal man and tries to make the tag 2 count for Wheeler 2 count to for the bucks tag by the bucks nick went to kick cash and hit brother instead.

Tage by FTR Hardwood is now in the ring and taking on both bucks counter by the Bucks and Hardwood gets the triple suplex back and forth by both men and various 2 counts by both teams ref now counting both men as on mat currently at a 7 count both men back to feet and bucks take control.

sharpshooters by both for members to buck Nick hit cash into the steps back and forth and both teams go from the top rope both teams counter each other and a spike piledriver and a 2 count. Wheeler goes for the tag set up for shatter machine and counters roll up by Dax for a 2 count Dax knocked off cash 2 superkicks then a doubles superkick the did piledriver 2 count.

melee outside the ring and a role up for bucks and a 2 count bet trigger and countered cash speared nick out the ring shatter machine and a kick out back and forth again and a superkick and another 2 count the trigger and a kick out again shatter machine from bucks a bite trigger and another kick out shatter machine by ftr and 3 count

official result Ftr Retain Aew Tag Team Titles

Overall thought this was an awesome match and had so many good spots both teams tried to do each other's finishers but wow such a brilliant match

match 6 Blackpool Bullet Club Santa and Ortiz vs. Best Friends Orange Cassidy and Penta El Zero MIdo Stadium Stampede

the match started and Kingston went right after Claudio All teams continued to use whatever weapons they had at their disposal some of the men moved to the backstage area.

Mox gets in his back using the screwers which he gets counter and they are now in his head sees Kingston in the upper area of the stadium and the royal box back to the ring and the doc is checking on Penta.

Mox and Cassidy are now in the ring back and forth and then Mox uses the screwers now using a kendo stick Action continues in the royal box. Santa and Ortiz using ladders and chairs in the ring.

most BBC is now at the ramp area A van has just arrived and with catering trays and the darkness of Penta arrives climbs the ladder breaks and then puts Santa through the tables that were already set up.

Claudio is in the ring and doing his his signature swing up to 21 swings to Cassidy's orange punch x3 goes for a pin kick out at 2. now duct tapping his hand and punches a glass bottle which sticks to the tape and Mox stops him swiss uppercut by Claudio Kingston arrives in the ring with a bare wired chair orange punch with Glass on it 3 count

Official Result Best Friends and Orange Cassidy Win

Overall Thoughts This Match was brutal and most of BBC bled and was some very good spots in the ring and around the arena

Match 7 Saraya Vs. Toni Storm vs. Britt Baker vs. Akira Shinda Aew Women World Championship

Starts with Sarya going after Shinda and Storm going after Baker Storm and Saraya work together and Baker then takes both back and forth and Shinda is out of the ring Saraya and Storm argue about who hitting whom Shinda returns to ring and then over to the outside Saraya mum hits storm.

Back in the ring Saraya and Storm go back and forth Now Storm has the upper hand and has Saraya in the ring where the ring buckle was exposed Ruby Soho runs down and tells Storm to stop then Storm hits Soho back and forth with the counts.

Saraya sprays storm in the eyes Baker was going for a pin on Shinda roll up by Saraya and the new women's world champion

Official Result Saraya wins

Overall Thoughts This was a very good match and a bit of going back and forth the outcasts were not on the same but what a way for Saraya to get her 1st title.

Match 8 Darby Allin &Sting vs. Swerve Strickland and Christian Cage Coffin Match

all men start in the ring then we end up with Sting and Cage in the ring move to the outside with Sting getting attacked. cage and Allin in the ring Cage ties up Allin's hand and he jumps back and forth.

Cage and Allin are still in the ring and go for the concrete and it fails Sting goes to the top rope jumps off the table set up outside doesn't break up top again by sting and the table breaks this time. back and forth outside and luchasaurs attack both Sting and Allin.

Nick Wayne comes out and gets a chokeslam from luchassuars back to the ring and Allin on the top rope and does the coffin drop onto the coffin back in the ring sting fighting off both men.

Sting has a cage in submission and the tables get turned, Strickland brings a coffin into the ring and tries to put Sting in it he blocks with the bat cage talks tras out the ring and back and forth in the ring and Allin puts Strickland in the coffin and gets the win

Official Result Darby Allin and Sting win

Overall Thoughts was a very good match with some good weapon spots good to see Allin being the one to put Strickland in the coffin

match 9 Chris Jericho vs. Will Osprey

both men lock up slaps by both drop kick by Osprey kicks back and forth but both men counter Osprey is now taking control drop kick by Jerchio Osperey is now on the outside both trade blows on the apron.

Suplex by Jericho and a knee to the back of the neck punches from Jericho countered by Osprey and now taking control again more slaps by both Jericho up to the top rope hits the hurricarana 2 count. counters back and forth osprey now to the top rope and aerial assassin and a 2-count codebreaker and reversal 2nd codebreaker and a 2-count.

back and forth from counters and another 2 count and another reversal and walls jerchio now locked in try to get to ropes Don Callis gets on ropes and then Guverra hits osprey with a bat.

Codebreaker by Jericho 2 count both men trade blows in the middle of the ring low blow by Jericho goes for pin and count out at 2 jack knife powerbomb by Osprey 2 count Stormbreaker by Osprey and a 2 count. The third storm breaker and pin will osprey wins

Official Result Will Osprey Wins

Overall Thoughts This was a very good match and the talent of Will Osprey is just brilliant

Official attendance announced 81,035 new

Match 10 House Of Black vs The Acclaimed Trios Tag Title

Billy Gunn got to choose the stipulation for this match which is now no-holds-barred

good back and forth by all Julia Hart got on the apron Billy Gunn did the suck it sign and then they did the scissor me, Daddy. the acclaimed take control and a few counters back and forth a 2 count for Brodie King.

Brodie King wraps a chain around his wrist and malckai black does his best to avoid it but he can't counter by the acclaimed 3 famassrs by Billy Gunn Hart gets involved again and the ref is in her face. Back in the ring, the House of Black gets a 2 count the gets a bit of an offence but the acclaimed counter and gets the win new trios tag titles the Acclaimed

Match 11 MJF Vs. Adam Cole AEW World Championship

Both men go under the ring and get their better-than-you-bay t-shirts handshake by both men MJF now did flair walk. The rake of the eyes from MJF slap from Cole counter by Cole and then MJF.

Adam Cole is in the corner and then the ref in front of MJF goes to run and the ref stops him back and forth by both men and MJF is playing dirty Kick by Cole and a 2 count. cole says to MJF We may be friends but I'm better than you get that MJF then Rips of his Better Than You Bay Bay t-shirt.

MJf with punches in the corner to Cole, Cole now on the outside and MJF dives through the ropes roles Cole back into the ring for a 2 count.

various roll-ups back and both men are currently down and the ref is currently at a four-count both men are back to their feet Mjf at the Top Rope and more counters by both and again various 2 counts by both.

MJF is now up to a 9 count and makes it back to the ring just in time now back to the outside Mjf goes for the tombstone piledriver on announce table and he doesn't manage it and adam cole does the same but delivers it and then the crowd call him an asshole.

back in the ring Cole gets a 2 count Now both men are trading blows back and forth Candian destroyer for Cole then countered by MJf with a superkick match ends in a draw and Cole asks for 5 more minutes but MJF says no we will go til we have a winner.

Ref gets knocked both throw chairs back at each other and Mjf puts it around his neck Another counter is back and forth again by both men and Cole takes out ref mjf about to use diamond ring but Strong turns up and hits MJf ref is still down cole got to 9 count ref the counts and 2 count. Strong tells Cole to hit with the belt he doesn't and role and MJF Wins

Offical Result MJF Wins

Overall Thoughts This was an awesome match and can see the friendship they both have for each other through and was the right way to end the night

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