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5 of The Worst Stipulation Matches

The world of wrestling has seen some unique rules and match types that has fans wanting more like War Games Wrestling has also endured horrible gimmick matches. A few that just makes you wish you can bleach them from your memory. Well here are five of the worst stipulations I could remember.

For all the good matches TNA gave us they also had more than their fair share of horrible matches. Possibly due to Vince Russo but that is a different article. One of the matches was a Reverse Battle Royal. As you can see the rules above wrestlers started on the outside and had to fight their way into the ring. After that they then tossed opponents over the ropes. The final two would then just need to get a pin fall victory. The worst aspect is the wrestlers, who are top men in the company, have to "struggle" to get in the ring. Which looks as stupid as it sounds. The 2006 Reverse Battle Royal even won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Worst Worked Match award.

In that poor unfortunate time when my beloved WCW was going down the drain, Vince Russo decided everything needed to go on a pole. One unfortunate bystander of that was Judy Bagwell. She was WCW tag champion in 1998 with Rick Steiner but in 2000 is when this horrible stipulation occurred. Marcus "Buff the Stuff" Bagwell was feuding with Chris Canyon. Both phenomenal athletes who should not have had such a stupid match. Judy was drug into the storyline because Kanyon abducted her. Storyline this was good that Buff won. However the true loser was everyone involved and watching. A 56 year old untrained lady should never have been used in a feud like that.

Loser wears a dress match. Essentially regulating cross dressing to a punishment. Saturn and Big Vito are two that really embraced the gimmick. Fortunately with todays standards of decency it should never happen again. Even in the 1990s and early 2000s it should never have happened. This is what Vito had to say about when he did the gimmick “When you are a good worker or a great wrestler…I was polished, I had the experience and I had the know-how. Maybe people can understand this: When Dusty Rhodes was given the common man, they put him in polka dots and said it was a rig. So, they put Vito in a dress and some say it was a rig. Dusty made it the best gimmick ever and I made [the dress] one of the best gimmicks ever.” Perry Saturn essentially boiled down his time in a dress to making sure that Chris Jericho stayed on TV in the months leading up to Chris Jumping to WWF.

This is a relatively recent bad stipulation. The match had an added win stipulation either Orange Cassidy or Chris Jericho could be put in a vat of Mimosa. The Mimosa Mayhem Match had a decent build. Orange had ruined a jacket owned by Jericho with Orange Juice. This match will most likely never happen again as to the elements to make it probably will never occur again. This was while Le Champion was still trying to sell his Bubbly. Unfortunately it is now out of production. The overall action between Jericho and Cassidy was fine but the near falling into the vats got comical.

Wrestlers trapped in cages. They have a simple set up the one in the cage is generally one that keeps interfering in a match so to stop that interference they get locked up. Then for whatever reason that person is able to escape. Enzo Amore when he was put in a cage was able to slip out because the bars were wide enough for him to escape. The JAS was let down by Anna Jay S.A. Sting being stuck in the cage is a different case than the usual ones. In 1990 Sting was feuding with Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen. At Capitol Bash the Horsemen jumped Sting to prevent him from getting in the match. The locked him in the shark cage. Ted Turner has set up a product placement deal with the producers of RoboCop II so the person to coming to save Sting was none other than the fictional character of RoboCop.

Well that is five of the Worst Stipulations in Wrestling History. If you know more leave a comment. And as always thank you for taking the time to read this article.


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