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5 Hall of Famers Who Did Not Participate in the Royal Rumble

Here is five WWE Hall of Famers who have not wrestled in the Royal Rumble despite the chance to have wrestled in one. This means they were either with the WWE when a Rumble was held or at least active wrestling.

1. Michael P S Hayes

This one may be a bit of a cheat. Michael Hayes has only been a producer for the WWE. However, he did have a try out match for the promotion in 1995 shortly before his retirement due to back issues. However, since the Royal Rumble is a place where nostalgia runs wild there has been plenty or chances for him to pop in for a quick appearance.

2. Larry Zbyszko

Another man who should have had all the chance in the world to particpate in the Royal Rumble as a nostalgia pop. Larry Zbyszko was trained by the legendary Bruno Sanmartino. Thier feud that culminated at Shea Stadium in a steel cage. Zbysko did have his last match until 2015. So it seems like the only way to see this living legend in one would be thr WWE 2K16 video game.

3. Rock and Roll Express

Robert Gibson and Kerry Morton only had a breif stint in the WWE but thier legendary career did enough to earn them a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. However, during their three month stint in the WWE it was during a Royal Rumble. Neither participated. They would participate in a tag team battle royal while with the company.

4. The Vigilante Sting

Sting is notrious for having stayed away from the Conneticut based wrestling promtion for most of his career. Howerver, during his breif stay there he had a chance but did not participate in the Royal Rumble. Participation would not have added much to his storied career. However, as recent years has shown he would have been able to make quite the impression if given the chance.

5. Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall

Hey, yo! This bad guy should have all the accolades written on his resume. However, like the title states Scott Hall never particpated in the Royal Rumble depite getting his early taste of fame in the then WWF during the early 1990s or returning to the WWE in 2002.


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