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10 Awesome WrestleMania Moments

As WrestleMania goes Hollywood this weekend lets look at awesome WrestleMania moments from the past..

1. The Start of the Streak

The Undertaker's steak became something that WWE fans looked forward to each year at WrestleMania. While it did not go without some horrible matches it was memoriable to many. It all started with Jimmy Snuka at Wrestlemania VII.

The match lasted a mere 4 min 20 seconds. It was also held in Los Angeles, California just like this years 'Mania. An Awesome moment for what the streak would mean for fans in years to come.

2. The End of The Streak

A debatable outcome, the end of the streak is still awesome. At this stage of Undertaker's career he has started only showing up on tv just a few months before WrestleMania. Nice ratings pops to see the Phenom. This also lent to the streak being special.

3. Daniel Bryan winning the Title at WrestleMania 30

A nice Awesome and feel good moment came when Daniel Bryan one the titles at WrestleMania 30. The months leading up to these two matches saw Bryan's popularity surge. Fans thought Daniel Bryan wouldn't even be in contendership for the title's at the start of the night.