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You Won on a RR Scratch Off Card!


How do i get my prize?

That's nice and simple. 


Won On Demand Pass?!? 

If you have won an on-demand pass. please head to or depending on which service your prize is for. 

Proceed to create an account. subscribe to the channel it's for. enter your billing details and MAKE SURE you enter the code given on the scratch-off card. This will bypass paying for your subscription for the amount of time stated on the card. 



Won A T-Shirt?

If you have won a T-shirt. Simply head to the merch store your scratch-off card is for. add any Tee to the basket. then use your code at checkout. select your shipping option or collect at the next show. 


Won tickets? 


Click HERE to redeem STANDARD tickets

Click HERE to redeem VIP tickets


All scratch-off Cards are NON-gambling items. There is no way you can lose as no cards say lose. all prizes are a minimum value of £5 up to a max of £100. 

Winnings can be used in conjunction with eligible offers. see each items full terms for more OR email us at 

Customer is responsible for postage costs unless otherwise stated at checkout. Can collect at shows. see shipping options for available show collections. 



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