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Classic Superstars Mystery Box!

Classic Superstars Mystery Box!


So. You like a mystery do ya? Wanna cash in on figures of the past? 

Come and grab one of our Classic Superstars mystery boxes! 

All boxes will have a minimum of 4 Classic superstar loose figures inside. Some with complete accessories, some will be just the figure itself. 

Guaranteed to add a little retro spark to any collection! 

Will you get the infamous Mr Fuji complete with Ticket, Hat & Cane? or will you be running wild with Hulk Hogan and Mene Gene or going HARDCORE With Terry Funk and Mick Foley! 

There's only one way to find out! BUY THE BOX! 

All boxes are despatched within 3 days of ordering using the postage option of your choice! If ordering more than 1 box YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE DUPLICATES! EVERY FIGURE WILL BE DIFFERENT! 

All figures are loose and may not be complete with accessories. This is reflected in the price. 

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