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What a show we have for you this week. Seven matches and some huge match announcements for the coming weeks so let's kick things off with our opening match and it's a good one.

Match One Shane Taylor vs. Bryan Danielson

Taylor backs Danielson into the corner to start this one off. The test of strength goes to Taylor  but Danielson kicks away at the chest. That only goes so far so Danielson goes for the leg and uses the ropes to slow Taylor down. Taylor’s leg is tied up in the ropes so Danielson hits a running dropkick but a right hand from Taylor sends Danielson outside. Taylor hit the apron legdrop for two but misses a splash in the corner to follow it up. Danielson ties the leg around the post and kicks away to put Taylor and rolls him back in the ring.

The big kick to the head gets one and Danielson can’t believe the kickout. The running dropkicks in the corner just wake Taylor up though and it’s a big clothesline for two on Danielson. Taylor’s cannonball misses so he tries a powerslam, only for Danielson to take him down for the kicks to the head. The running knee from Danielson and this one is all over.

Here is your winner: Bryan Danielson

Great opener here. Danielson is the best in the world and can work with anyone. Taylor does not get the credit he deserves. One of the better big men in AEW and I just wish he got more opportunities.


Post match Will Ospreay comes out and says he’s here for a chat. After praising Danielson and Taylor, Ospreay praises the sandwiches backstage before talking about how so many people are in awe of Danielson. Ospreay then calls him a “cheeky little slag” for interrupting him on Dynamite and wonders if Danielson has a question for him. Danielson praises Ospreay’s match with Konosuke Takeshita, but he’s also heard Ospreay talking about how  he is the best in the world, so the challenge is on for Dynasty. Ospreay responds with Yes Bruv and the match is on. Take my money right now for this one. What a match this is going to be.

Match TwoYoung Bucks/Kazuchika Okada vs. Jon Cruz/Liam Gray/Adrian Alanis

Nick and Cruz start things off but it’s Okada coming in instead. Okada takes him up against the ropes for a pat on the head to start so the bigger Alanis comes in. The forearms just annoy Okada so he hits the dropkick, followed by the Rainmaker to pin Gray.

Here is your winner: The Elite

Post match Eddie Kingston runs in and gets beaten down so here is Penta El Zero Miedo…who gets beaten down as well. Cue Pac to come in and stare up at Okada before striking him out to the floor. Pac says he’s here to look for trouble and a six man is set up for Dynamite. Again – TAKE MY MONEY RIGHT NOW. AEW are on fire.


Match Three Mariah May vs. Trish Adora

May works on a wristlock to start. Adora takes her down a few times without much effort but May grabs a running headscissors. A running dropkick puts Adora on the floor. Adora hits a pump kick into a backsplash for two. Adora grabs a German suplex from her knees, only to have May hit a running knee. May Day to Adora and this is all over.

Here is your winner: Mariah May

Post match here is Toni Storm to present the first ever Toni Award . May is the only nominee and she does indeed win. Cue Deonna Purrazzo to go after Storm but May lays her out with a DDT.

Mariah May is a star and I think I love her. That is all. The pop when she eventually turns on Toni Storm is going to be huge.


Match Four Nick Wayne vs. Adam Priest


The rest of the Patriarchy is here too. Wayne starts fast and hammers away before sending Priest outside. A running boot rocks Priest again but he fires back, only to get a glare from Luchasaurus. Back in and Wayne chokes on the ropes, setting up Wayne’s World for the pin.

Here is your winner: Nick Wayne


Post match someone in a mask pulls Cage into the crowd before diving onto the Patriarchy. It’s Adam Copeland, who gets in the ring and grabs the TNT belt, plus a metal case. Copeland opens it and Cage sees it making him back up. What's in the box? We have to wait and find out but whatever it is Cage wanted no part of it.


Match Five Chris Jericho vs. Titan


Jericho wastes no time in pulling him into a surfboard, which is broken up just as fast. Back up and they chop it out until Titan knocks him to the floor. That means a big suicide dive to drop Jericho and a whip sends him into the steps. Back in and they both go up, with Jericho hitting a super faceplant for two. Titan kicks Jericho out to the floor, setting up another dive.

That bangs Titan up a bit though and it’s a butterfly backbreaker to put him down again. The Lionsault misses though and Titan grabs a springboard tornado DDT for two. Titan’s top rope double stomp gets two but his leglock is countered into a failed Walls attempt. The Judas Effect misses as well and Titan grabs a spinning Death Valley Driver for two. Titan tries a springboard hurricanrana but gets pulled into the Walls and has no choice but to tap.


Here is your winner: Chris Jericho


Another match for Jericho against one of the CMLL talent and another win. Im yet to see a point to these matches or why CMLL is here every week. Surely there is a purpose to all this.


Post match the Gates Of Agony run in to beat down Jericho but Hook makes the save.


FTR are out next. They explain that Things didn’t go how they wanted at Revolution but that’s life. They’re officially throwing their names into the hat for the Tag Team Title tournament but they know it’s going to be difficult. Harwood isn’t sure they belong in the tournament but they will give everything they have if they get a chance.

Cue the Infantry to interrupt, with a quick introduction. They say the tag division needs a revival and we get some of the old Revival theme song. Harwood: “The revival is dead and if we meet you in the tournament, you will be too.”


Match Six Mistico vs. Angelico


They fight over wrist control to start. Mistico grabs some armdrags for a standoff. Mistico hits a 619 into a springboard missile dropkick, followed by a slingshot hurricanrana to the floor. A slingshot corkscrew splash gets two on Angelico and a Swanton gets the same. Angelico grabs la majistral for two and they trade running clotheslines in the corner. Both of them are knocked down but Mistico is back up with a spinning rollup for two. La Mistica to Angelico and this is over.

Here is your winner: Mistico


This match was actually pretty decent. Two very talented wrestlers doing what they do best. Was nice seeing Angelico getting some time on TV too.


On a side note I have missed serpenticos entrance. Still one of the coolest entrances. We need more of this.

Match Seven House Of Black vs. Mark Briscoe/Jeff Jarrett/Jay Lethal


The brawl starts on the floor with Briscoe and Black slugging away inside. The good guys start in with the dives before it’s time to set up some tables. Lethal sends a charging King into an open chair but King is back up to crush Lethal through a table. Briscoe and Matthews slug it out until Briscoe’s dive off the top completely misses a table, hitting chairs instead.


Matthews pours lighter fluid over a table but Sonjay Dutt offers a distraction. Cue Julia Hart with gasoline, which Matthews pours on Dutt. Karen Jarrett cuts off the whole murder thing so Hart gives her the mist. Lethal and Jarrett hit the Infantry’s Boot Camp (Russian legsweep/running big boot combination) to put King down but he’s back up with the sleeper to Lethal.


Jarrett makes the save with a heck of a guitar shot, only to walk into the End from Black. Hart slips in the spike but Briscoe blocks a stabbing and Jay Drillers Black. Briscoe’s big flip dive is pulled out of the air and the table is set on fire. The powerbomb puts Briscoe through said table and Black gets the pin.


Here is your winner: House of Black

Absolute chaos but I loved it. The question now is what is next for the House of Black. I really want them getting the trios titles back because hands down they are the most interesting trios team in AEW.


A lot of action on this weeks Collision. Danielson v Ospreay and The Elite v Kingston and Death triangle announced too. What more do you need. Thanks for joining me this week guys. See you next week.


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