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wXw Review 27/05/23

Welcome to your wXw review from tonights show in London so lets get into it.

Match 1 - Maggot vs El Capitan

I’ve said it once this evening, I’ll say it again… Maggot has the greatest entrance in indie wrestling!

The opening match for wXw offers a classic face vs heel match with Maggot having the crowd behind him and El Capitan being booed this evening.

Both gentlemen bring a fast paced hard hitting present. Taking it to the corner and giving us a classic chop fest from El Capitan whilst Maggot in the classic Maggot way chops on his opponent's face!

As the match went on, you could tell how distracted Maggot got with just his reaction to El Capitan not staying down for the 3 count.

Back and forth with the quick covers but El Capitan did not want to lay on his back for the 3 count before begging for forgiveness and using that to his advantage to hit Maggot on the ropes, El Capitan hits him with a boot to the face before climbing up top to hit him with an elbow and MAGGOTS UP WITH THE CUTTER OUT OF NOWHERE 1…2…3 Maggot has picked up the WIN!!

Match 2 - Norman Harras vs Philip Michael

Philip Michael comes out to great crowd reaction, so much so he’s taken back a bit!

Instant lock up between the two, with Norman Harras talking smack to the crowd on break up, you just know this evening Harras isn’t going to be taken anything from anyone. Will this show through the result of this match?

A strong technical masterclass from Philip Michael’s taking it to Norman but of course the size of Harras breaks it up when he has had enough of playing with his food.

The crowd have not given up on Philip Michael though, chanting his name and giving nothing but ribs to Norman Harras, who is taking it out on Michaels now. Could the crowd cost Michaels the match?

Harras takes his time now after throwing Michael out of the ring, he only just gets back in on an 8 count but the crowd continue to give Harras stick who takes out his anger more on his opponent but Michael will not give up! This kid has guts and a lot of determination to not stay down! Can he work a comeback here?

Just as I write this, the comeback is ON! A fightback pushing Harras to the corner before hitting him with a swinging kick and then, is that a springboard kick? Yes yes, it is!! He is fighting back using the ropes to catapult himself around the ring and it’s a cover! TWO! So close!

Both competitors now catch their breath as Harras picks him up BUT MICHAELS HAS COUNTERED, HE HITS THE TOP ROPE! Harras rolled out the way, hits Michael’s with a running elbow and 1..2..3! The crowd was clearly unhappy with this win but Harras does not care and now takes out the crowds feeling on Michael’s after the bell! Something no one likes to see!

As Philip Michael’s leaves, the crowd chant and cheer his name! The young lad has made an impression here!

Match 3 - Massia Pesca vs Maria De La Rosa

Pesca comes out with a lot of energy for this one as Maria has the crowd behind her for this match-up!

Simple lock up with Pesca using his height advantage to back Maria into the corner. A head lock up takes Maria down, but she counters and uses catch wrestling to gain an advantage, this is end to end stuff with now Pesca gaining head control once again and forcing Maria into the pin, back and forth back and forth 1 count pin falls here it doesn’t stop!

Finally, Maria has had enough and rolls out of the way for a stand off… an olive branch of a handshake is offered and accepted before back into the match and Maria is taking it to Pesca here with a snap suplex and a pin but 2!

Back and forth once again with hard elbows before Pesca with the small package and it’s broken out of! Drawn to the corner of the ring and a running knee onto Maria with a cover… 2 again! This match-up is fast-paced and unpredictable!

Maria is now locked up with Pesca tapping out with what seems to be because of a shoulder injury! That’s something you don’t like to see in a ring!

wXw Tag Team championship match!

Match 4 - LSG & Elijjah Blum vs The Arrows of Hungry (C)

Arrows of Hungry get a not-so-warm welcome here in London with the crowd giving as good as they get whilst a strong start from LSG for what seems to be the start of a classic tag team match!

LSG giving his opponent the run around before cutting the ring in half and tagging in Blum!

With an interjection now and both Arrows of Hungry being in the ring, they have gained the upper hand with a quick cover but only a 2 count!

With the ref more concerned with LSG trying to break up the illegal activity by the Arrow of Hungry and not seeing these activities, they have the real upper hand over Blum right now and I don’t see a comeback in the mix for this young lad, however much LSG is trying to get the crowd on his side!

Blum however kicks out of a pin on 2 once again but this is why the Arrows of Hungry are the tag team champs, cutting Blum away from LSG and making it impossible for him to get a tag to relive the pain!

Blum is fighting back out from the corner now but once again he’s out gunned and oh look at that LSG is “accidentally” knocked off the ring! Both men are down but Blum crawls slowly for the tag AND HES GOT IT! LSG is in and taking it to the Arrows! Could he do it here for his team? Fighting off both Arrows he hasn’t stopped! Both are down and LSG still standing! LSG is tasting the gold, he hits the side cutter… 1…2… IT'S A KICK OUT! This match continues!!

Blum is tagged in, he takes it to the top rope BUT HES RECEIVED A BOOT TO THE FACE! The Arrows go for the pin but Blum kicks out and tags LSG in BUT THE REF DOESN’T SEE! THE ARROWS HIT HIM WITH A DOUBLE SLAM AND KICK 1…2…3 ITS OVER! Arrows win and continue the reign as the champs!!

Match 5 - Michael Oku VS Peter Tihanyi

The crowd is HOT for Michael Oku as you would expect being London born and bred but that doesn’t mean that Tihanyi doesn’t have his support in the crowd as well!

Peter gets the upper hand from the lock up and he carries the pressure on in Oku’s home town but with a few quick jumping kicks he takes it back and now leads the way in delivering the pain to Tihanyi, as Oku would say “Now We Play!”

Some more back and forth however between these two with no one giving up! Both have a point to prove to the other and for that.. it makes a great wrestling match!

Oku takes advantage of the crowd chanting “Now We Play” as he climbs the top rope! Tihanyi sticks a leg up but Oku knew it was coming, grabs the leg ready for the half crab but Tihanyi counters, Oku throws him out of the ring but GOOD GOD! He’s thrown over the hardest part of the ring and lands right in his back! That looked painful!

Now with Oku up and back in the ring, the only thing I can call this contest now is a chest caving-in contest because this looks like it hurts!

Oku has taken the advantage though, climbs to the top rope and goes for the pin! 2! So close!

Back and forth here! Tihanyi seems to of taken the lead once again BUT OKU HAS HIM! HE HAS HIM IN THE HALF CRAB IS TIHANYI GOING TO TAP! ANYMORE AND OKU IS GOING TO BREAK HIS LEG! HE’S CRAWLING… CAN… HE… YES, HE CAN! This is back-to-back action here!

Oku seems deflated, he has given his all and doesn’t know what to do! Tihanyi is against the ropes, Oku once again attempts to cave in his chest before a running jump makes him miss and TIHANYI DOES A SUNSET DIVE OVER THE ROPES! This has spilt to the outside of the ring!

Oku somehow… yes SOMEHOW has gained the upper hand and decided whilst Peter is down to do his dive outside the ring! What is going on?


Both shake hands after the match and good god what a match that was!!

Match - 6 Harley Hudson vs Charlie Morgan

Both women debut in wXw today and from the off the crowd is split! Half cheering Hudson, the other half for Morgan! This is going to be a good show!

A strong start from Morgan going corner to corner with an attempt to cave Hudson's chest in before Harley took control throwing Charlie outside!

From there both competitors went above and beyond even catching a fan in the mix before taking it back into the ring where Charlie gained the upper hand with a lovely full crab lift, leaving Harley screaming in pain!

The ground game hasn’t been missed in either of these competitors with Morgan now hitting a swanton bomb on Hudson WAIT SHE GOES FOR THE PIN! 1…2…3! SHE HAS DONE IT! The crowd are gobsmacked but Charlie Morgan has done it on her debut and straight away the competitor she is, heads over to the fan hurt in the composition to check they are all ok! They give the thumbs up and the match ends on a very happy note!

wXw Shotgun Championship

Match 7 - Laurence Roman vs Gary Jay

Laurence Roman isn’t liked in London it would seem! But Gary Jay doesn’t care! Take Roman straight out of the ring and doesn’t just suicide dive once… NOT TWICE… BUT THREE-TIME!!

This match still hasn’t been in the ring with a swap around to the other side of the ring AND A BRAIN BUSTER ON THE WOODEN FLOOR BY ROMAN!!

Back in the ring now and he isn’t letting up! Jay is now in the corner with a foot against his neck! He doesn’t know where he is right now and I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t know either after being driven into the floor like he was!

Once again Roman throws Jay out the ring and once he lets him back in, he just goes to work! Roman seriously has Jay's number here and you can tell Jay thinks that number is 6!

Roman is now talking back to the crowd, could this cost him? As I always say, get the fight done and talk afterwards!

Just like that Jay may not know where he is but he has FIGHT!! Drops Roman with a press and now takes it to the corner with clotheslines and chops!!

After playing to the crowd, Jay takes his eyes off the ball and is hit by a clothesline by Roman leading to a 2 count fall before picking him up to what looks like an attempt at a samoan drop before Jay moves out and CLOTHLINE BY JAY! He goes up to the top rope but Roman is up quickly and SUPLEX god that’s got to hurt!

Elbow fight on both their knees before moving up to their feet, who will come out on top here? I really couldn’t tell you!



wXw World Unified Championship

Match 8 - Luke Jacobs VS Shigehiro Irie (C)

Irie comes out with a HUGE crowd reaction! Whilst the ref holds back Luke Jacobs both Gentlemen will face each other twice in a 24 hour period!

Who’s ready for a big slug fest? I know I am!

As though both men lock up in this big man slug fest, with Luke Jacobs slapping Irie which royally pissed him off!

Now for everyone’s favourite game.. who can cave the other's chest in before Irie doesn’t take it any more and moves to a stand press but Jacobs kicks out on the 1.

Irie is up against the ropes and once again… someone is trying to cave Irie's chest in! But Irie switches it up, using the ropes presses back and slams himself into Jacobs who you can hear the wind collapse out of his lungs! Goes for the pin… 2! So close! Irie is going for the quick win, he doesn’t have time for games!

Luke takes control and with quick succession has Irie in the corner where he hits him with flying feet and goes for the pin BUT 2!

Once again Jacobs moves to cave in Iries chest, if it’s not broken why try to fix it hey? Each corner is getting a chop to the chest for Irie and you can slowly hear him looking for momentum as each chip lands. This doesn’t look good for the champion.

Irie attempts to fight back and luckily for him, Jacobs doesn’t realise as he throws his entire body at him before Irie can carry on the offence Jacobs suplex Irie as he rolls out of the ring just for a break!

This has spread outside the ring with both fighting with hard hits right in front of me now, am I scared? Yes, I bloody am!

It’s back in the ring now (Thank God) Luke still has complete control here and I honestly don’t know how Irie is going to come back into this, he’s going to rely heavily on the crowd to bring him back into it and he does! Suplex to Jacobs and he rolls out the ring for a breather before Irie brings him intro he mat and GOOD GOD HE SUICIDE DIVES OUT OF THE RING!!

Jacobs has fought back into the ring and has Irie in the sleeper hold, how much energy does Jacobs have to keep him down though as he must be running in empty! Irie gets his foot off the rope and you can hear the anger in Jacobs's voice, he wants this to be over!

With both up, we have another chopping contest going on, honestly so much chopping has happened, if we put these two men in a wood we’d have no trees left!

Chops aren’t working so what’s next… that’s right head butts! If it doubt use your head… and both competitors are down… who would have thought using your head as a weapon would make collapse?

The energy between these two must be on empty now, how either can win this match is beyond me! Jacobs is using what he has left to hit powerbomb after powerbomb but Irie has survived somehow!

Where do we go from here?


How has the ring survived? How have I survived? How has either competitor survived? What a match and good god! I’m ready for the second leg tomorrow!!

Good night Ladies and Gentlemen!

See you next time wXw for another incredible event!!


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