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WWE to Air on TNT Sports in the UK.

Yes, you read that line correct the WWE will air on TNT Sports in the UK. Stick with me as i try to expalain this "big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff" as the Tenth Doctor might describe it. In the US, Warner Brothers Discovery (WBD) the parent company of TNT is the home of AEW. Due to recent aquisitions and partnerships BT Sport and Eurosport will be merged and rebranded at TNT Sport. The merger of the two sports networks was announced back in May, but it was not said what they would be called. Eurosport has a 30 year history. BT Sport has a 10 year history bringing Premier League and Championship League Football to fans in the UK. Globally TNT Sports has been a mainstay of reliable athletics for decades. So will this effect AEW on TNT since their rival now airs for the same company internationally? Will AEW try to move from ITV to TNT so they are under on banner now that TNT Sport is in the UK? Time will tell as this situation unravels.



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