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WWE Stars Defend Maxxine Dupri After Negative House Show Response

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

Following an extremely negative reaction at a recent WWE live event, several wrestlers have voiced their support for Maxxine Dupri.

As Maxxine Dupri made her way to the back after a match, she was heavily booed, told she sucks, and you can even hear some comments telling her to "never come back".

From scanning through the Twitter (X) replies which is always 'fun' to that initial video, it would appear this happened following Maxxine Dupri’s match against Nia Jax at the 17th February live event at the Oakland Arena, California.

With a cheerleading and dancing background, Maxxine Dupri was signed by WWE in 2021 and made her in-ring debut last July in a tag team match which saw her team with Chad Gable and Otis take on the Viking Raiders and Valhalla. Since stepping between the ropes, the 26-year-old has had just 13 matches, 9 of which were televised.

Being so relatively new to the business anybody would need to get their reps in and get experience in front of a live crowd as they look to improve and own their craft. For some of those in attendance in Oakland, though, they were less forgiving, and this has caused several wrestlers from WWE and beyond to voice their support for Maxxine Dupri.

Yes, there's the argument that people pay their money to attend a show and so have the right to react how they choose. But seriously, don't be an a**hole with that.

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