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WWE Star Shotzi Shares Personal Meaning Behind Bray Wyatt Tattoo

WWE star Shotzi has shared the personal meaning behind her Bray Wyatt moth tattoo after this week saw the return of the Wyatt Sicks.

While several WWE names have shared photos of their Bray Wyatt moth tribute tattoos – including Braun Strowman, Karrion Kross and Rob Fee – Shotzi was on the latest edition of WWE Tattooed, and spoke about what the tattoo means to her.

Discussing her own personal story of finding wrestling through the Wyatt Family after leaving musical theater in college, the tattoo holds memories of not only Wyatt himself, but also how he helped get Shotzi hooked on wrestling in the first place.

Shotzi said:

“I got a little Bray moth. The reason I really wanted a Bray Wyatt memorial tattoo was because he really inspired me to start wrestling.

“I had just left musical theater college and I moved back home and I decided that I was not going to do musical theater anymore.

“But I still wanted a performing outlet and I started watching WWE again, and me and my sister just fell in love with the Wyatt Family. Like we wanted to be the girl version of them, and after watching them, I decided that I was going to start wrestling.

“I immediately signed up for wrestling school and started two weeks later.”

The Wyatt Sicks faction – made up of Bo Dallas, Nikki Cross, Erick Rowan, Joe Gacy and Dexter Lumis, made their debut on this past Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, as the show ended with the backstage area – and everyone in it – destroyed at the hands of the group.

As for Shotzi, she continues to recover after suffered a torn ACL during a match in NXT in February 2024. We continue to wish her the best for her recovery.

Photo credit WWE

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