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A WWE star has re-introduced himself to both the audience and his competitors on the WWE roster in an impassioned promo on NXT (November 28).

Two-time former NXT Champion Bron Breakker began his quest to making history on NXT by punching his ticket to NXT Deadline and the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge match on December 9.

In the fourth week of qualifying matches for Deadline, Breakker defeated a banged up Eddy Thorpe to progress to the Iron Survivor match alongside the other already qualified stars: Trick Williams, Dijak and Josh Briggs.

Following the win Breakker took the chance to put over his credentials to the NXT audience, reminding his opponents at Deadline as well as everyone watching why he should be considered a favorite.

Breakker said:

“Allow me to re-introduce myself and who the hell I am. Bron Breakker the most dominant NXT Champion of all-time the badass of WWE, meaner than evil, hell I don’t know, the dog of NXT.

“I just ran through Eddy Thorpe out there like he was nothing and I’m headed to NXT Deadline for the Iron Survivor Challenge against the hillbilly redneck idiot Josh Briggs, the Di-jackoff ‘hard justice’ Dijak and ‘whoop that trick’ Trick Williams.”

Breakker continued by throwing some shade at SmackDown star LA Knight when running down his opponent at Deadline Trick Williams, saying:

“Let me tell you something, Trick Williams might be the favorite in this match but I’m gonna prove to the world Trick, that you’re the LA Knight of NXT.

“You can get a catchphrase over with the crowd but when it comes to winning the big one you can’t get the job done.

“And here’s a message, a spoiler for the rest of the guys in the match: I’m going to NXT Deadline and I’m walking out the only Iron Survivor and I’m punching my ticket to Ilja Dragunov and I’m going to beat him and become a record-breaking three-time NXT Champion.

“Simply put, because I’ve got that dog in me boy.”

If you use this transcription or any portion of it please credit and link to this page.

Breakker, Williams, Dijak and Briggs will learn the identity of the fifth and final entrant into the Iron Survivor on next week’s NXT (December 5) when a last chance four-way match is held between four men who failed to win their respective qualifiers.

The match will see Eddy Thorpe take on Tyler Bate, Joe Coffey and former NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes to decide the final line-up for the Iron Survivor Challenge


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