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A WWE superstar is possibly already gone from the company after previous rumours about their future plans.

Eric Young was written off of IMPACT television in a rather gory way (being quite literally ‘murdered’ in a vignette) at the time, he was reported by multiple outlets to have re-signed with WWE after initially being released in April 2020.

Chelsea Green also revealed later that she had re-signed with the company months before her return, it was plausible that WWE was just waiting for the right time to bring Eric Young back.

When Eric Young cryptically tweeted back in May about “a big change,” coming up, speculation persisted but there were still no television or live event appearances from him.

And now, another wrinkle to the story as this past week’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling seemed to allude to Eric Young, in a scene featuring IMPACT President Scott D’Amore hunting for a mystery partner and asking someone on the phone if they could ‘come back to life’.

Ahead of tomorrow’s IMPACT pay-per-view, Slammiversary, there’s some intel from close to the show that fans may see the return of Eric Young.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Eric Young has been spotted at the Detroit airport.

Mike Johnson suggests that this is yet another sign that Eric Young could indeed be returning at Slammiversary to team with Scott D’Amore, which would of course almost certainly mean he’s been let go from WWE.


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