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We at Real Rasslin can confirm that

A WWE star has officially joined a faction as she appeared alongside the group sporting a brand new look on SmackDown.

On tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown, there was an intriguing addition to a faction as B-Fab seemingly officially joined Bobby Lashley’s stable.

While Karrion Kross’ new faction Final Testament came to the ring to meet up with Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits, they did have the numbers advantage.

That was until a brand new member of Lashley’s stable appeared, debuting a brand new look.

B-Fab is back on SmackDown, seemingly aligning with Lashley and the Profits as she also sported bright red hair.

Evening the odds for Lashley and the Profits, B-Fab was able to chase off interference from Scarlett as perhaps the warring stables are headed for an intergender showdown.

Also on tonight’s episode, two new signings were announced for the WWE SmackDown women’s division.

Below is the clip of B-Fab appearing and evening the odds for Lashley’s side:

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