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Former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green has explained why she isn’t concerned with win-loss record.

Since returning to WWE in January 2023, Chelsea Green has become one of the most consistently entertaining acts in the entire women’s division.

Despite taking way more losses than wins, Green has maintained a decent amount of popularity thanks to her humor, comedic timing and charisma.

Speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Chelsea Green revealed that she isn’t fueled by victories and rather focus on the entertainment side. She said:

“I’ve been doing this [for] 10 years. It’s not about winning,” Green said. “It’s about making people feel a certain way.”

“And when I became ‘The Hot Mess’ in Impact, that’s when I realized. That’s when the light bulb friggin flashed in my face, like ‘Oh wow, people don’t care.'”

“People don’t care that I was cool and winning. They don’t care that I won the championship.”

“They care that I turn crazy, they care that I feel like their crazy best friend, I feel like their crazy ex-girlfriend.”

“John Mayer sat in front of me at All In and said, ‘Oh my God, you remind me of a lot of people I dated.'”

“That’s the feeling I want you to feel with a character. I don’t need you to go home and be like ‘Wow, she’s a real winner.'”

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