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WWE star has confirmed that he not only remains a part of a faction after a recent loss, but he also plans on continuing a rivalry.

After an intense loss against the Creed Brothers on this Tuesday’s episode of NXT (August 29) whereby the Creed Brothers had to win in order to be re-instated in WWE, the Dyad (Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler) have reacted.

Jagger Reid from the Dyad wrote on Twitter:

“My hands swollen and my necks stiff but man, I always have fun fighting the boys. This isn’t over fellas!”

With Rip Fowler also took to Twitter to share a photo of the Dyad with Ava and Joe Gacy, united as Schism along with the caption (from Liverpool FC’s anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone):

Walk on through the wind Walk on through the rain For your dreams be tossed and blown”

It seems Schism will continue to lurk in the halls of the Performance Center in NXT for at least a while longer as their masked membership continues to grow each week in the crowd.

Both Jagger Reid and Kip Fowler are rumoured to be on their way out of WWE, having previously stated their contracts were up in October 2023.


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