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WWE Smackdown Review 5.19.23

Hello everyone, I one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your Smackdown Review. So let's get in to it.

The show started with The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. Roman is here with Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. As they head to the ring we get our first recap of the evening, this one about last week when Roman ran down Jimmy and Jey Uso and demanded an apology. Jey apologizing saved Jimmy’s bacon. Roman gets a mic from Heyman, and provides South Carolina the chance to acknowledge him. Just after that the music of Kevin Owens hits and then he’s followed by Sami Zayn. We’re also reminded that Judgement Day beat Owens and Sami on Monday. Anyway everyone who speaks has a mic now. Roman thinks this is perfect, the people are excited and he’s happy they’re out here. There’s only two things to do, and first it’s time for Sami and Owens to acknowledge their Tribal Chief, then after that they can drop the belts and walk out. Owens tosses his mic away and squares off with Solo, Roman and Sami both play peace maker here. Roman knows Owens is only here to fight, but he does have some words for Sami. Roman has had a special career, the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, but only one regret along the way is wasting his time on Sami. Sami’s only regret isn’t hitting Roman with a chair sooner. It’s been a long time coming, the last time they were in the ring together was Elimination Chamber and Sami wants to get some things off of his chest. Roman’s greed has led them to this moment, and Sami has realized he has nothing to say to Roman except this, everyone told him he was the best, he’s always gotten everything he wanted, but Roman is not going to get these titles. Because Roman’s just not as good as Sami and Owens, or as good as the Usos. Roman sells that a little bit, then asks if that’s the one feeling Sami has about him. He took it easy on Sami, he gave him opportunities, but here come the Usos to jump Sami and Owens from behind. Jimmy and Jey beat down Owens and Sami then head into the ring. Roman isn’t thrilled with this, he didn’t tell them to do this, then when Roman goes to leave he bumps into Solo who didn’t move for him. Eventually Roman storms to the back alone and we head to break.

Post break the Bloodline are in Roman’s locker room, Jimmy and Jey apologizing for what they did. Roman wants to know why they’re running random plays, he had things he wanted to say. He had things to say to Sami, but didn’t get to say it because Jimmy and Jey did what they wanted to do. Roman has kept them in the promised land, he makes the choices, then he ejects Jimmy and Jey.

Match 1 – Tag Team Match: Brawling Brutes (Ridge Holland and Butch) w/ Sheamus vs. Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince and Kit Wilson)

Sheamus has joined commentary. Wilson and Butch tie up, they hit the ropes and Butch lands a clothesline. Wilson slams Butch down then tags in Prince. Some tandem offense, then Butch grabs wagging fingers and stomps on them. Ridge tags in and holds Prince for a dropkick from Butch. Prince tries to knee out of a suplex but Ridge ignores that and suplexes him anyway. Blind tag from Wilson who DDT’s a charging Ridge and sends us to break.

Post break Wilson tags in and they’re working over Ridge. Prince back in and they double shoulder block Ridge down then hit a tandem splash and leg drop. Ridge fights back with body blows and uppercuts, then badly mistimes a sell on a knee lift. Eventually Ridge hits a low takeover and tries to tag out, Wilson tags in and grabs a sleeper on him first though. Ridge walks over and tags in Butch. Butch runs wild on both Prince and Wilson for a bit, including a release suplex on to Wilson for a 2 count. More kicks from Butch, I think Wilson is bleeding from the nose. Ridge blind tags in, grabs both Wilson and Prince on his shoulders for a Samona drop. Butch and Ridge with stereo improvised Bodhran Beatings, then Ridge tries for a finish but Wilson shoves him into the corner to drop Butch, then they hit Spilt Milk on Ridge to pick up the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Pretty Deadly won

Thoughts: was a decent enough match. Decent debut for Pretty Deadly, and Butch is a talented enough guy to make sure they looked good. Ridge didn’t hurt anyone at least, and keeping his ring time down while he sorts himself out remains a good idea. A few timing issues knocked it down just a peg though.

We get a memorial video package for Superstar Billy Graham, who passed away this week. He’s easily one of the most influential wrestlers in history. That sends us to break.