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WWE Smackdown Review 24/11/23

It’s the last show before Survivor Series and as usual that means the best thing WWE can do here is not screw anything up. Becky Lynch is the last member of Team Not Damage CTRL but her issues with Charlotte could create a problem. Other than that, the Street Profits get a Tag Team Title shot so let’s get to it.

We open with a long recap of Becky Lynch joining the opposition to Damage CTRL last week.

Here are Lynch, Charlotte, Shotzi and Bianca Belair for a chat. Lynch steps around the idea that she is teaming with Charlotte and is rather excited about getting in a cage.

Belair is ready to make it violent against Damage CTRL and Shotzi is WAY too excited about the violence. Charlotte: “Yeah what Shotzi said.” Cue Bayley, who brings up Becky and Charlotte’s issues and points out that Becky was a last resort. Becky wants a fight so let’s do the tag match main event tonight. Bayley is in, with a partner to be named.

We look at the announcement (or close enough to one) of the return of Randy Orton on Raw. At least Orton is shown in this package.

Damage CTRL picks Bayley and Asuka for the main event.

Match 1 Tag Team Titles: Judgment Day vs. Street Profits

Judgment Day, with Rhea Ripley, is defending. Priest knocks Dawkins down to start but Ford comes in with a dropkick to take over. A clothesline puts Priest on the floor and Ford dives onto Balor. That’s fine with Priest, who throws Ford over the announcers’ table as we take a break.

Back with Priest missing a charge into the corner and the diving tag bringing in Dawkins to clean house. A Doomsday Blockbuster gives Ford two but Balor grabs a Sling Blade.

The Revelation doesn’t quite connect perfectly for two on Priest but Ripley breaks up the frog splash. Something close to a Bro Derek into the Coup de Grace retains the titles at 9:48.

Official Result The Judgement Day Wins

Rating: B-. I was thinking there was a chance of a title change here to get the belts away from the stable before WarGames but instead they mostly played it straight. The Profits losing again is a bit weird but it might lead to more angry Bobby Lashley. On the other hand, Judgment Day has some momentum heading into the pay per view and that is a smart way to go about things.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte aren’t seeing eye to eye but Bianca Belair plays peacemaker.

Video on Dragon Lee, the future of lucha libre.

Here is Grayson Waller for the Grayson Waller Effect. He gets to the point by bringing out his guest Kevin Owens, which is Austin Theory in a costume. Cue the real Kevin Owens to say he is unsuspended and has never looked better.

Waller says Owens cost him a match against LA Knight. Cue Knight to say he was going to let them talk, but then his name was brought up. That made him come out here and violence ensues with a tag match feeling likely.

Video on Cody Rhodes helping LA Knight against Judgment Day last week.

Match 2 Austin Theory/Grayson Waller vs. Kevin Owens/LA Knight

We’re joined in progress with Owens running Waller over and handing it off to Knight to do it again. Theory is taken outside for some rams into the announcers’ table but Waller gets in a clothesline. We take a break and come back with Knight still in trouble on the floor. That’s broken up and the diving tag brings in Owens to clean house. The Swanton gets two on Waller but it’s too early for the Stunner.

The rolling dropkick hits Owens but Knight distracts the referee. A rolling Blockbuster gets two on Owens and a backbreaker keeps him down. Waller takes too much time following up though and Owens is able to get over to Knight for the needed tag. Everything breaks down and Knight powerslams Theory into the LA Elbow with Waller making the save. Back up and the BFT finishes Theory at 12:34.

Official Result Kevin Owens & LA Knight win

Rating: C+. This was the latest step in rehabbing Knight after his loss to Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel and the process seems to be mostly complete. Knight has won on the last three Smackdowns and should be in for something big after Survivor Series. It’s a little weird for him to not be on the show, but at least he was in a big enough match the night before. That should wrap up this feud, as Owens has dominated it since the start and got another win here.

Bianca Belair talks to Becky Lynch and asks her to be on the same page as the rest of her team for tomorrow night.

Here is Carlito for a chat but first we look at Santos Escobar turning on the LWO and Rey Mysterio in particular. Back in the arena, Carlito rants against Escobar in Spanish and says turning on Mysterio was a mistake.

Cue Escobar to argue over who was the REAL member of the LWO. The fight is on until referees break it up, only to have Escobar get in a cheap shot to leave Carlito laying with a bad shoulder.

Post break Escobar jumps Carlito again but Dragon Lee makes the save.

Match 3 Pretty Deadly vs. Brawling Brutes

The Brutes have been having issues in recent weeks. Holland cleans house to start but gets knocked into the corner where Butch tags himself in. The stereo ten forearms to the chest are broken up, with Holland not looking pleased.

Holland walks out, meaning it’s an assisted gutbuster for two on Butch. The comeback is on and Butch kicks Prince in the face for two. The Bitter End is broken up though and Wilson gets the rollup pin at 3:30.

Official Result Pretty Deadly Win

Rating: C. This wasn’t so much of a competitive match as much as it was a way for Holland to walk out on Butch. The team has been teasing a split for a good while now and it makes sense to all but pull the trigger. I would assume that Sheamus is going to be back soon because he either has to pull them together or side with one of them, as he has always been the focal point of the group.

Shotzi wants Charlotte to talk it out with Becky Lynch.

Nick Aldis says Carlito is hurt and his match with Santos Escobar is postponed. Dragon Lee comes in to say he’ll take Carlito’s place so Aldis signs off on the idea.

Judgment Day promises to win WarGames.

Match 4 Bayley/Asuka vs. Becky Lynch/Charlotte

All of the partners are here too. The villains are sent outside with Charlotte moonsaulting onto everyone less than a minute in. Back from a break with Asuka working on Becky’s arm until Becky fights up. The tag bring sin Charlotte to clean house with a boot to the face into a slingshot rollup gets on Bayley. Asuka breaks up the Figure Four with a Codebreaker, followed by a middle rope elbow/reverse DDT combination.

Becky makes the save so Charlotte kicks her way to freedom for the big tag. Everything breaks down and Becky hits a double DDT for two. A missile dropkick into the Disarm-Her has Bayley in trouble but Asuka makes the save. There’s the Manhandle Slam to Bayley but Charlotte spears Asuka onto the cover for the unintentional break. Becky yells at Charlotte so Bayley rams them together and rolls Lynch up for the pin at 11:44.

Official Result Damage Control Win

Rating: B-. And that’s how you build more tension going into the big match tomorrow. Becky and Charlotte have a long, long history together and bringing up the short form version of it here is a good idea. If nothing else, it would make them getting along tomorrow feel all the more important as they couldn’t even hold it together here. The heels get momentum going into WarGames again, and that should spell well for them tomorrow.

Becky yells at Charlotte some more and walks off to end the show.

Overall thoughts

While the wrestling wasn’t entirely the focus here, they did a very nice job of firming up some of the Survivor Series card. The men’s WarGames match is the big feature so giving the women some time made sense. The good thing is Santos Escobar vs. Dragon Lee got some focus, along with some things that have nothing to do with Survivor Series. This show had a nice balance and it flowed by quickly so we’ll call it a win.


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