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WWE Smackdown Review 18/08/23

Well, everyone, it’s time for another episode of WWE Smackdown. Tonight we’ve got an interesting opportunity for Smackdown, it’s not much of a secret that The Bloodline story has done the lion's share of the heavy lifting for interest here on the blue brand for quite a while now but that became even more pronounced after the Draft and some of the talent moving around.

There will be no Jey Uso tonight, no Roman Reigns, and that leaves either some kind of confrontation between Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa, or a week where the rest of the roster might get a chance to truly shine with more air time.

To that end we’ve got Edge vs. Sheamus on tap for our presumptive main event and new United States champion Rey Mysterio will be looking for his first opponent during his appearance on the Grayson Waller Effect.

Rey won that title last week and we should pay attention to how Santos Escobar interacts with Rey as the LWO turning on Rey isn’t out of the question.

Iyo Sky is still in search of her first program after becoming champion, and logically it should be Zelina Vega who pinned Iyo twice in the weeks before Iyo cashed in, but I’m betting it’ll be something involving Charlotte, Bianca Belair, or Asuka in some permutation since it was recently announced that Iyo will team with Bayley to take on Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair.

Karrion Kross hinted he’ll be getting some disciples last week, and I’m rather curious to see who that might be, Shotzi is still around theoretically menacing Bayley after getting her head shaved,

Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits have aligned but haven’t named themselves yet, and LA Knight remains one of the most over guys on the roster so we’ll see if he’s ready to move beyond squashing Hit Row into the teased program with Miz. Anyway, that’s the preamble, let’s get to the action.

First, the Grayson Waller Effect. Waller welcomes us to the show, and he can’t wait for Edge to thank him for making Edge relevant again via his talk show. But tonight Waller welcomes out Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio. Escobar is rocking the big knee brace on his left leg.

While they head to the ring we get a recap of how Austin Theory took out Escobar and then Rey beat him for the title. Back to live and Waller puts over Rey and Rey enjoys some crowd adulation and says being US champion again feels great. Next Waller tries to stir the pot between Escobar and Rey, and says he expected tension between them and brings up how Escobar was on a roll, and Escobar is happy to cut in and remind everyone he beat Waller.

Rey objects to being called a thief, and Waller complains that this is what legends do, and Rey isn’t going to pass the torch. Escobar tells him to shut up, and the only person Escobar is angry with is Austin Theory.

He gave Rey his blessing because he respects Rey, and he warns Waller that this little ploy won't work. Theory got what he deserved, Escobar goes to deliver a threat but here comes Austin Theory with a mic. The fake noise kicks in early for Theory tonight, and he sarcastically congratulates Rey on his title win but asks where his Father of the Year award is.

He goes on to complain about leadership allowing him to be played like this, and he insults Escobar then tries for cheap heat by insulting the crowd. Next Theory demands Adam Pearce hand him back the US title since last week was so unfair.

Adam Pearce does come out and remind us that no one wants to hear Theory complain, but that immediately leads to LA Knight coming out. Who doesn’t love a revolving door segment, am I right? Anyway, Knight gets his usual pop and basks in the reaction before wanting to talk to us. Knight mocks Theory has not at all the greatest US champion, a guy who defended his title once in three months and then fumbled the ball, he congratulates Rey on winning but warns that he’s getting that belt.

He offers to go through Theory tonight and earn a title shot, Pearce likes it and makes the match for right now and Knight promises that Theory now has a first-class ticket to some Blunt Force Trauma. . . yeah! I’m not a fan of revolving door segments in general, and Theory is still voiceless in ways that matter, but Waller is starting to get a rhythm for his show and Knight is still over like Rover.

After this break, we’ll get that match.

As we come back from break, here comes the Miz. So, Miz costs Knight the match, got it.

Match #1: LA Knight vs. Austin Theory

Theory attacks at the bell as Miz joins the already crowded commentary booth. Some corner clotheslines from Theory then a fallaway slam. Knight comes out of the corner with a clothesline then a suplex.

The second rope elbow drop from Knight, then he lands a snap power slam for 2. Theory sends Knight out of the ring and they do some ringside brawling. Back in the ring but they head back out as I guess Theory lost his spot in the match. Knight slams Theory into the announce desk several times then jaw jacks with Miz. Theory attacks again, but Knight counters and then tosses Theory into Miz to send us to break.

Knight starts a comeback as we return to the broadcast, he lands a shoulder block then a Sunset Flip for 2. Theory cuts him off with a shot into the corner and a rolling dropkick for a 2 count. Clothesline from Theory then he tries another rolling dropkick but Knight counters into a back suplex.

Punches from Knight then some corner shots and a jumping neckbreaker. Russian leg sweep from Knight then a running kick that Theory messes up briefly. There’s a small cut on the head of Knight and he lays in stomps in the corner before hitting a running knee strike.

Theory flips out of a back suplex and hits a chop block then a left hand. Knight avoids A Town Down and hits a scoop slam to set up the Yeah Elbow but Miz gets involved to distract him and that allows Theory up but Knight spikes him with a DDT. Knight chases Miz now before clotheslining him over the top rope, took two efforts as Miz still kind of sucks, and this allows Theory to get a roll-up with the tights for the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Theory won

Rating: 2.5 stars

Thoughts: The crowd was into this but a few technical issues from Theory and Miz, plus being a tad Over booked dropped it down.

The first of what is sure to be many things about Edge we get videos sent in. John Cena puts Edge over, as does Sheamus, Natalya, Miz, and Charlotte Flair who references the ladder match on RAW between Edge and Ric Flair years ago, Sami Zayn mentions that Edge is an even better man than a wrestler.

That sends us to break.

Post-break commentary reminisces about Edge. That sends us to some highlights from Edge’s career, including Edge asking Brett Hart how to be a wrestler on a daytime talk show. Pretty sweet clip actually. We get more people talking about Edge, Booker T and Paul Heyman first as they show clips from Edge’s career.

Seeing him set up in chronological order is kind of cool, going from the team with Christian, to singles glory, to turning into Rated R as we get stuff from Mick Foley, John Cena, Steve Austin, Undertaker, and they included Tony Chimel’s somewhat iconic “SOOOOUUUper Star” line. Randy Orton puts him over as well before we get the clips of his first retirement.

We hear Edge talking about losing what he wanted but then finding his life with his family, only to get that carrot dangled out there to actually finish things on his own terms, which leads to his Royal Rumble return. We get to see highlights of several different wrestlers mimicking Edge’s entrance before hearing Hulk Hogan put Edge over for leaving a mark on the business. Really well-done video there.

Damage Control heads to the ring, well not Iyo Sky as Bayley has a mic and wants to introduce Iyo Sky personally. That sends us to break.

Post break a quick recap of Jey Uso dealing out superkicks last week and then quitting everything.

To the ring, and we’ve got entrances for Charlotte and Belair.

Match #2 – Tag Team Match: Damage CTRL (Iyo Sky and Bayley) w/ Dakota Kai vs. Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair

Belair and Bayley start us off, Belair gets ankle picked by Bayley but she kips up and stares off with Bayley. Mat returns from Belair then a side headlock. Some corner work from Belair then a suplex as the crowd is singing that Bayley chant. Charlotte tags in and stomps away at Bayley.

Chop from Charlotte, then they screw up a flip spot and Charlotte lands a low dropkick to try and cover. Bayley slams Charlotte down by the hair and tags in Iyo. Iyo lands a chop but Charlotte fights off Bayley and Iyo to take over. Charlotte boots Iyo off the apron then hits a cannonball senton onto both Iyo and Bayley because Flair must pose as we head to break.

Charlotte fights out of a side headlock as we come back, then she heads up top but Bayley catches her there and tosses her off the top rope. Iyo tags back in and kicks away at Charlotte then grabs a headlock.

They hit the ropes and Iyo with La Mistica but Charlotte fights upright. Iyo wants a butterfly move, but Charlotte backdrops her away and apparently, they lost their spot in the match as Charlotte has to pretend to miss her tag as Iyo was supposed to cut her off, so Iyo jumps on Belair awkwardly. Dropkick from Iyo to Charlotte as everyone tries to get back on track after that snafu. Again we tease the hot tag and this time it’s in the script so here comes Belair to run wild.

Belair hits a delayed vertical suplex on Iyo then a 10 punch in the corner and she avoids Bayley’s attack so Bayley runs into Iyo and then eats a backbreaker from Belair. Spinebuster to Iyo but Iyo avoids a handspring moonsault and dropkicks the knee of Belair.

Some leg kicks from Iyo then she tags in Bayley who resumes working the leg of Belair. Some blood coming from the schnoz of Charlotte, not bad but it’s visible. Belair drops Bayley and Iyo wit a tandem neckbreaker and DDT then tags in Charlotte. Charlotte goes up top for a double crossbody. Chops for everyone from Charlotte then a slam to Iyo and a fallaway slam to Bayley. Step over clothesline from Charlotte to Bayley but only a 2 count. Charlotte goes up top, but Bayley shoves her all the way to the floor. Iyo runs over and stomps on Charlotte, both Charlotte and Belair are selling their legs now.

Back in the ring, Bayley gets a 2 count then pulls Charlotte over and tags in Iyo who lands on her feet trying the Over the Moonsault, but she lands a palm strike. Charlotte avoids a corner move and Iyo posts herself so Bayley tags in. Bayley wants a Figure 4 but Charlotte punches free and tags in Belair. Bayley eats a boot from Charlotte then a Kiss of Death from Belair gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair won

Rating: 3 stars

Thoughts: They got time to work and despite the awkward spot in the middle where people lost their place it more or less worked. I’m a little surprised that Belair and Charlotte went over as your new champion just lost in her first match as champion even if Bayley took the pin.

More Edge stuff, Cody Rhodes, AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley, Ricochet, and more congratulate him. Cody talks about being part of the final tour that Edge went on before that first retirement, Kevin Owens wishes he could wrestle more with Edge and calls the time they did have together priceless. Becky Lynch thanks him, and Rey expresses love for Edge after all they’ve been together. Kurt Angle calls Edge one of the greatest of all time, it’s true, it’s damn true.

The Street Profits head to the ring, new ring gear for them in black and teal, and they’ll take on the OC after this break.

Post break Belair is set to get interviewed but is instead jumped by Damage Control and a steel chair. I really hate the “get your heat back with a beatdown” thing as they Pillmanize the bad leg of Belair.

Back to the ring, here come the OC.

Match #3 – Tag Team Match: Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) vs. The OC (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) w/ Michin

Ford and Gallows start us off, Ford goes right to strikes but eats a kick from Gallows. Anderson tags in after a flurry from Gallows. A jumping kick from Anderson connects for a 2 count. Some strikes from Anderson but Ford comes back with the Marifuji clothesline and he tags in Dawkins. Dawkins with some punches and they just stomp down Anderson.

Anderson fights back with some strikes but Dawkins cuts him off with a half-Nelson suplex then an Anointment and tags in Ford for From The Heavens but Gallows breaks up the pin. Gallows gets sent out by Dawkins then Dawkins tags back in. Anderson is on the shoulders of Dawkins, but he fights free and posts Dawkins before catching Ford with a spinebuster.

Gallows tags back in, back suplex and neck breaker for a 2 count. Anderson tags in, and they set for the Magic Killer, but Dawkins fights free and kicks Gallows before Ford clotheslines Gallows out of the ring. Ford dives onto Gallows, Dawkins then eats a pump kick but Ford blind tags. Sky High and neck breaker combination from Dawkins and Ford (respectively) gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Street Profits won

Rating: 2.5 stars

Thoughts: A little too short to go higher but the OC is a good choice to help the Profits look good in their slightly new attitude. I actually wouldn’t hate a rematch with about 3-5 more minutes of work time, but this felt more like an establishing match for the Profits than the start of a program.

Post-match Bobby Lashley in a salmon suit comes out to celebrate on the stage with the Profits.

In the back, Paul Heyman looks pensive as he leans on a crate considering his upcoming interview, and that visual sends us to break.

Post break we get a recap of last week when Jey Uso super kicked everyone and then peace out.

In the back, Kayla has found Paul Heyman and wants an update on the Bloodline. Heyman, who looks like he hasn’t slept in a few days, won't give one. Kayla’s been hearing rumours, and this amuses Heyman because she should know better than to come at him with just rumours.

Rumours of Jey who abandoned the WWE universe last week? How about the rumours about Kayla’s family? He asks after her mother, I mean he’s heard rumours about Kayla’s mom and dad, or her cousins. But rumours about Kayla’s cousins don’t matter, rumors of Roman’s cousins do though.

She won't even ask him about Edge, or Austin Theory, or LA Knight, anyway, this is interrupted by Heyman taking a phone call. Whatever it is seems to catch his interest and he thanks the caller before they hang up. Kayla asks about that call, Heyman is willing to share, he’s got a spoiler that Jimmy Uso will be back next week. She asks about the source, and Heyman would love to share but then doesn’t. Decent little segment, Heyman and Kayla have some really fun chemistry.

Back to the ring, here comes Sheamus. Our main event will be up after this break.

Post break here comes Edge, all in white, to the biggest pop of the night. His wife and kids are ringside, this is either going super emotional kind of goodbye or super dark with someone attacking him.

Match #4: Sheamus vs. Edge

They shake hands to start the match. Tie up and they fight for position, Edge grabs a side headlock then hits a shoulder block. Another tie up, Sheamus grabs an arm wringer then a side headlock and hits his own shoulder block.

Kevin Patrick somehow screws up who Edge was rooting for between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. Sheamus hits an Irish Curse backbreaker to send us to break.

Edge hits a springboard back elbow as we come back. Some clotheslines from Edge then an Edge-O-Matic for 2. Sheamus avoids an Impaler DDT and heads to the apron but Edge slips between his legs and hits a powerbomb onto the floor.

Bless you, Sheamus, that looked unpleasant. Back into the ring Edge heads up top for a crossbody that gets a 2 count. Edge tries the Edge-educator but Sheamus kicks him away and then hits a tilt-a-whirl power slam for 2.

Sheamus wants to go Bodhran beating, the crowd boos but Edge blocks him anyway and lands punches then knees once he’s back in the ring and Sheamus slumps to the apron. Edge then Spears Sheamus off the apron and to the floor and we get another break.

Sheamus has a Texas Cloverleaf locked in as we come back from break. Edge is far away from the ropes as Sheamus sits into the hold, and Edge has to pick an ankle to break the hold and then he transitions into a Crippler Crossface.

He’s got the Crossface but Sheamus crawls to the ropes and forces the break. Sheamus pulls himself to the top rope but Edge boots him while he’s up there. Edge climbs up there with Sheamus and looks for a superplex, which connects. Edge holds on and rolls through into the Edge-ecution for a near fall.

Now Edge climbs the ropes again, but Sheamus kicks his leg out to strand Edge on the top rope. Sheamus and Edge trade blows before Sheamus climbs up there with Edge, and Sheamus with an avalanche White Noise but no cover as instead he hits a Razor’s Edge to follow up but only a near fall. Edge rolls to the apron and Sheamus decides to go Bodhran beating to the count of 10 and thunderous boos.

Edge then just flips him off so Sheamus keeps hitting him, this time to a 20 count and more boos. Sheamus reminds Edge that he warned him, but Edge slaps him and hits a clothesline to drop Sheamus.

Edge sets for the Spear, but runs into a knee and Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick but again only a near fall. Sheamus wants another Brogue Kick, but Edge dodges and rolls him up for 2, then hits a Spear to get only a near fall. Well with the time left, we’re not getting a post-match beat down. Edge hits another Spear and gets the win.


Rating: 3.5 stars

Thoughts: Not the classic people were probably hoping for, but a good physical match and it had a pretty good closing stretch as well.

Edge celebrates with Pyro, then hugs Sheamus as Show Ends

Overall Thoughts

I was curious how they'd handle an episode that couldn't really lean on the Bloodline stuff to carry things, the response was padding for Edge's career and potentially his last match with the promotion.

You can't pull that very often but it worked alright here. Edge and Sheamus had a pretty good main event match and Edge got a feel-good moment. LA Knight gets his first proper program since his feud with Bray Wyatt in the form of the Miz, which is certainly a choice but it could be worse.

Austin Theory and Rey having a rematch is pretty much par for the course, though I'm not sure how much it'll help Theory who's bordering on floundering the more we see of him. The Street Profits got to show off their new gear and slightly new attitude, and I think their teaming with Bobby Lashley has some definite potential.

The women's match was fine but had a couple of rough spots, and featured some really odd booking choices, and I'm especially not fond of the champ losing then getting heat back via attack as it's lazy and keeps the champion weak. But this was ultimately an episode designed around the nostalgia of Edge and appreciating his lengthy career, and in that respect, it largely succeeded.

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