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WWE Smackdown Review 08/03/2024

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your Smackdown Review. So let's get into it.

Hey everyone, it’s Friday and it’s time for WWE Smackdown. Tonight we’ve got a few things to focus on, first up Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins will be on hand to answer the challenge set forth by the Bloodline last week. The build involving Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, The Rock, and Tertiarily Seth Rollins has been pretty darn solid since they pivoted to letting Rock go heel and not postponing Cody’s shot. While logic would suggest Logan Paul will wrestle Randy Orton at WrestleMania there’s a chance Kevin Owens is involved in that scenario, and there’s budding friction between Austin Theory and Grayson Waller so there are a lot of moving parts in that general vicinity heading into Mania season. Our only announced match thus far for tonight is Karrion Kross vs. Bobby Lashley so we’ll keep our eyes open for what else they’ll be announcing. We’re still building Bayley vs. Iyo Sky now that Dakota Kai has fully aligned with the heelish side of things, LA Knight is still on the warpath looking for AJ Styles, Bianca Belair is still out in the cold without a Mania opponent and they need to get going with whatever the plan is for her at that event. Well, that’s the preamble, let’s see how much over time Bloodline related segments go this week and get to the action.

Oh, a late announcement to the card, we’re getting Kevin Owens and Randy Orton vs. Grayson Waller and Austin Theory so there’s that. Logan Paul will almost certainly stick his head into that one.

First a recap of the offer made by the Rock to Cody and Seth from last week. Earlier tonight Rock arrived at the arena in a truck with a cowboy hat. Also present is Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman and presumably his tribal clown plus his enforcer. Cody is here as well, and Cody going face to face with Rocky tonight will be interesting.

Our first look at the arena in Dallas, Texas then here comes the US champion Logan Paul. Logan gets a mic and then reminds us that his first WrestleMania match was here in Dallas. The crowd tries to “what” him, which amuses Logan and then he says he’s not here to take part he’s here to take over. Best rookie year of all time, the US champion, most viral athlete in the company. Everything he touches turns to gold. He runs down all the things he’s winning at right now, ever since his first appearance this company has been on fire, he’s the secret sauce that makes business boom. One could almost say the WWE is in its prime, but that gets no reaction. Well he’s got a surprise, it’s a Prime logo on the canvas in the middle of the ring. His company and logo will be in the centre of the canvas at Mania, and every PLE from now on. So no, to the prime ring here comes KSI. KSI hops the barricade and the shelf life on this thing is rapidly running out. They pose for a photo together but Randy Orton’s music interrupts, about perfectly timed there as this was getting tough. Well, there’s music but no Randy, and then he comes from under the ring, Logan avoids an RKO and scampers out of the ring. KSI knows what’s about to happen, and he does eat the RKO. Randy drags KSI over the logo and then takes a sip of Prime which he puts over before pouring the rest onto KSI’s fallen body. Not exactly the best opening segment ever but it didn’t overstay at least. After this break, we’ll get that tag team match.

We come back to WWE celebrating their YouTube success, then commentary reminds us of Lashley vs. Kross for later.

Back to the ring and Kevin Owens enters the ring. Waller and Theory are already loafing at ringside.

Match #1 – Tag Team Match: Randy Orton and Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller

Theory and Owens start things off, they trade go behinds then Owens lands a shoulder block. Some rope running then Owens with an arm drag and he starts trash talking Waller while working the arm of Theory. Theory starts fighting back with strikes but then gets cut off with a back elbow and a senton from Owens. Waller tags in to give Theory a breather, then Owens tags in Randy to Waller’s consternation. They tie up, Randy then pokes Waller in the eye in the corner and goes for a 10 punch which gets to 9 then he clocks Theory who tries to get involved but that allows Waller to cut him off. Theory tags in but Randy fights them both off with strikes and tags in Owens. Owens unloads on Theory in the corner but Theory hits a rolling dropkick to send Owens to the floor. Waller tags in and cheap shots Randy then hits Owens with a sliding clothesline on the floor to send us to break.

Theory is working over Owens as we come back, and then he and Waller hit a double suplex. Waller mocks Randy by mimicking the RKO, but Owens shoves him into Theory in the corner and then tags in Randy. Randy unloads on Waller with clotheslines then a snap powerslam. Randy gets Waller for the hanging DDT but Theory breaks that up leading to Owens wiping out Theory with a cannonball senton from the apron. That does allow Randy to hit the hanging DDT on Waller then he sets for the RKO but Theory distracts him so Waller can roll him up for 2. Right hand from Waller then he tags in Theory. Owens enters the frame again and Stuns Waller then tosses Theory to Randy for a pop up RKO and that’ll do it.

Official Winners - Kevin Owens and Randy Orton won in 9:46

Official thoughts - Perfectly acceptable match.

Post match Logan Paul attacks both men from behind, he’s got the knux loaded and attacks Randy but Randy cuts him off and gets the knux Logan runs away leading to Randy nearly hitting Owens. Owens seems understanding as Logan heads to the back and Randy keeps the knuckles. That sends us to break.

Commentary runs down some Mania matches then we get a recap of Bayley’s falling out with Damage Control and Dakota Kai’s heel turn recently.

Next Bayley talks in the back with Kayla, she admits Kai got the best of her mentally and emotionally. She also admits she might have had some of this coming, but most of the bad things she did were for Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai not just herself. Now everything fell apart around her and she’s alone going into her title match at Mania. But she’s more focused now and will do everything in her power to break Iyo. Elsewhere we see Naomi watching this and then Bianca Belair shows up to question Naomi about feeling bad for Bayley. Belair doesn’t feel bad for Bayley, but Naomi has had groups fall apart on her before and feels what Bayley is going through. Belair still doesn’t care, this is Bayley’s bed that she made then heads off, slightly heelish Belair leanings there.

To the ring here comes Bobby Lashley, no goons in tow though. Bobby hangs out in the ring as we head to break.

We see security in the back, there are a ton of them around both the Bloodline locker room and the room for Cody and Seth.

To the ring here comes Karrion Kross with only Scarlett accompanying him.

Match #2 - Bobby Lashley vs. Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett

They tie up, because that sells hatred, then Bobby with some strikes to the back. Corner attacks from Bobby now but he runs into a boot and Kross starts unloading with punches. Fisherman’s suplex from Kross then he stomps away at Bobby. Bobby fights back with an exploder suplex then he clotheslines Kross out of the ring. Bobby starts the ringside brawling but Scarlett blocks him slamming Kross into the ring post and that allows Kross to level Bobby with an elbow strike then shove him into the ring post as we head to break.

Kross is working the arm of Bobby as we come back, Bobby is fighting his way out of an armbar but Kross looks to switch to a Rings of Saturn but Bobby is in the ropes. Exploder suplex from Kross now and he mocks Bobby, one of them is bleeding and I think commentary said it was from the left shoulder of Bobby. Bobby starts his comeback but gets clotheslined out of the ring. On the floor, Bobby lands a clothesline and then rams Kross into the ring post. Back in the ring, Bobby wants the Spear but Kross avoids him and then slings Bobby into the corner. Death Valley Driver from Kross gets 2. Kross tries that again but Bobby slips free and hits a spinebuster. Bobby sets for the Spear again but here are the Authors of Pain to break this up and cause the DQ.

Official Winner - Bobby Lashley won via disqualification in 8:37

Official thoughts - A little slow and would have benefitted from just being more of a slugfest, but it’s about teasing more between these entities heading into Mania.

The Street Profits show up and the brawl is on between everyone, Ford gets caught jumping but Dawkins follows up to save him. In the ring Bobby with a Flatliner to Kross then he wants a Hurt Lock, Scarlett gets involved so here’s B-Fab to start fighting her and Bobby gets the Hurt Lock but the AOP are back to break that up. Akam and Rezar dispose of Ford and Dawkins then Bobby gets triple teamed for a bit. Kross with the Final Prayer to Bobby and the bad guys stands tall.

We get a recap of Rey Mysterio returning last week after his knee surgery and the ongoing issues between the LWO and Legado del Fantasma. In the back Dragon Lee walks and Legado finds him, Elektra makes fun of him for a bit as everyone shows up to join in the bullying. Santos Escobar says Rey and the LWO are dead and gone, the present and future are Legado, and Dragon Lee is nothing. This leads to some shoving as they again say that Lee is no Rey.

To the ring and here comes Tiffany Stratton. She’ll be in action after this break.

We got the confirmation about the Hall of Fame class this year, Bull Nakano, Paul Heyman, and US Express of Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda.

Match #3 - Tiffany Stratton vs. Michin

Some quick pin attempts from Michin but Tiffany slams her down by the hair. Michin fights back with a chop but Tiffany drops her into the corner and hits the handspring back elbow then a running double stomp for 2. Tiffany with a back suplex to follow up but she still can’t keep Michin down. Michin fights back with a suplex but then when she tries a Styles Clash Tiffany with an Alabama Slam then a slight bobble on the Pretties Moonsault Ever but she does hit it and get the pin.

Official Winner - Tiffany Stratton won in 2:24

Official thoughts - Solid enough squash.

We get an AJ Styles video promo, calling out LA Knight for stepping over his body. He was amused by Knight most of the time, but then Knight took his momentum and he’s not having it. This is a cutthroat place to be, and Knight is overachieving and undertalented, AJ will be humbling him.

Knight, still holding the chair, sees that on TV and then hits the TV with a chair. He’s got to wake everyone up since AJ just bored them to death, he keeps hitting the TV and promises some more retribution next week.

Back to the ring and here comes Legado del Fantasma. Angel will take on Dragon Lee after this break.

Post break commentary talks about upcoming events then more slightly amusing shots of security knowing they’re going to get run over later.

We see Tyler Bate playing the new WWE video game, and Pete Dunne walks over to look on disapprovingly. Bate gets the hint that they should be in the gym not on the console and Bate walks off to get an update on the tag team situation. Dunne then starts playing the game, because of product placement.

Back to the ring and here comes Dragon Lee.

Match #4 - Angel w/ Elektra Lopez, Humberto, and Santos Escobar vs. Dragon Lee

Lee immediately attacks with a couple of dropkicks then his corner combination. Lee with a basement dropkick to the seated Angel but that only gets 1. Chop from Lee then some rope running but Angel fakes a knee injury to allow him to get a cheap shot with a dropkick of his own. Angel knees Lee to the outside and poses as we get another break.

Lee powers up Angel for a sit out powerbomb as we come back. More strikes from Lee as he’s firing up now including a series of superkicks then an enziguri. Lee goes up top but Angel cuts him off and then climbs up there with him, they fight over position and Lee trips him up into a Tree of Woe and then hits a double stomp. Angel rolls out of the ring but Lee just dives onto him and Humberto. Back in the ring, Lee looks for Operation Dragon but he runs into a thrust kick from Angel. Angel tries a pop up powerbomb but Lee counters into a rana for the pin.

Official Winner - Dragon Lee won in 7:15

Official thoughts: Lee has worked hard and gotten decently over, Angel is still pretty talented but feels almost as bland as Humberto right now.

Lee gets attacked immediately after the match and spiked with the triple team powerbomb.

In the back Damage Control talks, Kai says she’s always been the brains and if Bayley were smarter she’d have seen this coming. Bayley was never part of their vision for Damage Control and this is still Iyo’s era. Next week Kai will meet Bayley in the ring.

Nick Aldis is here to check on Cody and Seth, but they’re not in their room and we head to break as he calls on the security goons to follow him as we head to break.

Post break commentary brings up that Bayley will wrestle Dakota Kai next week, plus Rey Mysterio will be on hand.

To the ring, here comes Roman Reigns with the Bloodline sans Rocky in tow. Per usual Roman takes his time but eventually, everyone gets in the ring, Roman waits in the ring and here comes The Rock. New tron for Rocky, who is wearing a very loud vest tonight. Eventually, that winds down and Roman gets a mic from Paul Heyman. Roman tells Dallas that greatness stands before them, then offers Rocky a hand and they again do the Predator shake and hug before Roman tells Dallas to “acknowledge us”. Cody’s music hits but Cody comes out through the crowd as does Seth Rollins, we’ll get the face to face portion of things after this break.

Post break Cody and Rollins enter the ringside area, everyone has a mic now as the four principal people get into the ring together. A bunch of security goons are around the ring as everyone soaks in the moment. “Cody” chants dovetail into singing Seth’s song for a moment or two before Cody knows things are tense and there’s a lot of bad blood, but he feels very lucky to be standing in the ring. The four of them should take a moment and feel this moment right here in a sold out Dallas, Texas. After that Cody says he’s heard Rocky’s challenge and the stipulations attached for that tag team match at WrestleMania, and he’s got to ask if Rocky has the authority to set those stipulations. He’s only asking since Rocky acknowledged Roman as the Tribal Chief. But if they want an answer, face to face, the answer is- cut off by Rocky. Rocky tells him to shut his mouth and advises the clown show of Rollins to not even open his mouth. Before Cody accepts the challenge The Rock has some gospel for him. Rocky acknowledges Roman because that’s what the family does, and then he repeats the stakes for the tag team match for Mania, Cody could be free of the Bloodline come Night 2, free to achieve his dream and the dream of his dad. The talking gets a “diarrhoea” chant from the crowd, which amuses Rollins and nearly gets Roman to crack for a moment. Rocky is unamused, get to it guys we’ve got 5 minutes left. He does pick up and remind everyone that when Rock and Roman win, it’ll be Bloodline rules for Night 2 and the Rock will do everything to make sure you don’t walk out Universal champion, but now Rollins interrupts. Rollins knows the future of the industry is on the line, so he tells Rock that he had his time and can’t have theirs. Well, the answer is that they accept. Roman laughs at this and asks if Cody is fine letting Rollins answer for him and says Cody must be an idiot. He really shouldn’t let the crossdresser make those decisions for him, because when Roman beats Cody at Mania again that’s it, Cody will never get another shot, it’ll be over. Rocky says it’s already over, you two better listen, he’s making sure with his spot on the board that Cody won't win, and Rollins’ title goes away. Listen up Cody, with everything the Rock has, if Cody doesn’t win he will never get another shot at this again. You can run your mouth and chant your chants, but this is family, Roman’s grandfather, Rocky’s grandfather, they’re proud. Dusty Rhodes, one of Rocky’s heroes, is looking down right now. Cody is the youngest of three, his sister was a Cowboy cheerleader and his brother will be in the Hall of Fame, but Cody is 20 years younger than his siblings because he was a mistake. Cody, short on time, just slaps Rocky in the face. Rock smiles and consults with Roman as the broadcast ends and I can’t help but feel like there’s stuff we should have gotten after that.


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