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WWE SmackDown commentator REMOVED

In a significant shake-up within the WWE SmackDown commentary team, Kevin Patrick has been removed from his role as a commentator. This change, reported by Aaron Varble of SEScoops, comes as a surprise to many fans and insiders within the wrestling community.

Kevin Patrick, who joined WWE in 2021, initially made his mark in the RAW commentary team in 2022 before transitioning to SmackDown.

His background includes notable stints with CNN and Apple TV. On SmackDown, he worked alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves, before Michael Cole’s exclusive move to the RAW brand.

WWE News: The Reason Behind the Change

The reason cited for Kevin Patrick’s removal is succinctly put as, “It just wasn’t working out.” This vague explanation has sparked various speculations in the wrestling world, though no further details have been provided by WWE officials.

WWE News: The Search for a Replacement

As of now, WWE has not announced a replacement for Kevin Patrick.

This uncertainty leaves a significant gap in the SmackDown commentary team, raising questions about the direction WWE intends to take with its broadcast team.

Impact on SmackDown’s Commentary Dynamics

The departure of Kevin Patrick from the SmackDown commentary team is bound to affect the show’s dynamics.

His unique style and experience brought a distinct flavour to the broadcast, which will now evolve with a new voice joining the team.


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