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WWE Raw Review 25/9/23

This week’s episode of Raw comes to us from The Toyota Arena in Ontario, California.

In Ring Segment:

Cody Rhodes welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw. Cody asks the people at home to indulge him for a moment, but he will turn his back to look at the sold-out crowd. Cody says that he has been trying to address this subject for two weeks: Jey Uso. Jey Uso coming to Monday Night Raw means someone will be drafted to Friday Night SmackDown. It also means a disgruntled locker room full of people who think Cody should let Jey Uso think. That’s not what Cody can do. While they are not best friends, perhaps there are other reasons he wants Jey Uso here. Maybe they’re not in the third inning anymore.

Cody says that regardless, he wasn’t going to stand by and watch a man get jumped by three others for making the right decision. The right decision was turning down Judgement Day. Cody says that they are undoubtedly the most toxic faction in history.

The Judgement Day’s music interrupts Cody. Finn Bálor, Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio make their way to the ring.. Finn asks why Cody always has to stick his nose in their business. Damian says they gave Jey Uso an opportunity to join them, and he turned them down. He says that Cody cannot help himself and wants to save the day because it’s all about him. Dominik attempts to speak, but the crowd loudly boos him. Dominik flips out and shouts at the crowd. Dominik says that Jey Uso will pay for disrespecting them and it is all Cody’s fault.

Cody starts to speak before saying it was rude of him and invites Dominik to continue. Dominik goes to speak, but the crowd loudly drowns him out again. Cody says Damian talked about the Judgement Day being a real family. He says that Dominik has a real family, and they can’t stand him. Cody says the bigger question is why they haven’t come into the ring. This is Monday Night Raw. Before they do, the three of them are defending their championships tonight. What happens if “Mami” Rhea Ripley returns and they are empty-handed? Dominik shouts at Cody to keep Mami’s name out of his mouth.

The Judgement Day starts to get in the ring, but Jey Uso gets in the ring and stands alongside Cody. The Judgement Day gets on the apron, but they stop when Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn run in through the crowd and stand alongside Cody and Jey. The Judgement Day retreats from the 3-on-4 disadvantage.

As the Judgement Day back up the ramp, JD McDonagh joins them. JD has two steel chairs and gives one to Finn. Finn and JD charge the ring, with Dominik reluctantly following. Damian doesn't seem happy with it but he soon follows when Judgement Day are getting beat up. Damian is then left in the ring with Cody, Jey, Kevin & Sami. Jey superkicks him, and Cody cracks him in the back with a steel chair. Damian retreats from the ring and is not happy.

Match 1: Otis w/Maxxine Dupri vs Bronson Reed

The bell rings, and the men lock up in the centre of the ring before breaking. They lock up again, and Bronson applies a side headlock to Otis. Otis whips Bronson off and absorbs a shoulder tackle. Otis applies a side headlock, but Bronson whips him off and absorbs a shoulder tackle. They both hit the ropes and go for a clothesline, but they remain standing. They both shove each other before backing to opposite corners. They charge at each other, hitting a double clothesline. Both men are knocked down and roll out of the ring. At ringside, Otis charges and clotheslines Bronson on the floor. Bronson gets up and avoids a charging Otis, who instead runs into the ring post. Bronson immediately follows up with a stiff clothesline at ringside.

Bronson gets Otis in the ring and sends him into the ropes. Bronson then lifts Otis and drops him with a Samoan Drop for a two-count. Bronson applies a neck vice, but Otis fights out. Both men hit the ropes and crushed each other with running cross-body blocks.

Otis gets to his feet, punches Bronson into the ropes, and connects with a stiff back elbow. Otis sends Bronson into the ropes, somersaults under him, and hits him with a lariat. Otis follows up with a back suplex. Bronson pulls himself up in the corner. Otis avalanches Bronson in the corner, and he falls to the mat. Otis rips his shirt off and does the Caterpillar Elbow Drop. Otis heads to the second rope for a Vader Bomb, but Bronson moves. Bronson then hits a senton splash and goes to the top rope. Bronson connects with a Tsunami for the win.

An OK match to start. I’m not a huge fan of “big man” matches. I prefer a contrast of styles, but this wasn’t too bad. Grade C

Backstage Segment:

Becky Lynch is backstage and she is approached by Tegan Nox. Becky says that she had hoped that Tegan would have answered her open challenge last week. Tegan said that she wanted the veteran Natalya to have her moment. Becky tells Tegan to never give up an opportunity. Becky then tells Tegan that she wants her to be next in line after No Mercy.

Backstage Segment:

Adam Pearce is on the phone backstage. He tells whoever he is speaking to, that they haven’t figured out who is being traded to SmackDown. Tegan Nox walks into his office and asks for an opportunity for an NXT Women’s Championship match. Natalya then comes in and asks for a rematch. Tegan tells Natalya that she lost her title opportunity. Natalya says that she is passionate about her title matches, Tegan says that Natalya isn’t the only one who is passionate. Adam Pearce says that he cannot just hand out title opportunities. He says that Tegan and Natalya can face each other tonight.

Match 2: Tommaso Ciampa vs Ludwig Kaiser w/Giovanni Vinci

Ludwig quickly gets Tommaso in the corner. Ludwig punches Tommaso in the midsection and cinches in a side headlock. Gunther is shown to be watching this match backstage. Ludwig takes Tommaso down and hits the ropes, but Tommaso wipes him out with a Lou Thesz Press and some punches. Tommaso hits a snapmare and kicks Ludwig in the face. Tommaso continues to attack Ludwig and bounces him off the top turnbuckle. Tommaso smashes Ludwig’s chest with a chop and stomps him down in the corner. Ludwig quickly fights back and puts Tommaso on the top rope before slapping him in the face and knocking him onto the apron. Tommaso elbows Ludwig in the face, but Ludwig quickly rebounds by pushing Tommaso off the apron and onto the steel steps.

Tommaso gets hung upside down in the ropes. Ludwig hits the ropes and dropkicks Tommaso off the ropes and to the ringside area. Tommaso gets in the ring at the count of five and hits Ludwig with a back body drop over the top rope. Ludwig quickly gets on the apron, so Tommaso chops him and clotheslines him off the apron to the floor. Tommaso then gets Ludwig in the ring and clotheslines him over the top rope.

Gunther continues to watch this match intently backstage. Tommaso bounces Ludwig off the apron and the commentary table and sends him over the steel steps. Tommaso is fired up and hits Ludwig with Willow’s Bell for a near fall. Ludwig fights out of the Fairy Tale Ending. Ludwig then lifts Tommaso, but Tommaso slides off and hits a reverse DDT. Tommaso pulls his knee pad down, so Giovanni gets on the apron to distract him. Tommaso knees Giovanni in the face and turns into an enzuigiri from Ludwig. Ludwig covers, but the referee is dealing with Giovanni. Ludwig is furious and kicks Giovanni out of the ring. Tomasso immediately connects with a Ripcord Knee for the win.

A decent, hard hitting match. Again, we seem to be seeing a hint of splitting up Imperium. It will be interesting to see where that goes. Grade C+

After the match, Tommaso looks into the camera and shouts to Gunther that he is going to take everything from him.

Match 4: Natalya vs Tegan Nox

Natalya hits a side headlock takeover. Tegan grapevines the head, so Natalya kips up to get out of it. Natalya hits another headlock takeover, and they trade pin attempts. The women get to their feet and exchange hammerlocks. Natalya then elbows Tegan in the face. Tegan shoves her off and talks a little trash. Natalya shoves her. Tegan ducks a Discus Clothesline and takes Natalya down before punching away at her. Tegan connects with a back elbow and knees her in the face. Tegan connects with a sit-out front suplex and gets fired up. Tegan hits a senton avalanche in the corner for a two-count. Natalya avoids the World’s Shiniest Wizard and rolls her up for a two-count. Natalya connects with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Natalya sets up for a Sharpshooter, but Tegan gets to the ropes and pulls Natalya into them. Tegan connects with the World’s Shiniest Wizard for the win.

A pretty quick match, but a nice win for Tegan. Hopefully we will start seeing more of Tegan and she gets a decent run. Grade C

Backstage Segment:

Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh are talking in the Judgement Day locker room. Damian Priest comes in and throws a chair. Damian gets into JD’s face and shouts that he took a beating because of him. Damian says that he doesn’t care who JD is friends with, he needs to get out of their locker room. JD looks absolutely terrified and quickly leaves.

In Ring Segment:

Seth Rollins is standing in the ring, and the crowd is singing his song. Seth greets Ontario and welcomes them to “Monday Night Rollins.” Seth says that he wants to play a game with Ontario. If they are as sick and tired as he is of Shinsuke Nakamura ducking and dodging him, they can sing his song. The crowd obliges by loudly singing his song. Seth says if they think it’s time for him to defend the World Heavyweight Championship, they can sing louder. The crowd sings even louder. Seth says since they’re all in agreement, there’s only one thing left to do. Seth says for weeks, he has wanted a rematch from Shinsuke Nakamura, but he’s been avoiding him. Right here and now, Shinsuke will give an answer. If Shinsuke does not agree to a rematch, Seth is pulling the opportunity and they are moving on. Seth says there are a million capable talents in the locker room, and Seth wants a fight. This is Shinsuke’s last chance. The floor is his.

Shinsuke Nakamura appears on the titantron. Seth tells him to name the time and place. Shinsuke says Seth has so many demands, it’s no wonder his body is giving out on him. Shinsuke wants to be the straw that finally breaks his back, but he has restraint. Shinsuke has patience and has yet to show all his cards. Seth has shown all of his. Shinsuke has a match so brutal that Seth will not be able to walk and his daughter will look at him with shame. Shinsuke is giving him one last chance at a fight, to hear his music being played, and to stand. Shinsuke accepts the challenge and says at Fastlane, it will be Last Man Standing.

Seth puts his head down and removes the sunglasses he was wearing. The crowd sings Seth’s song. Seth smiles and reiterates the Last Man Standing challenge. There are no pinfalls or submissions. Two men walk in, only one walks out. Seth says Shinsuke played this one perfectly. Shinsuke got the match he wanted on his own terms. Shinsuke played it perfectly, but he made one critical mistake. Shinsuke thinks that Seth’s broken back is a weakness to be exploited. Seth says that Shinsuke thinks he’ll beat him so badly that his daughter will be ashamed to look at him. This broken back is not a weakness. For Seth, it’s a strength. The only way his family will be ashamed of him is if he doesn’t give it every single thing he’s got. His family knows he loves them, but they also know that he loves wrestling. Seth is pacing around the ring. Shinsuke thinks he doesn’t know that every time he steps into the ring might be the last time he does. If Shinsuke thinks Seth will give any less than 100%, he’s crazy. Seth’s 100% makes him the best in the world and the World Heavyweight Championship. If Shinsuke wants to get crazy at Fastlane in a Last Man Standing Match, only one of them will walk out, and it won’t be Shinsuke. It’s going to be a visionary, it’s going to be a revolutionary, it’s going to be Seth “Freakin” Rollins!

Backstage Interview:

Jackie Redmond is backstage with Ricochet who is on crutches. Jackie asks Ricochet when we can expect him back in the ring. Ricochet says that he doesn’t know what to say. He says that he is here and on crutches, but he will return. He says that it will take a lot more than this to keep him down. Ricochet says that he wants to make one thing clear, it doesn’t matter who the last man standing at FastLane is. He says whether he walks out or not, he has unfinished business with Shinsuke Nakamura.

Match 5: NXT North American Championship Match - Dominik Mysterio vs Dragon Lee

Dominik kicks and punches Dragon Lee in the face. Dominik sends Dragon into the ropes, but Dragon ducks a clothesline and connects with a shoulder tackle. Dragon hits the ropes, but Dominik leapfrogs him. Dragon jumps over him and hits a running hurricanrana to get Dominik out of the ring. Dragon hits the ropes and catches Dominik with a somersault plancha. Dragon gets him in the ring for a two-count. Dominik quickly takes Dragon down and applies a single-leg crab. Dragon gets to the bottom rope to break the submission. Dominik grabs Dragon on the apron and hits a big DDT.

Dominik heads to the top rope. The crowd loudly boos him. Dominik goes for a Frog Splash, but Dragon gets the knees up. Dragon starts to take it to Dominik and kicks him in the midsection. Dragon kicks Dominik down in the corner and hits a running dropkick for a near fall. Dominik fights back, but Dragon takes him down with a snap German Suplex. Dominik quickly responds with a superkick, so Dragon knees him in the face. Dragon hits the ropes, and Dominik takes him down with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall.

Dragon gets to his feet, so Dominik dropkicks him into the middle rope. Dragon avoids a 619 and kicks Dominik down before kneeing him in the side of the head. Dragon covers Dominik for a two-count. Both men get to their feet and trade punches. Dominik knocks him to the corner and charges, but Dragon drops him on the apron. Dragon hits the ropes and jumps over the top rope to hit Dominik with a hurricanrana off the apron. Dragon gets Dominik in the ring and hits a Dragon Bomb for a near fall.

Dragon heads to the top rope, and Dominik follows. Dragon knocks Dominik into the tree of woe and hits a stomp to the chest. Dragon charges, but Dominik catches him with a crotch-first slam onto the top rope. Dominik follows up with a Frog Splash for the win.

A really good match. This was definitely one of Dominik’s better matches. These two have some really good chemistry in the ring, so that helped. Grade C+

Backstage Interview:

Jackie Redmond is backstage with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Jackie asks them both about what transpired earlier tonight. Kevin said that it wasn’t about helping Jey Uso. All Jey proved is that he wasn’t with Judgement Day last week. All Kevin cares about is getting his hands on Judgement Day. Sami says that this has nothing to do with Jey Uso, Cody Rhodes or Judgement Day. This is about two guys who started as kids and worked hard together to get to the top and main event WrerstleMania. He said that this is about getting back what is rightfully theirs. Kevin said that he is tired of talking and he wants to punch some stupid faces.

In Ring Segment:

Michael Cole is in the ring and he introduces Nia Jax. Nia Jax makes her way to the ring. Michael Cole says since Nia has returned to WWE, she has laid waste to everyone who has crossed her path. Why has she targeted everyone in the locker room? Nia says she wasn’t paying attention to Cole. She is Nia Jax. Nia says she is the baddest human in all of WWE. Nia says they thought it would be Rhea Ripley being the most dominant champion, male or female, but she squashed her. They thought it would be Shayna Baszler. She squashed her too. Zoey Stark? Squashed. Raquel Rodriguez? Squashed. Chelsea Green? Squashed. Piper Niven? Squashed. Anyone that gets in the ring with her will get squashed because she is Nia Jax.

Zoey Stark interrupts Nia and angrily makes her way to the ring. Zoey gets in Nia’s face and sarcastically congratulates her on squashing her when her back was turned. Zoey dares her to do it to her face. Nia and Zoey get into a shoving match. Referees run down to try and get some kind of order.

Match 6: Nia Jax vs Zoey Stark

Zoey quickly jumps on Nia’s back with a sleeper hold. Nia pulls her off, but Zoey dropkicks Nia twice. Zoey goes for a springboard, but Nia slaps her out of midair. Nia crushes Zoey with an elbow drop for a one-count. Nia throws Zoey to the corner, and sizes her up before hitting an avalanche. Nia tosses Zoey to the corner and hits another avalanche. Nia chokes Zoey on the bottom rope before sending her to the corner. Nia charges, but Zoey sidesteps her. Nia hits the ring post shoulder-first. Zoey rocks Nia with some strikes to the head. Nia drops Zoey on the apron, but Zoey kicks her back. Zoey hits a springboard missile dropkick, but Nia is still standing. Zoey lifts her, but she cannot hold her up, and falls forward with the full weight of Nia landing on her. Nia puts Zoey on the bottom rope and hits a guillotine leg drop. Nia pulls Zoey to the corner and finishes her off with an Annihilator for the win.

Standard squash match, but at least Zoey was able to get in some offence. A bit of a predictable push for Nia. I’m not going to put it down before it properly begins, but I’m not majorly excited for it. Grade D

Backstage Interview:

Byron Saxton is backstage with Jey Uso. Jey says that he does not want to join any groups. He says that Cody Rhodes took a chance on him, and he does not like the way that Judgement Day conducts their business. Jey says that he knows that Kevin Owens has beef with him, but he is still good with Sami Zayn. Jey said he will keep an eye on what Judgement Day does tonight.

Backstage Segment:

Finn Balor congratulates Dominik Mysterio on retaining his NXT North American Championship tonight. They both wonder where Damian Priest is.

In Ring Segment - Miz TV:

The Miz welcomes everyone to Miz TV. His next guest will speak for the first time since walking off on Jey Uso as he was being beaten down by the Judgement Day. Miz welcomes Drew McIntyre to the ring.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring. Drew takes a seat. Miz says this is an open, judgement-free zone. Miz commends Drew for throwing Jey Uso to the wolves. Miz would have done the same thing. Drew says he is absolutely nothing like Miz. Miz says they’re a lot alike. Miz says that no one expected Drew to abandon a helpless Jey Uso. That is a Miz-move. Miz says that they also know what it’s like to be the backbone of this company and be a champion, only to lose it. Drew was the unbeatable WWE Champion Drew McIntyre until he wasn’t. Drew got the opportunity of a lifetime at Clash at the Castle in his own backyard, but the Bloodline happened. Jey Uso beat him down time after time again. Miz says Drew doesn’t trust Jey because Jey only does what’s best for Jey. Drew says, “Karma’s a bitch.” Miz says Drew is the Batman of WWE. That makes Cody Rhodes the Superman of WWE. Miz then asks Drew “how did it feel to be upstaged by Cody last week?”

Before Drew can answer, The New Day makes their way to the ring. Kofi Kingston says they didn’t know Drew McIntyre was cold-blooded like that. The Drew McIntyre they know isn’t a coward like he showed last week. Xavier Woods says for the last few years, they’ve called him “Big D,” but after last week, it appears there’s some shrinkage on that end. Maybe his sword is too limp to get the job done. Miz shouts at them, but Drew tells him to shut up. Drew says they expect him to save the day. The New Day did nothing. Cody Rhodes created this mess and had to clean it up. That’s the actions of a hypocrite. Kofi says Drew should have helped Jey out. Drew says they forgot everything the Bloodline and Jey Uso did to them. Kofi says they remember, but last week wasn’t the time to do that. Jey Uso was trying to make it right. Miz goes to speak, but Drew tells him to shut up again. Kofi says they look up to Drew. Miz puts his hand up, but Drew tells him to shut up. Miz puts his hand up, so Drew gives him a Glasgow Kiss. Drew challenges Kofi to a match.

Backstage Segment:

Otis is backstage with Maxxine Dupri. Chad Gable says they had a great match and will study the videotape to see what happened. Ludwig Kaiser walks up.He says that Alpha Academy celebrates losses, while Imperium are winners. Chad says Ludwig lost and should be getting browbeaten by Gunther. Chad tells Ludwig to let Gunther know that he still has his eyes on that title. Chad says, “A-danke shoen!” Ludwig walks off.

Match 7: Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods

Kofi quickly takes it to Drew. Drew shoves Kofi back and clotheslines him down. Drew chops the chest in the corner. Drew whips Kofi, but Kofi springboards off the middle rope with a dropkick. Kofi hits a running forearm in the corner and goes for an avalanche, but Drew catches him. Drew powers Kofi into a delayed vertical suplex. Drew shoulder tackles Kofi down and hits the ropes, but Kofi leapfrogs him. Drew soon catches him, but Kofi flips through a back suplex and dropkicks Drew over the top rope. Kofi goes to the top rope and hits a trust fall. Xavier puts Kofi on his shoulders and celebrates.

Kofi gets on the apron and hits a double axe handle. Kofi head-butts Drew and gets him in the ring. Kofi hits a cross-body block for a two-count.

Drew is standing over Kofi. Drew whips him hard to the corner and charges, but Kofi catches him with a pendulum kick. Kofi goes for a diving elbow, but Drew catches him and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Drew hits a second belly-to-belly and follows up with a neckbreaker. Drew kips up. Drew then waits for Kofi to get up and goes for a Future Shock DDT, but Kofi counters. Kofi picks up a two-count. Kofi hits a Famouser for a two-count.

Kofi gets fired up. Drew avoids a Trouble in Paradise and hits a Future Shock DDT for a near fall. Drew pulls Kofi to his feet and chops him back down. Drew pulls Kofi up and hits another chop. Kofi flips through another Future Shock DDT and knocks Drew out of the ring. Kofi connects with a suicide dive. Drew reverses a whip into the steel steps, but Kofi leaps over them. Drew avoids a dive from Kofi and forearms him in the face. Drew hits an inverted Alabama Slam on the apron. Drew gets in the ring and counts down. Kofi ducks a Claymore Kick and hits an SOS for a near fall.

Kofi pulls Drew up, but Drew drops him with a Glasgow Kiss. Both men are down. At ringside, Ivar attacks Xavier from behind. Ivar takes Xavier out with a spin kick. Valhalla trails behind. Ivar sends Xavier into the LED barricade and splashes him against it. Kofi sees what is going on, but Drew pulls him back and hits a Claymore Kick for the win.

A good match from two great wrestlers. Some good back and forth. Having the match end because Kofi was distracted by Ivar attacking Xavier really added to this one as well. Grade C+

After the match, Ivar gets in the ring and stares at Drew. Drew walks away, leaving Kofi in the ring. At Valhalla’s direction, Ivar attacks Kofi. Drew turns around on the ramp and looks at what is happening in the ring. He shrugs and walks to the back. Ivar goes to the top rope and hits Kofi with a moonsault. Ivar and Valhalla stand tall in the ring.

Backstage Segment:

Gunther is shouting at Giovanni Vinci backstage. Ludwig Kaiser walks up and he is shouted at by Gunther as well. Ludwig says that he would have won if Giovanni had not gotten involved. Gunther says that Giovanni will be Ludwig’s responsibility from now on. Gunther says that if Giovanni messes up, then Gunther will have a problem with Ludwig. If Ludwig messes up, then he will have a problem with Gunther. Gunther says that he will clean up both their messes and take out Tommaso Ciampa by himself.

Backstage Segment:

Ivar and Valhalla are walking backstage and they are approached by Byron Saxton. He asks why Ivar took out Kofi and Xavier. He says that they took out Erik. Valhalla says that it is an eye for an eye.

Main Event Match: Undisputed Tag Team Championship Match - Judgement Day (Finn Balor & Damian Priest) vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

A huge brawl breaks out. Kevin and Damian brawl at ringside. In the ring, Sami hits Finn with a pair of deep arm drags. Finn quickly rolls out of the ring to recover. Kevin and Sami stand tall in the ring as we go to the break.

We come back from the break to see Sami take Damian down with a diving elbow to the head for a one-count. Finn tags in and gets Sami in the corner for a chop. Finn sends him to the opposite corner and hits a running chop. Finn hits a snapmare, elbows Sami in the head, and applies a chin lock. Sami fights up, so Finn turns him in the corner and punches him. Finn whips him to the opposite corner, but Sami pops out and clotheslines him down. Kevin tags in. Sami hits Finn with a drop-toe-hold, and Kevin follows up with a senton splash. Kevin pops up and tells Damian to “suck it.” Kevin punches and chops Finn against the ropes. Finn reverses a whip to the ropes, but Kevin holds on. Kevin boots him back and avoids an attack from Damian. Kevin kicks Damian off the apron. Finn quickly takes Kevin down and double stomps the chest. Finn stomps the face and tags Damian in. Damian kicks Kevin in the jaw and chokes him on the middle rope. The referee backs Damian up, and Finn gets a cheap shot in on Kevin. Damian kicks away at Kevin and claps his ears. Damian mashes Kevin’s face in the turnbuckle. Kevin fights back with some chops, and they get into a hockey fight. Damian sends him into the ropes, but Kevin responds with a DDT.

Sami tags in and punches away at Damian. Damian reverses a whip, but Sami springboards over him and hits a clothesline. Sami gets Damian in the corner and hits 10 punches. Damian quickly sends him to the ropes and lifts him, but Sami dropkicks him. Finn runs in, but Sami gets him out of the ring. Sami then clotheslines Damian out of the ring. Sami wipes out Finn and Damian with a somersault plancha as we go to the break.

We come back from the break and Sami fights out of South of Heaven from Damian. Sami chops the chest, grabs the arm, scales the ropes, and hits a diving tornado DDT.

Kevin and Finn tag in. Kevin clotheslines Damian before punching and stomping Finn down. Finn rolls out of the ring to recover. Kevin goes to ringside and runs through both Finn and Damian with clotheslines. Kevin punches Finn down in the ring and comes off the apron with a cannonball on Damian at ringside. Kevin gets in the ring and hits a cannonball on Finn in the ring. Kevin goes outside and hits Damian with a back suplex on the commentary table. Kevin heads to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash for a near fall.

Kevin boots Finn back and goes to the top rope, but Finn hits a snap kick to stun him. Finn punches away at Kevin and climbs to the middle rope. Kevin punches him down to the canvas. Finn quickly pops up and signals for the end. Kevin counters into a rolling fireman’s carry off the middle rope for a near fall.

Kevin goes back to the top rope and punches Damian off the apron. Kevin goes for a Swanton Bomb, but Finn gets the knees up. Finn connects with a Woo Dropkick. Finn goes to the top rope and hits the Coup de Grâce. He goes for the pin, but Sami breaks it up. Damian runs in the ring and knocks Sami out of the ring before giving Finn some instructions. Damian tags in and pulls his straps down. Damian goes for South of Heaven on Kevin, but Kevin gets out and tags in Sami. Sami hits Damian with an exploder in the corner. Sami goes to the corner, but he’s distracted by Dominik Mysterio on the apron. Sami goes after Dominik. Damian grabs Sami for a Razor’s Edge, but Sami slides off. Sami sidesteps an avalanche and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb. Sami goes for the cover, but Finn breaks up the pin.

Finn punches away at Sami until Kevin tackles him down. They roll out of the ring and continue brawling. Dominik snaps Sami off the top rope. Damian connects with a flatliner for a near fall. Dominik yells at the referee over the count. Jey Uso runs down and pulls Dominik off the apron. Jey punches away at Dominik until JD McDonagh runs in. Dominik and JD double-team Jey until Cody Rhodes runs in for the save. Cody hits a suicide dive on JD before brawling with Dominik up the ramp. Jey joins in, and WWE officials run down to help.

In the ring, Kevin hits Finn with a Stunner. Damian sends Kevin over the top rope, and Sami crushes Damian with a Helluva Kick. JD then hits Sami in the head with one of the Tag Team Championship belts, knocking him unconscious. The referee was distracted by what was happening at ringside. Damian slowly rolls over and covers Sami for the win.

A really good main event. Probably a little too much going on in this one, but hopefully that will lead to a decent pay off in the end. Grade B-

After the match, Finn, Damian & Dominik are celebrating in the ring as JD looks on at ringside. Judgement Day begins to head up the ramp, but Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes run down and attack them from behind. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn join in on the attack. The WWE Officials attempt to break it all up and regain some control. Kevin hits Dominik with a Stunner as the show ends.

Overall, not a bad episode of Raw, but again there were far too many replays, recaps and video packages. I think that there are some talents that are getting pushed now that have deserved them for a while, so that's good to see.


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