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WWE Raw Review 15/5/23

Raw this week takes place at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In Ring Segment:

The Undisputed WWE Tag-Team Champions head to the ring to kick off tonight’s show. We see footage from SmackDown of Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa challenging them to a match via Paul Heyman at WWE Night Of Champions, which was later confirmed. Zayn and Owens say they found out like we did when watching the show on Friday. Zayn says it isn’t a punishment but something he and Owens consider to be a gift. An unexpected gift. They talk about how they can finally get revenge on Roman Reigns. Zayn says he and Owens both deserved to beat him for the title when they fought him. He says Reigns has cheated his way through his entire reign and now he and Owens get the chance to check him at Night Of Champions. He then takes pleasure in talking about how, as predicted, he is watching The Bloodline crumble. As he continues to talk, his voice cracks and he gets emotional talking about how it’s never enough for Reigns. He’s had the title for 1,000 days after unifying them both. He says now he wants the tag titles. He says he can’t have them. Before they can say anything else, The Judgment Day theme hits. As the group heads to the ring, Owens talks about being excited to talk about anything other than The Bloodline. He says he can safely assume The Judgment Day aren’t out here to ask to hang out later. Owens says he assumes they want to fight, so let’s fight. Zayn says it’s his fault because he started off at a ten. He says Owens is at a ten now and maybe The Judgment Day aren’t out here to fight. He says let’s see what the gentlemen, and Dom, want to say. Damian Priest says he does want to fight. Owens says, “See!” Finn Balor then tells everyone to calm down as The Judgment Day heads inside the ring. He says if they do win at Night of Champions, there’s gonna be a whole line of Superstars waiting to challenge them for the titles. And the line starts here. Rhea Ripley then chimes in and says just in case they forget, The Judgment Day runs Monday Night Raw. Zayn goes to talk but is cut off by a “Mami!” chant. He says, him personally, he wants to hear what Dom has to say. He says he knows these people just love when he talks. Dom asks if the people wanna know what he has to say. They boo loudly. He tries to talk and they boo so loud it drowns him out, as usual. Owens chimes in all wound up saying can we just punch them in the face already. Finally he gets his wish and the boys start brawling. The Judgment Day exits the ring and backs off when Zayn brings in a chair.