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WWE NXT Roadblock Review 05/03/2024

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your NXT Review. So let's get into it.

We are about a month away from Stand & Deliver and this is a special edition of the show with Roadblock. The main event will determine the new #1 contender for the NXT Title and we are probably going to get some more of the Stand & Deliver card set up. That should make for a big night.

The opening video, featuring Lexis King, looks at how this is the last big stop on the Road to Stand & Deliver (doesn’t have the same ring to it).

Match 1 - Dijak vs. Joe Gacy

Asylum match, meaning in a cage with weapons and pinfall/submission only. Gacy’s fire extinguisher and Dijak’s chair both miss as Joseph talks about the Casey Jones cricket bat hanging from the cage (Tell me they didn’t pay money for that. And yes I know it’s not a Jose Canseco bat but I’ll take what I can get.). Dijak sends him into the cage and kicks away before going towards a box labelled DO NOT OPEN.

Gacy gets in a shot of his own and closes said box completely but Dijak opens it up…with a boxing glove springing out to hit him low. Gacy’s Death Valley Driver gets two and we take a break. Back with Dijak hitting a moonsault off the top of the cage for two and the fans are impressed. Gacy, mostly in a straitjacket, suplexes Dijak down and loads up a table with a smiley face painted on.

That takes too long but Gacy knocks him off the ropes and through said table. A Swanton gets two and Gacy gets out of the straitjacket. With nothing else working, Dijak runs him over and wraps some duct tape around Gacy’s eyes. The blinded Gacy is fine enough to hit a swinging Rock Bottom but Dijak kendo sticks him down. Feast Your Eyes gives Dijak the pin at 12:46.

Official Winner - Dijak

Official thoughts - These guys beat the heck out of each other and the fans are starting to get behind Gacy’s schtick. As long as he isn’t allowed to talk or assemble followers, we could be in for something with his wacky antics and that’s not a bad thing. Other than that, this was a hard hitting fight and they didn’t go too nuts with weapons, with the boxing glove being good for a laugh.

The rest of the Family hypes up Tony D’Angelo when Luca Crusifino comes in. D’Angelo wants him to be the consigliere (lawyer/advisor) and Crusifino is in.

Fallon Henley talks to Riley Osborne about his date with Thea Hail. Osborne was worried that things didn’t go well but Henley says Hail got some bad advice. Blair Davenport comes in to mock Henley and a match seems likely.

Tatum Paxley comes up to Lyra Valkyria to say they’ll be more than friends after tonight. They’ll be champions! Paxley says she’ll do anything to win the titles tonight and is ready to take out someone’s soul. Valkyria: “For me or the titles?” Paxley: “Does it matter?”

Match 2 - Tag Team Titles: Chase U vs. Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin

Breakker and Corbin are defending and the rest of Chase U is here with, uh, Chase U. Chase and Corbin start things off with Corbin hitting a quick right hand. Hudson is knocked to the floor as well and a spinning faceplant puts Chase down again. Breakker comes in and runs Chase over with Hudson making the save and sending the champions outside. Chase hits a flip dive off the apron to take them both down and we take a break.

Back with Chase being driven into the corner, setting up Breakker’s belly to back cutter for two. Chase is right back up to get over to Hudson for the house cleaning tag. Hudson hits a swinging Boss Man Slam for two on Corbin and it’s back to Chase with the Fratliner getting two. Corbin hiptosses a charging Chase into the corner and Breakker dives off the apron to clothesline Hudson over the announcers’ table. That leaves Chase to hit a high crossbody for two on Corbin but it’s Breakker coming back in with the spear to retain at 11:16.

Official Winners - STILL NXT Tag Team Champions - Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker

Official thoughts - Chase U was trying here but it was hard to fathom that they were going to get the titles off these monsters. Breakker is an absolute beast in there no matter what he is doing and Corbin’s career has been completely revitalized by this team. Giving the champs a win over former titleholders is a good thing and there isn’t much shame in losing here.

Post match Thea Hail consoles Chase U and then freaks out and runs away.

Carmelo Hayes is not impressed with Tony D’Angelo and is ready to get his NXT Title back at Stand & Deliver. He is him.

Match 3 - Shawn Spears vs. Uriah Connors

Spears takes him into the corner to start and whispers something in Connors’ ear. Connors slugs away but is caught in the C4 (Death Valley Driver) for the pin at 1:16. Spears looked good here, albeit in a small dose.

Official Winner - Shawn Spears

Post match Spears talks about how it is hypocrisy to be forced to be what you are instead of what you truly want to be. That must hit home to Ridge Holland, who is lying when he says he fights for his family. The difference is Spears isn’t ashamed of what he is, but here is Holland to hit him in the face. Spears slides him a chair but referees won’t let Holland swing it.

Josh Briggs tries to talk Brooks Jensen out of facing Oba Femi next week but Jensen is ready. Jensen leaves and Dijak comes in, saying Briggs called Jensen his brother but lied right to his face. Briggs must know Jensen is a dead man walking against Femi.

Ilja Dragunov is ready for either Tony D’Angelo or Carmelo Hayes. Stacks and Luca Crusifino come in to say D’Angelo will be seeing Dragunov at Stand & Deliver.

Match 4 - Women’s Tag Team Titles: Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley vs. Kabuki Warriors

The Warriors are defending and we get the Big Match Intros. Asuka and Valkyria start things off and neither can get very far. Sane comes in and hammers on Paxley, who crawls over towards her. They slug it out until Sane snaps off a headscissors, only to have Asuka get in a cheap shot from the apron. Asuka’s bulldog into Sane’s kick to the chest gets two as we cut to the back, where Thea Hail and Kiana James/Izzi Dame have to be held apart.

Back to the ring and Paxley sends Sane into the corner to stomp away as Booker says we’ll hear about the Hail brawl on the internet. Joseph mocks internet reporting as the champs are sent to the floor and we take a break. Back with everything breaking down and Valkyria DDTing Asuka. A fisherman’s buster gets two on Sane and everything breaks down, with an enziguri putting Asuka down. Paxley comes in a backbreaker/top rope legdrop combination but Sane makes the save. Sane clears out Valkyria and it’s the Insane elbow/reverse DDT combination to finish Paxley at 13:15.

Official Winners - STILL Woman’s Tag Team Champions - Kabuki Warriors

Official thoughts - There wasn’t exactly much drama here as an odd NXT pairing isn’t likely to take the titles so close to Wrestlemania when the Warriors already have new challengers waiting for them on Raw. That being said, it was a fast paced match and good stuff with Valkyria vs. Asuka feeling a lot more competitive than I expected. I’d call this a nice surprise and that’s always fun to see.

Post match Roxanne Perez runs in and attacks Valkyria, including snapping her arm over the turnbuckle.

Post break Valkyria is taken away in an ambulance with Shawn Michaels even making a cameo as she is loaded in.

Match 5 - Fallon Henley vs. Blair Davenport

Henley starts fast and sends her to the apron, where Davenport snaps her arm over the top. Back in Davenport works on an armbar but Henley is back up with a running faceplant. They go outside where Henley is sent into the steps, setting up a running knee, which only hits steps instead of Henley. Cue Sol Ruca to take out Davenport from behind though, allowing Henley to hit the Shining Wizard for the pin at 3:30.

Official Winner - Fallon Henley

Official thoughts - This was about the return of Ruca and that is not a bad thing as she and Davenport have a history together. Other than that, it is still nice to see Henley getting a win, though she needs to be around a bit more if she is going to get any momentum going. For now, though, it’s a nice step, especially with a win over a more established star.

Jacy Jayne, with Jazmyn Nyx, yells at Chase U for the loss when Thea Hail comes in to talk about the brawl. A tag match is teased for next week, but Jayne is busy.

Gigi Dolin is in Ava’s office when Arianna Grace comes in. She still won’t fight Dolin but eventually agrees, only if she can bring out Dolin’s inner beauty once she wins. Deal.

Shawn Spears is counting on a match with Ridge Holland next week. He’ll teach Holland to embrace his rage.

Here is the No Quarter Catch Crew for a chat. Drew Gulak brags about Charlie Dempsey’s Heritage Cup win last week, with Dempsey saying this is what wrestling is all about. Damon Kemp says the Catch Clause means anyone can defend the cup. They’re also in the Tag Team Tournament, which is a thing….and here is William Regal to interrupt. Fans: “THAT’S YOUR FATHER!” Regal puts over the Heritage Cup and says it represents all of the British and European wrestlers who came before him. Dempsey: “I’ll defend this cup better than you ever could.” Regal says he’ll be watching.

Noam Dar is catatonic and Meta Four….easily wakes him up, with Dar saying it’s off to bigger and better things.

Mr. Stone is not happy with what Lexis King is saying about his kids and wants Von Wagner to step aside so Stone can fight for his family. Wagner agrees.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Match 6 - Tony D’Angelo vs. Carmelo Hayes

For the Stand & Deliver title shot. Hayes (with masked personal security) wastes no time by kicking him in the head but D’Angelo rolls forward into a backdrop. A gutwrench suplex sends Hayes flying and a single underhook suplex does it again. Hayes gets knocked off the apron but the security catches him and we take an early break.

Back with Hayes working on the arm as we keep looking at that security. D’Angelo fights up and they slug it out, with D’Angelo grabbing a belly to belly into a spinebuster. Hayes is back with his suplex into a cutter for two and we’re back to the Fujiwara armbar. That’s broken up so Hayes grabs the First 48 for two and goes up…but Trick Williams’ music plays. Hayes is distracted enough that D’Angelo can grab Forget About It to go to Stand & Deliver at 13:30.

Official Winner - Tony D’Angelo

Official thoughts - The break hurt this a lot but the bigger deal here was having D’Angelo jump into the title picture. I like the idea of a fresh challenger and while I’m not sure I can imagine him winning the title, it’s certainly a different way to go. The Williams teases should set up what very well could be the Stand & Deliver main event, but for now, I’ll settle for what should be the show’s double main event.

Post match D’Angelo says he has something for us and here is Trick Williams to beat the fire out of Hayes to end the show.


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