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WWE NXT Review 06/02/2024

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your NXT Review. So let's get into it.

We’re done with Vengeance Day and that means the only thing standing between here and Stand & Deliver is next month’s Roadblock. The big story coming out of Vengeance Day is Trick Williams losing his shot at the NXT Title and then being attacked by longtime friend Carmelo Hayes. That is going to be a big deal.

Here is Carmelo Hayes to get things going and he’s carrying a chair. Hayes sits in the chair, doesn’t like the chants from the crowd, stands up, says “not yet”, and leaves.

Vengeance Day recap.

Here are Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker to celebrate winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, though Corbin can’t believe they were called the Wolf Dogs. Anyway, they want the Tag Team Titles.

Match 1 - Axiom and Nathan Frazer vs. Malik Blade and Edris Enofe

Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker are on commentary. Axiom rolls out of Enofe’s wristlock to start so Enofe snaps off a dropkick. Axiom’s dropkick connects as well but he gets sent outside for a dive. Back in and Blade runs Frazer over as we take a break. We come back with Axiom taking over on Enofe and grabbing a chinlock.

Frazer’s neckbreaker gets two and we hit another chinlock. The running shooting star press gives Frazer two more but Enofe knees him in the face. Blade comes in and powerbombs Axiom as the pace picks up quite a bit. Axiom drops Blade again though and Frazer hits the phoenix splash, with Enofe knocking Axiom into the cover for the save.

We take another break and come back again with Frazer running up the corner for a superplex. Frazer raises Blade into a brainbuster, with Axiom adding a superkick as Frazer drops him. Enofe makes the save but gets sent outside, leaving Blade to get Phoenix splashed into the Golden Ratio for the pin at 16:42.

Official Winners - Axiom and Nathan Frazer

Official thoughts - This was in the same vein as the old Nitro openers with the cruiserweight match: let people go out there and fly around with some good action and a very fast pace. It worked back then and it still works today, which was certainly the case here. Axiom and Frazer work well together and it wouldn’t stun me to see them as some of the next challengers after the Corbin/Breakker vs. D’Angelo Family match.

Post match Breakker and Corbin jump Frazer and Axiom. The D’Angelo Family comes out and the challenge is issued for next week.

Ilja Dragunov wants answers from Carmelo Hayes.

Post break, here is Dragunov for a chat. Dragunov talks about going to war with Trick Williams and how Williams would have been a worthy champion. Now though, he has to call out Carmelo Hayes. He has been attacking Dragunov with accusations for months and now he wants to go beyond breaking Hayes, who is a traitorous son of a b****. Cue Dijak to say he and Dragunov both won at Vengeance Day but Dragunov doesn’t want to hear it. Dijak talks about how he knows what it takes to break Joe Gacy but Dragunov tells him to get out of his way. The fight is on and quickly broken up.

Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne are really happy with the success of the Women Of Chase U calendar. Other than that though, Jayne wants Hail to play hard to get with Riley Osborne. Hail can do that.

Von Wagner is mad about losing to Noam Dar but Mr. Stone’s kids come in to talk them into a tag match against Meta Four.

Match 2 - Lexis King vs. Riley Osborne

The rest of Chase U is here but Thea Hail is missing from the student section. King takes him up against the ropes to start but gets dropkicked to the floor. That means a big flip dive from Osborne, who is knocked off the apron and into the announcers’ table. Back in a slingshot double stomp to the ribs gives King two and we hit the seated abdominal stretch. That’s broken up and Osborne gets two off a leg lariat but the lack of Thea distracts Osborne on top. The hanging Coronation finishes for King at 4:04.

Official Winner - Lexis King

Official thoughts - This was more about the absence of Hail than an important result, but King is slowly building himself back up. Granted he wasn’t exactly high up to begin with but winning is better than losing over and over. I’m not sure how well it’s going to work for him in the long run, though at least he’s building some momentum. As for Osborne, the issues with Hail seem to be the next step in the Chase U saga, which is at least continuing.

Video on Kelani Jordan.

Kiana James and Izzi Dame complain about the locker room and take a drink from the overly excited Brinley Reece. Then they pour the drink out.

Here is Carmelo Hayes, again sitting in the chair, and this time he says the villain is always the villain when the hero is telling the story. He allowed Trick Williams to succeed and wanted Williams to make his parents proud. Then he had to take it all away because he wanted Williams to know where he was. They had an agreement: Hayes gets the NXT Title and Williams gets the North American Title.

Then Williams tried to act like they were on the same level and no way. So did he attack Williams months ago? Of course he did and he would do it again. Cue Williams……..’ music, as Hayes laughs because Williams isn’t here. Williams got so caught up in the headlines that he pushed his friend to the sidelines. He wanted to be like Hayes so much but it was all just a trick. Williams was just a hype man and that’s all it was ever going to be. That was a pretty simple explanation and it worked just fine.

We get the Three Faces vignette from No Surrender.

Video on Oba Femi.

Riley Osborne is disappointed that Thea Hail wasn’t out there but they’re on for Valentine’s Day. With Osborne gone, Jacy Jayne says she’ll work with Hail for next week.

Match 3 - Lola Vice vs. Roxanne Perez

Vice interrupted Perez’s Vengeance Day title shot and they fought after the match. Perez chases her to the floor to start and hits a dive, only to have Vice take over back inside. The hip attack connects but Perez gets a boot up in the corner. That’s fine with Vice, who kicks her out to the floor as we take a break.

Back with Vice holding a chinlock before firing off some running knees to the ribs. Perez kicks her down and hits the double springboard moonsault for two but Vice is back with a choke. Pop Rox is broken up and Vice elbows her in the face for two more. Cue Tatum Paxley for a distraction so Vice kicks her down, only to walk into Pop Rox for the pin at 9:35.

Official Winner - Roxanne Perez

Official thoughts - Vice might be limited in the ring but she has the charisma to make a lot of this work. That’s what matters more than a lot of what she is going to do in the ring and it went well enough here. Perez can move back into the title hunt as she wasn’t pinned on Sunday and Vice can deal with Paxley. That’s a nice way to send things in different directions and it went well enough as a match too.

Meta Four isn’t worried about either of their upcoming tag matches. The No Quarter Catch Crew comes in to say they want a Heritage Cup title shot but Noam Dar bails.

Match 4 - Fallon Henley and Wren Sinclair vs. Meta Four

Noam Dar and Oro Mensah are here too. Legend slaps Henley to start so it’s Sinclair coming in for a crossbody, with Henley adding a dropkick to the back. Jackson comes in and shrugs off a headlock, allowing Legend to crash into Sinclair’s back. The villains take turns stomping away in the corner for two before Sinclair has to fight out of a double arm crank. The tag brings Henley back in to pick up the pace but Legend helps Jackson pull Henley’s throat into the ropes. Sinclair comes back in and is promptly powerbombed for the pin at 5:04.

Official Winners - Meta Four

Official thoughts - It’s almost hard to fathom but Legend and Jackson feel like much bigger stars here. Granted Henley is mainly known for her friendship with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen and Sinclair has barely been around, but it’s still odd to see Legend and Jackson being so dominant. Not much of a match, though Legend looked good as a monster.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen have a brief reunion, with Jensen saying he needs his friends. Briggs isn’t having this and tells him to grow up before someone takes his spot. Fair enough as Jensen has felt pathetic since the split.

Ava gives Jaida Parker a match with Riz next week, one on one. With Parker gone, Ridge Holland comes in to say he wants a match with Gallus, three on one. That can’t happen, but Holland can fight the one at a time. Works for him.

We look back at Carmelo Hayes’ comments.

Match 5 - Ilja Dragunov vs. Dijak

Non-title. They go straight to the fight to start with Dijak going after the nose that he broke before. Said nose is sent into the turnbuckle but Dragunov chops his way out of trouble. Dijak manages a kick to knock Dragunov out to the floor but stops to look under the ring. With nothing found, Dijak decks him again and we take a break.

Back with Dragunov fighting out of a chinlock but having to block Feast Your Eyes. Dijak kicks him into the ropes but is quickly pulled by a Death Valley Driver into the corner. The top rope backsplash gives Dragunov two and he hits a running boot in the corner to rock Dijak again. A quick High Justice gives Dijak two of his own and a clothesline cuts off the Constantine Special. Dijak’s elbow, which was banged up at Vengeance Day, flares up again though and cue Joe Gacy to hit Dijak with….something. Dragunov uses the distraction (which he didn’t see) to hit the H Bomb for the pin at 12:58.

Official Winner - Ilja Dragunov

Official thoughts - This was something of reheating a feud that they had a few months ago for one night only and it went well enough for a main event. Gacy distracting Dijak to cost him the match keeps their feud going and now we get to see where Dragunov goes next. This was more about continuing Gacy vs. Dijak and if it gives Dragunov a win in the process, so be it.

Post match Carmelo Hayes comes in to jump Dragunov and holds up the NXT Title to end the show.


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